These FPV Drone Clips are Frighteningly Impressive…

By | October 31, 2022

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Ceck FPV



Lehan Vander

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Skippy FPV

Joshua Turner

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Spider Sugar_FPV



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Captain Kazi

KimFused FPV

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Hey guys welcome to rhodorant I'm Bobby Fpv and today we're going to be doing a Roto-read community Spotlight where we Have scoured the internet to find the Best fpv videos and share them with you Guys today so let's go ahead and jump Straight into it and start off with good Old freestyle first up we have Keck fpv With destroy my limits and I bet the Video is just as strong as the title Starting off with this really awesome Bando he's really good at those power Loop Gap things oh he did a manifold There though it's really nice I really love these types of videos in Bandos where they're not just flying Around but they're also doing a lot of Tricks I know that's something that I Struggle with is when I just do like Flights around Bandos I'm always just Flying in a straight line hitting gaps But he's doing all the juicy sauce Hitting all the gaps inverted power Looping all the things all the Matty Flips really talented pilot here I don't Think I've seen much from him short Video it's only a minute and 30 seconds But it's a minute and 30 seconds of Absolute fire next up we have jweb fpv All the way from Australia this video is Titled hold of the line I think it's a One cake video he's doing I like how we Did his first flip on beat with the Music I always love flight videos that

Are really like in tune and aligned with The music it just really adds that Another element really awesome video in This video he's kind of doing that Little thing but he's also getting in Some proximity around the trees which is Something we don't see much I think this Guy runs like 1500 degrees per second Race and it's really impressive how much Control he has over the quad I'm just Watching this in every movement looks Like it's planned out so really good job Jim I'm really liking this video so far Also another short and sweet video it's Only a minute 30 seconds so all the Activity condensed into one short little Video I love it next up we got J box fpv And if you guys know j-box he is a Racing pilot really fast guy I think he Placed like 10th at Champs 2022 so it's Really nice to see these greats for guys Dabbling a little bit into freestyle First thing I noticed is I really like The colors in this video it kind of has A blue tint over it which I think really Fits nicely with the with the sunset That he has whenever we have sunsets and We have a blue color grade something That I really like personally this spot Looks fun too I want to fly the spot one Thing I really like about jbox's Freestyle in particular is a lot of Racer Pilots when I see them do Freestyle they do really fast almost

Race track sound movements so I really Like to see him getting into the flow Thing and really really making it his Own freestyle flow type he really has His own style which I really like oh Flying over the water it's pretty risky Whenever people fly over water and Flight videos it's always like adds Another like element of risk because if You crash You're Gonna Lose Your drone Really awesome video J box I'm super Stoked to see you flying freestyle under You're big in racing but definitely want To see more free stuff from you in the Future next up we have Liam Vander and Liam's actually one of my really good Friends and this video he made is Honestly one of the best fpv freestyle Videos I've seen this video is called Johnny tribute because he flew at the Legendary reverse wall ride Johnny fpv Flight location so let's go ahead and Get into it once again a wonderful color Grade golden hour so that nice blue Tintia is going This video like it really like the Johnny fpv style of kind of Juicy Flickness like I haven't seen that from A lot of people so it's really great to See this style back again I like that Little reverse thing off the tree it's Not even like he's doing the most Technically difficult tricks there's Just something about the style that he

Has that is so it's I just can't even Explain it it's like watching good old Johnny video he's getting really close To that glass wall which is definitely High risk because if you crash into that Glass you might crack it but I I'm gonna I'm gonna assume that he didn't break The glass this time really awesome Flying but lay an awesome video man I Really love to see your freestyle and I Hope you keep posting more videos next We're going to move to the Cinematic Category starting off we have fpv gym Ooh nice I always love dives through Clouds that was really clean Where is he at like this location just Seems really awesome these really Beautiful mountains right off the the Coast of the ocean one thing he's really Good at in cinematic flying is we want Those long slow sweeping turns and That's what I'm really liking about this Video is all his movements are very slow And nothing's too jerky it's really Smooth like I said earlier flying over The water is super risky and this is an Ocean so like if it goes down he's not Getting it back which is really risky But I mean obviously the payout is Really wonderful really awesome footage That he has here he has a deep six build Which I think that's a waterproof drone Um so maybe that's how he's so confident In getting really a little water

Um let us know in the comments Jim if That's what you ended up using for the Over the water shots because it looks Really good and you're getting really Close to the water which is awesome next Up we have Skippy fpv all the way from South Carolina this is a cinematic one Take so whenever we hear the word one Take we think of cineloops and indoor Flying but this seems to be a outdoor One take with a five inch quad right off The bat I hear sound design which I Really love sound design always adds Another element to make you feel like You're actually there while watching the Video that's some tight flying in these Trees there could be a lot of ghost Branches that could take you down man This looks so good the lighting was just Perfect there's like these really Beautiful lens flares that he gets Um oh and he pops up over the trees and The colors and the trees The Greens in Particular are so good they have all This almost like Pinkish bluish Hue to them I really like That it looks like he also has a vlog From there so if you want to see the Behind the scenes of how he did that Make sure you go check that out skip the Fpv that was an awesome video man Definitely keep up the Cinematic work And our last entry for the Cinematic Category is Joshua Turner and it's

