These Drone Tricks Look AMAZING From a Third Person Perspective…

By | September 5, 2022

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– FPV Freestyle Pilots / Hosts –
Alex Vanover [CaptainVanover]

James Hester [PDEVX]

Shane Saviers [ATek FPV]

-Production Team-
Drew Camden – Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor / Camera

By: slphr

By: 7db

[Music] Hey guys welcome to road right my name Is alex vanover i'm here with peta vex And atec fbv and we've been filming some Rotorite episodes out here in portland For a few days now and one thing that We've been doing the last few days is a Lot of chasing footage but not just like You know drone chasing a car or Something like that we've been chasing Other quadcopters what if you could Shoot an entire edit that was all Third-person shots of the drone so i Grew up skateboarding and if you're Filming skateboarding you're either the Filmer or the subject so when i started Flying drones it gave me a unique Opportunity to be both of those right so You're the one flying the drone and You're framing up the shots with the Camera on the drum we're going to show You guys some of the footage that we've Been able to capture over the last few Days and also show you some clips of us Talking about exactly the process in Getting these shots because it takes a Lot of communication and also just the Correct timing [Music] [Music] You [Music] [Music] Good speed hold this i'll tell you when

To stop hold as smooth as you can oh my Gosh yes Yes Yes yes yes Can you hold it i'm going to try and get In front of you oh i'm sorry i'm Tightening okay let's go let's go back To one that was a great one go back to One so that was great i just want to get It the same thing Just run it you know until if we're in The flow of things keep running it you Know all right all right let me get back On you i see you hovering [Music] Good oh that was a sick one all right Let's come in that was sick [Music] Do [Music] What's sick about this is isn't Necessarily exactly what i'm uh like me Trying to like mimic what you're doing It's just like filming you doing it just Like that's the best part about it and Getting a creative shot from your Perspective right like it's not Necessarily about what trick you're Doing to capture it but yeah it's just Like what kind of movements can you make That would look Cool when capturing like that manny flip Like i love that you didn't just Stay behind me the whole time for the

Mag flip that you came on the side of it Right like because i think our instinct Is to just chase i'm gonna go to the Left here no okay well maybe a little More warning sorry She's gonna go left now I'm on you still but okay let's go i Lost you on that [Music] So [Music] [Applause] [Music] What if i'm no good at the whole like Please subscribe Please hit notifications please go to The store [Applause] [Music]