The Ultimate Search and Rescue Drone – DJI Mavic 3T

By | October 14, 2022

What does a public safety official think of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal Drone? Could it benefit them for fire fighting? Search and Rescue? What kind of impact could the M3T have in the world of public safety?

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The mavic 3 Enterprise thermal drone Combines functionality with efficiency And ease of use it provides smaller Workforces and Public Safety teams with The ability to scale their operation While staying fiscally responsible in This video I'm going to visit with a Public safety official about the mavic 3 Enterprise thermal I'm going to get his Input on how this drone could assist in Serving our community this drone can be Used for so many different things but I Think personally its greatest impact on A broad scale will be in the world of Search and rescue and firefighting hey Welcome back everyone and for those of You here for the first time thank you so Much for stopping by to learn more about The DJI mavic 3 Enterprise thermal now If you haven't watched my first video About this versatile commercial drone I Invite you to check it out I'll put it Up here in the note cards and then I'll Also link it in the video description For your convenience there's a lot of Detailed information about this drone in That video now in addition to having an Impressive battery life exceptional wind Tolerance a great zoom camera and more I Think the most valuable feature on the M3t is the thermal capabilities it's Outfitted with a 640 by 512 resolution Thermal camera the m3t can be useful for Energy audits transportation and other

Infrastructure tasks but it is my belief That with what this drone can do and the Price at which you can get it that many Smaller Public Safety teams will be Adding this drone to their Arsenal in The next few months so I wanted to take Some time today to visit with one of our Local rural firefighters and pick his Brain about how the m3t could be Beneficial for them okay so I have Something to show you today okay Remember the uh matrice 30 we went Through last year the big fans expensive One yeah the big Fan's expensive one so This is a It's a smaller Tool for departments like yours like a Rural fire department smaller entities That could benefit from uh from a drone With the capabilities that the m30 has But maybe doesn't have the budget or the Need for something as Massive as the m30 you know and uh and So DJI came out with the mavic 3 Enterprise and basically what this is This is a this is a mavic 3 which is a Consumer grade drone but then it's Upgraded To a camera system that has a zoom Camera a wide angle camera and a thermal Camera before we got the m30t up in the Air to show Stefan what it could do we Visited briefly about kind of where this Drone sits in the Enterprise lineup I

Let them know it's right in the middle Of the mavic 2 Enterprise advance that Was released almost two years ago and Then the m30t that came out earlier this Year you know it's got a better camera System signal strength the stability and The flight time I'll make it much more Capable than the m2ea and although it's Not weatherproof or have a double Battery system like the m30t it's much More portable and convenient and the Price point is more attractive for Limited budgets this is an Enterprise Drone that you can literally fit in your Pocket and it also fits perfectly into The middle of the DJI enterprise system So Stefan have you guys used any drones in Your line of work have you used them at All for anything our department has not We have utilized Burlington's one they Have a small one that does have kind of Thermal capability it's very granular Not very good quality okay no zoom on it And very short lifespan that was used Out at the BNSF train derailment a few Months ago yeah that would have been a Great for any any more capable drone With the zoom and the better thermal Because Half the time we had no idea what we Were going into sure yeah I mean for you Guys being a rural fire department being Out in areas where there's

You know fires that could be spread much Further than you can see by being on the Ground So how could you see a drone like the Mavic 3 Enterprise being used on a Day-to-day basis or during emergencies For your situation Day-to-day basis not really so much in The way of use could be more of those Emergency situations the the Wildland Fires would be a very big one more we Need a big overhead view of what it's Doing sure compared to just kind of Guessing okay it looks like it's going That way but really it's going that way We want trucks to stay kind of in that General area to kind of defend It Off Another good thing for that would be we Can kind of get an idea of the Topography Now versus We have guys just willy-nilly running Through a field and all of a sudden they Found a slew and they're stuck sure yep Um other great uses we could see is Doesn't happen often for us thank you is Search and rescue operations absolutely We have to go find Glostels or lay lost kid be it winter Time they got out of the vehicle walked Or like in this park set up kid just Wandered away from Mom Dad and Now we have to go find them yeah the Benefit is getting some surveillance and Some Recon from the air and so you

Mentioned you know walking in the park Maybe families we're right across from One of the most popular trails in our Community here and so I thought this Would be a good area for us to fly the Mavic 3 Enterprise and just kind of get An overview of what it looks like and Maybe just kind of Do a mock scenario of uh of you know Maybe a family and kids gets lost Chasing a Fox or something I actually saw Fox There this morning so that was pretty Cool so I then proceeded to take Stefan Through the pre-flight process I showed Him the health management system where You can check everything is good to go Like return to home height obstacle Avoidance distances maximum flight Distance and so on and he found that to Be very efficient and easy to decipher Even for someone that doesn't have much Experience in flying a drone it just Took a matter of two minutes and he was Very familiar with how to change all of Those settings now he was concerned About those settings being changed Possibly by someone who doesn't know What they're doing and I did inform him That whomever is flying does need to Have their part 107 remote pilot Certificate and they should be very Familiar with the Drone and the app and All the settings before they launch we

