These Props SCREAM!!! For the DJI FPV Drone – Master Airscrew Ludicrous PLUS

By | October 30, 2022

I love these new Ludicrous Plus Props from Master Airscrew. It makes my DJI FPV Drone look so very different than other DJI FPV Drones. The props do indeed increase your speed as seen in this video.

-You can find the NEW PLUS props here:
-Here is my review of the STANDARD Ludicruous props:
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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome to my channel on this glorious Fall day oh what's this in my hand these Would be the new master air screw DJI Fpv ludicrous Props Plus yes they're new On the market these are the plus version Which just means they're translucent Compared to the previous ludicrous props These would be the previous ludicrous Props I've reviewed them on my channel I'll put a link to my review below and Of course you have the boring original Props that come with this unit now I Printed off with master air screw says About the props that I'll tell you Really quick they say that you will get A faster Max flight speed 11 more a Max Ascent speed so boom 13 more improved Efficiencies so you'll get about two Percent longer flight time you'll never Notice that that's for sure sport mode It says if you fly in manual mode these Things are going to go like a bat out of Hell that's true because the last props I had which were the ludicrous props That I did a review on they go like a Bat out of hell in manual mode It also Says that there's an improved sound Pitch which I do find they do sound like Death from above when you're flying they Scream it says improve safety because You can see them well I don't know who

The safety's for if you're on the ground And you see these it's probably too late Because they're coming right at you and The final thing they're just plug and Play you pull off the old props you put These ones on they come in three colors Right here these are the boxes they come In how about I show you what comes in The box and I'll show you the weight Because the weight is interesting on These as well so uh check this out here We have the DJI fpv drone with the Original DJI fpv props and over here we Have the ludicrous Props Plus and so There's no confusion these solid red Props are the standard ludicrous props Notice they're not translucent now let Me show you what comes in the Box first Item would be the safety instruction Pamphlet next item would be the master Air screw stickers and the final item Would be for ludicrous plus props these New props are longer than the existing DJI fpv props and they have a bullnose Tip on them but they are identical to The previous master air screw ludicrous Props just not translucent Now let me show you the weight of these Different props first we have the DJI Fpv props at 21 Grams next we have the Original standard ludicrous props at 27 Grams and finally we have the brand new Ludicrous plus props that come in at a Total of 24 grams

The new plus props come in three colors First we have lime then we have blue Then we have orange Please note that because the new props Are longer than the previous DJI props Certain things may not work like here You can see I can spin the prop but when I put the new ones on they hit the fins That I've placed in the back of the Drone this also means that when you film You're going to get props in the frame With the new props now the last time I Did a review of ludicrous props a lot of People asked me if they were quieter in The fpv hobby it's very rare to get Drones that are quiet because the fpv Hobby is all about power and Speed and Agility and in order to create power Speed and Agility you need super Powerful Motors super high voltage Battery so you know the props are Spitting pretty fast they're gonna Scream because you're moving this thing All over the air so uh I don't think There's much of a sound difference but I Did do a test see if you can hear Anything different here check this out [Music] Finally I'll mention this now at the Beginning of the video every time I show My DJI fpv drone people always want to Know where I got the skin that's on it The colors because I keep mine very Bright in case I crash it so I could

Find it and also see it in the air by Other observers so I'll put a link to That below you can go check it out so The plan is right now is pretty simple It's very difficult for me to tell a Difference in a lot of the claims made By master air screw so what I'll do now Because a lot of people ask me the last Video they say hey is there a difference In normal mode is there a difference in Sport mode and of course I only fly in Manual mode so I only know the Differences in manual mode and I can Tell you there is a big difference in Manual mode so I'm going to fly this in Normal mode sport mode and manual mode I'll put the previous original DJI props On take it for a flight I'll put a Microphone well I have a microphone on And I'll just keep talking and and tell You what I feel see uh what are what are My thoughts and then I'll do the same With these props and I'll see if my tiny Little goldfish brain can remember any Difference from the first flight to the Second and tell you what the differences Are so uh here we go flight number one This is in normal mode with the DJI Props I'm gonna fly it around here land It then put on the master air screw Ludicrous props and try the same thing And see if I see a difference here we go I'm gonna go up full blast full blast Normal here we go

Oh that's just the racing it's so slow I'm so used to other boats okay so let's See I see a bird out front but I'm gonna Leave him alone uh let's come around This is normal mode so I'm just going to Do some little normal mode tricks so Let's come back to me looking at myself At normal mode Let's go around the Jeep I'm gonna go full blast see if I can Corner this normal mode pretty good Pretty good pretty good [Music] Gotta miss all those trees There we go that's pretty good So normal mode seems to be okay this is With the props and of course everybody's Going to want a speed test get them at a Height of 20 meters and I'm gonna go Full blast forward in normal mode with The original DJI props let me tell you What the speed is it's going to show it On my display so I'm reading it off now It says 13.9 14 meters per second 14.4 a Lot of keep going if it's going faster 14.6 14.7 I did hit point seven once uh oh I Got up to 15. so 15 meters per second Still going I'm going to stop at the Water and four it seems to stay it won't Go over 15 meters per second it's like 14.9 15 meters per second all right so That's the speed with normal mode with The original DJI props all right let's Bring it back all right second try in