Titled Venice so he's flying the rivers He's flying over these really cool Structures and once again the lighting They're always flying during golden hour So it looks really good this is a really Cool video man like showcasing Venice Like this is beautiful you have those Iconic boats that the guys are standing On and paddling it's flanner on those And it's flying under all these Bridges And such a really pretty really pretty Shots he's getting really showcasing the Area off really well it seems like he's Intentionally getting the camera right In the lens flares and it really adds Just an ultra cinematic part to this Video you got some reverse Clips in There which is nice as well they make Sense like I feel like a lot of the Times we see re-wound videos it's like a Little bit choppy and you can see the Terms of that but this was really smooth And really really elegant flying there Awesome video man I really enjoyed that Keep up the awesome work all right so Before we get into this next category Links to all of these people will be in The description below make sure to go Subscribe to all of them give them a Like because these guys are really Awesome and we want to bring them up in The community all of them have I think Below a thousand Subs so let's go ahead And get them a sub boost next up we have

Indoor Micro Drone freestyle and this is Something that I really enjoy because I Just came out with a new product called The babito spider sugar fpv oh would you Look at that he's using a babito all Right he's getting the flips and doors Alexis hallway that goes from the second Floor to the first floor doing flips and Rolls and stuff and inside is always Pretty challenging because we have we Have a height limit so giving just the Right amount of throttle and just the Right amount of catch is really Important to making your rolls and flips Look really clean indoors really nice Flying man next up we have tdog SUV and T-Dog is an amazing racer he's really Well known for five inch racing as well As whoop racings really cool video he's Like freestyling inside of the mall There's not that many people there so Probably the perfect time to get this Done it's getting the fast flips around The chairs orbit the table he's really Smooth that's one thing I really like to See from these tiny wheel Pilots is not Always really smooth which is really Hard to be with these small drones any Macro movements they really show in the Drone so to an awesome job of being Really smooth while flying okay so now We get to the race that's why there's Race in the title and it's just so fast With racing

Tiny wheel courses are always so cool Because they just go all out they put All the LEDs and make the track just Look really visually cool so this is a Really awesome track is this actually at The mall because if if there's a mall That's hosting a tiny wheel race that's Really awesome I want to go to that mall I hope to keep seeing awesome gorilla Whooping videos from you in the future Next up we have evasion fpv Um this guy actually has been coming up In the community a bit he posted a lot Of these YouTube shorts which are really Nice little short pockets of awesome Flying happy Halloween guys this video Is definitely on theme for today because It's Halloween and he's flying around All the scary costumes and stuff that he Has going on flying in Spirit Halloween Perfect perfect timing man I like how he Has a stick can going but he's also Talking over it so he's like narrating What he's thinking about awesome video Evasion keep posting the Awesome YouTube Shorts I look forward to them every time You post and our final last category we Have Vlogs and Vlogs are something that It's really great to see a bunch of People doing them because it's very Scary to put yourself out on the Internet so kudos to all these people Who are putting themselves out there and Getting the awesome freestyle Clips in

Their Vlogs so first up we have Captain Qazi he always posts really amazing Vlogs and he's also like in the whole Film world so his Vlogs are always super High quality which I really enjoy it's His big sir unseen he's flying with Friends which is always super fun Vlogs With Friends and having a bunch of People Incorporated it's always really Fun because you feel like you're there Hanging out with their homies best Bureau It's really pretty always loved good Bureau in a vlog really just like Adds like a little nice element to your Vlogs all right so here we have the Cinematic clip wow that's really pretty [Music] Popping up for the golden sunset Wow cue the birds man those birds were There on time they just like those birds Were really paid actors for this for the Shot or something that was that was a Really cool shot I like this Vlog it's More of like a kind of like a montage of A whole fun trip which is really cool Awesome Vlog Captain cause they always Look forward to your Vlogs they're super Entertaining so keep posting keep doing The awesome vlogative Vlog thing and for Our last entry in the Vlog category we Have Kim fuse Um Kim fuse is an awesome pilot and she Does a lot of live streams with her

Husband gardo so it's really awesome to See their Vlogs SPD couple really raw Feels to this Vlog which I like not not Too overproduced so it looks like they Stopped off the side of the road this Really interesting area there's like a Bunch of random animal statues there This looks like a really fun place to Fly around they're just it's very random It's like a oversized bicycle statue Oversized hippopotamus statue even a Pink elephant I want to fly here okay so It's an antique mall I just read the sign that's what it is All right really awesome Vlog Kim Pius And gardo really enjoyed that really Love seeing how you guys tell your story Really interesting to see where they're Going on the road trip down the route 66. all right so that's gonna be it for This rotarak community Spotlight October 31st it's the last day so hopefully you Guys have a happy Halloween don't get Too sugar high make sure you don't eat Too much candy because some of you guys Got work the next day and I would hate For you guys to throw up on your boss or Something like that all their videos Will have Linked In the description Thumbs up to them and that's gonna be it For this episode of rhodorant guys thank You so much if you like this video make Sure to hit the Subscribe button to our Channel and also notification Bell and

If you like the video also smash the Like button I'll see you guys later ciao Foreign