Then proceeded to launch the Drone and Fly over to the nature trail to Demonstrate what a typical scenario Might look like now there was no one at The park at the time so I couldn't Really provide him with an example of You know what it would look like but I Did go back a little bit later and I Found someone there and I found what Would be kind of a similar scenario to Like a lost child and you know chasing Their dog through the trail system you Know I could see that's how a child Might get lost but and then I did Demonstrate the side-by-side feature Where you could view the thermal camera And the zoom camera at the same time and You want to get a better look then we Can do a side by side hit SBS then you Got the zoom camera over here and you Got the thermal over here and then this Is where you can You know we are independent of each Other okay yep yep so you can run them Side by side and he noted how valuable And useful that would be for a search Mission because you know even though you Can see the presence of heat and Movement with the thermal camera you Really don't know much detail of what You're looking at until you use a visual Camera so having them side by side is Just really really important and then I Demonstrated the zoom capabilities of

The thermal camera as well and we Discussed the value of using the Loudspeaker in a search and rescue Scenario now Stefan did have a few Concerns about the mavic 3 Enterprise Because he was quite fortunate enough to Check out the matrice 30 when I had it Last spring what about first time I like The environments we could have it in Like com day like here but we're out Long enough in the wind uh I haven't Flown like that I have flown the mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal in 36 mile per hour winds and it Was able to maintain a hover at 250 feet With 36 miles per hour Which is very very good for a drone like This so For first For what this weighs it can handle that GPS lock I had up to 30 satellites Locked on at one time and that's going To keep that incredibly keep that drone In position so it could handle most wind Conditions it cannot handle moisture Can't fly in the rain or the wet snow Can handle a light snow I have flown the The mavic 3 the consumer version in snow It's done fine sub freezing temperatures You can fly beyond what the Specifications call for you can go a Little bit lower The biggest concern is when you transfer It from an environment like that if it's

Five below and you bring it into your Shop where it's 65 there's going to be Condensation so you just have to be Really careful when you're transferring Between two different temperature ranges But but yeah it does quite well again I Proceeded to remind them of the budget Restrictions that may be an obstacle for Many departments like his and that the Mavic 3 Enterprise covers most use cases And it provides great value for what it Offers in my previous discussions with The rural fire chief he has expressed an Interest in adding a drone with thermal Capabilities to their Arsenal and he's Expressed how much time and resources it Would save to have one especially in Wildfires when you have no idea what You're going into you know you're out in The middle of nowhere and it just you Just need that overhead surveillance to See to where to put your people like how To be more efficient but as we all know Budgets are really really tight these Days more than ever and the needs of Departments like his are made any so a Drone is kind of considered to be a Luxury however the attractive price Point of the mavic 3 thermal prompts More consideration from the decision Makers and that's why I think this will Be acquired by so many smaller Public Safety teams across the world now as it Leaps and Bounds I know some of you are

Going to ask is it way better than the Mavi 2 Enterprise Advanced that was Released just a couple of years ago no I Don't think it's Leaps and Bounds better It's a little bit better in a few Different ways if you have the mavi 2 Enterprise Advanced don't upgrade There's really no reason to you know the Camera system on both drones is very Similar except for those improved zoom Capabilities on the m3t but if you're in The market for a thermal drone you don't Have one and you'd like to get one then This is the obvious choice because it Actually costs less than the m2ea and You're going to get longer flight time You're going to get better wind Resistance you're going to get faster Charging speeds for the batteries you're Gonna have more more options for Attachments in the long run because the Strobe is already built in to the Drone So that opens up the accessory Port so You can have the strobe plus your Speaker or your Spotlight or whatever Else attachments we're going to see come Out for this drone so yes it's not Leaps And Bounds better and it's not worth Upgrading but if you're looking trying To decide between the two I mean it's Pretty obvious the mavic 3 thermal is The way to go so what else can the m3t Be used for well as I mentioned at the Beginning of the video it's not just for

Public Safety I mean I think that's Where it's going to end up being used The most but it's a great tool for Accomplishing tasks like roof Inspections or HVAC inspections you know Plumbing and heating things like that Energy audits Insurance adjusting oil And gas work infrastructure inspections Like there's just so many things you can Do the use cases are only limited by Your imagination now the number of Commercial drone Pilots that have Thermal equipped cameras are still very Very low which means means we're kind of At the beginning still of a booming Niche for commercial drone Pilots now I'm going to put a link in the video Description if you want to learn more About the mavic 3 enterprise system and Also watch that first video that I Posted on it also comment any questions That you have about this drone or if you Need advice about how to start your Career in unmanned Aviation I would love To visit with you thank you again to DJI For sponsoring this video hit that like Button that Thumbs Up Button if you got Anything of value today subscribe to Join this community thank you for Watching today oh by the way watch this Video right here next I really think You're gonna enjoy it have a good one You guys and as always fly safe and fly Smart

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