Sport mode with the DJI fpv props the Ones that come with it so let me change This controller here to put it in sport Mode and I'll start the motors And I'm gonna go full blast straight up Here we go There we go full blast straight up There we are I'm at about 40 meters not Bad okay so here's sport mode the only Thing I can show you in sport mode Because sport mode is GPS controlled so You really get bad cornering it's not Good to corner with a drone in sport Mode because they they just handle Really odd okay so let me go and set This up for full speed forward game at 20 meters in sport mode with the DJI fpv Props the ones that come with the DJI Drone when you buy it out of the box and Here we go full blast forward Let's see what we get up to I'm going to Look at my little speeds again so 20 Meters per second 23 24 25 26 she's going now I gotta watch out for That lamp post there and we get up 27 27 27.6 was the max 27.6 I went a little bit over the water Because I just have to be careful for Those lamp posts but 27.6 was the maximum in sport mode okay Now we try manual mode with the DJI fpv Props and uh here we go Motor started add full blast straight up [Applause]

Huge difference here because we are in Manual mode baby this is the favorite Mode of mine for flight DJI fpv drones All right let me cruise around And uh let's pop over here ready here we Go there's the Jeep Here we go Here we go baby 26 27 28 29. no I didn't Get to 29. oh there's 29 I got to 29.5 29.5 and it says your battery is low now Because I just sucked out all the power That's what happens I got to be careful And reduce power so 29.5 is what I got Out of that battery flying in manual Mode at full blast with the DJI fpv Props that's 29.5 meters per second all Right let's flick it back into normal Mode and come down for a landing [Music] Okay now we're going to try the master Air screw props in normal mode let's Check out the differences start them up Here we go I'm going to take off full Blast master air screw props normal mode Here we go full blast up There we go I'll go up to about my 20 Meter height there we are all right and Let's just buzz around see if I notice Any difference I don't think I'm going To notice a big difference because I'm In normal mode and it's all GPS Controlled and the pitch of my drone is Controlled so I really can't tell the Only thing I can tell you right now is

There's no negative difference you know There's nothing negative I don't see any Vibrations I don't see anything like That I'll just go whip around my car Again my Jeep Make sure I don't hit myself or the Jeep There you go Maybe they Corner a little bit better It's hard to tell hard to tell all right Let's go do our little speed test okay Same thing full blast forward and I will Tell you the speed so here we go Six meters per second 10 meters per Second 11. I can't even remember what it Was in the previous one 13 meters per Second 14 meters per second coming up 14.5 14.1 4.5 15 meters per second I think it's All controlled by GPS I think yeah I'm 15.1 15. that's about it that's all I'm Getting all right over the water come on Back Let's bring it back to me cut you Through the trees and coming down over Here there's a landing pad someplace There it is over there all right master Air screw props I'm going to switch this To sport mode and start up the motors And full blast straight up master air Screw props ludicrous There we go all right so let's just buzz Around a little bit in sport mode here I tell you sport mode is one of those

Modes I really find very scary on DJI Fpv drones Because I want to fly like as if it's Manual mode and it's not and it's so Scary because my brain is going okay You're in manual mode but you're not You're in sport mode and the Drone is so Sluggy and hard to control so anybody Flies this road in sport mode oh you're Gonna have an Awakening when you get to A manual mode all right so let's do the Little speed test bring it up to my 20 Meter height there we are that's pretty Good and I might put it at 25 meters for This one because of those lamp posts I Almost hit last time so uh here we go Full blast forward heading to the water Let me tell you what it says 15 16 20 Meters per second we're going up here Bird flying in front 25 meters per Second 26.27 27.3 0.2.5 27.6 27.9 meters per second oh I had to Stop it there I don't want to go too far into this School so I don't remember what the last Speed was but anyways you heard the Speed on here so that's it's pretty good And let's bring it back down to me last Flight this is master air screw props on And I'm gonna put it in manual mode I'm Going to take off go like a bat out of The hell straight up because I know

They're fast on these things at least The last one sorry here we go full blast Straight up Freaks me out it's so fast whoa whoa Whoa attack slow Load okay I gotta get this under control I love I love manual mode and fpv drugs All right so save idea I'll fly over Here I'll slow it down next Circle we're Gonna do it here we go and a bird almost Hit me Here we go and now Here we go Missing all these birds I'm up to 37 Already 37 meters per second it's just Screaming guys let's just screaming 37 Meters per second whoa Oh that's fast Whoa and it's not even killing my Battery whoa this is pretty good The DJI props were killing my battery Listen to it scream I'll come down low Scream Oh oh that is death from above I tell You I can't tell you anything else okay If you want to know how does it do it Freestyle well here just in freestyle It's just a normal freestyle I don't Notice any difference you know you can Fly around Bring It Around do all the Normal stuff so I would say it's pretty Much the same [Music] Plop it into normal mode and bring it on

Down [Music] So there you have it I don't know what Else to show you about these props you Know it's just my perception of how Things work with these props on compared To the DJI fpv props as you saw in the Unboxing they're a little bit longer These are bull nose props so you get a Little bit different flight preference If you're an fpv hobby ask anybody and They'll tell you what the difference is Between different types of props and the Angles bull nodes versus different tips And everything else I don't have the Time to explain it here in this video so What I'm going to do is I'm going to put My normal links to these props below I'll also put a link to my previous Video where I reviewed the more solid Color ludicrous props that are a little Bit heavier these are the plus version I Like the plus version honestly because In the fpv hobby it's all about being Bright and all I don't know glowy Looking on your drone and that's what People pretty much do so that's why I Like this it stands out it doesn't look Like any other DJI fpv drone so I like Them like this so links are below go Check it out if you enjoyed this video Please give it a thumbs up if you still Have questions on these props post them Below I'll tell you what I know what I

Don't know I can't tell you and that's About it catch you in another video Coming up soon till then I say bye [Music]