This abandoned ski resort is ripe for rippin | fpv road trip

By | December 10, 2022

Well holy crap this is possibly the coolest place i have ever flown an fpv drone, hot damn! there is so much to do here im going to need a few more trips back to see it all!

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All right he got my props Cats coming got all the supplies all Right it's gonna be a good trip we're Just about [ __ ] ready here biscuit Ready to go biscuit are you ready to go Biscuit are you ready to go Get the cat's not going I'm just kidding All right so welcome to today's video Everybody as you can tell this is not my Typical background I'm in a hotel what Do you call a hotel room the other day Some of the New York homies hit me up I'm like yo bro we got a plug an entire Abandoned ski resort in Upstate New York Do you want to come and fly it and I was Like bro [ __ ] yes so I got a little Prius I drove two hours and now here I Am it's 20 degrees It's like midnight I'm recording my Intro we're gonna stay overnight here And then tomorrow in the morning we're Gonna get up early and we're gonna go Rip all day in an abandoned [ __ ] ski Resort dog I couldn't be more excited About this this is gonna be [ __ ] Amazing this is gonna be amazing did you Know that this is a [ __ ] mirror did You know it was a mirror but before I Transitioned to tomorrow I have my own I got this little micro John so I'm Gonna give it a rip check out this Transition Shut up finesse Chevy [Music]

Well good morning it's 32 degrees here In Westeros New York the [ __ ] ever It's too early hang on I'll be right Back when I wake up a little bit Invaded underrated it's ironic never Waiting always making it my knowledge Take a profit I'm always All right everybody's getting all Unpacked and set up and everything and We're gonna just do our little warm-up Rips first this is a huge huge [ __ ] Complex it's like 500 Acres or some [ __ ] According to the sign but we're gonna Get a little warm-up pack on this this Appears to be an abandoned ice skating Rink although I don't know why they Would use red pecs when you're trying to Keep the [ __ ] [ __ ] cold right huh I Know stuff this is pretty sick we're Gonna get a little warm up here little Ski lifts over here we have all this to [ __ ] rip and we have four hours to do It because the sun goes down [ __ ] quick here so I want to Quit talking I'm gonna go get my [ __ ] Ready I'm gonna go what I'm gonna get my [ __ ] ready and I'm gonna practice do a Warm-up pack and I'll show you how that Goes in this abandoned uh ice skating Rink in the middle of the [ __ ] Woods [Music] Robbery [Music] Robbery

[Music] Give it up your destination is a casket When I put down my mask my task is Seeing Green killing you without being Clean that's the plan you'll get swollen Up when I sneak G your shit's getting Stolen I'm broke It's a nice little Bando score table Here This quality nice all nice and warmed up We flew through the abandoned skating Rink we flew through the [ __ ] ski Lift now this is just like the middle of The resort I guess there's all this Whole thing is just buildings you can Get into you can fly through you can if You crash and go get your [ __ ] so no [ __ ] fear there's this big ass Thing dude this like literally is just a Ski resort that's abandoned that we now Get to [ __ ] fly through how gosh darn Cool is that right I'm gonna go grab my Quad I'm gonna start off with a little Pack I'll show you that and then we'll Get into some like we'll do some [ __ ] Fun [ __ ] I promise I'm just gonna go for It I don't give a [ __ ] this is gonna be A good you're stoked that you tuned into This one check this [ __ ] out Thank you Um yeah seriously okay look there's a Super suspicious Well He's out here

[Music] [Applause] [Music] It's not much [Music] [Music] Bro this spot is [ __ ] perfect for Freestyle like Freestyle Paradise this Should just be the fpv park [Music] [Laughter] S Bro it's getting a little chilly out Let's get a little chilly out and GoPros Are [ __ ] freezing my GoPro I think I Have a sneaking suspicion that my GoPros [ __ ] my files up and they're gonna be All Frozen and [ __ ] when I go to edit This but oh that was weird mystery Somehow is doing okay so I'm gonna get Just a little sinner pack of this [ __ ] area and then we'll do my one Last I have one last battery left I have One last pack should not say last pack Next to a pool full of ice oh look at That Sunset though that's beautiful but I got one pack left I'm gonna [ __ ] Rip this [ __ ] and just go for it [ __ ] it If my [ __ ] breaks I don't give a [ __ ] I Hopefully have my footage for today did You enjoy this video if you did you Should press the Subscribe button if you Don't want to do that that's fine Because it's a stupid [ __ ] thing for

Me to ask of you Foreign [Music] [Music] But my throttle is like very Very stiff for some reason it was Perfectly fine last pack and now it's Very stiff this [ __ ] sucks [Music] Hey yo check this son I'm gonna break This one [ __ ] up the game and hugging Up your necklace it is [Music] On my way back to the Cabbage Patch I Say strap with a fat guy fill your Camp All the way cause I ain't got no [ __ ] time to kill sitting [ __ ] down serving my dick as the last Meal always coming with the one two Three yes sir Ray J yes [Music] [Music] Well hot damn that was a [ __ ] day of Ripping man that was super fun we're all Packing up the sun's going down we've All cursed the quad gods and flown our Last packs and lived a tail another [ __ ] day so let's head on out To the car get back to Philadelphia and We'll wrap this video up [Music] Hey I'm back at the house now what a Fantastic trip holy [ __ ] what was that Oh this the sweater I'm wearing oh here

I'll show you this is a new block Grinder this is a new block grinder Christmas sweater designed by Zorro not Fpv it's super sick it's got all we Leave some props and deviled flames on It and [ __ ] if you want one just go to look for the Christmas sweater it's there for sale For money that you can buy it I have to Say a huge thank you to the New York Crew for inviting me out y'all thank Thank you so much that was a [ __ ] Time to have right there and the whole Entire abandoned ski resort [ __ ] me I Feel very fortunate that I get to fly All these super cool locations because I Have people that reach out and hit me up So thank you very much folks thank you For reaching out and thinking of me Being like yo Bob probably wants to [ __ ] smoke some weed here speaking of People I want to do dabs with and Contemplate the meaning of life a big Big shout out to my top tier patrons That's the same I named here if you want Me to say your name every single video I Make just become a top tier Patron such As Billy Hackett Boris the German Fred 805 j-rod fpv juicy fpv Lucas Roka Maddie B fpv netcat fpv Patrick Martin Stompy fpv Trent ttfpv Tuan solo Volatronics and [ __ ] nailed that one thanks for being My top tier patrons and getting your

Name set and thank you to all my patrons If you would like to become one and help Support the stupid channel so I can go On more road trips and make more videos For your possible entertainment become a Patron today there's a there's words There so it is the winter time and it's Getting a little harder to make just Straight up drone videos so I'm gonna Have to get a little creative to be Flying into the cold so next week I Think if it works out next week I have An fpv boat I'm gonna go gorilla whoop No I'm gonna go Gorilla boat a boat dog I'm gonna hook fpv up on it I'm gonna go Break into this Fountain and I'm gonna [ __ ] drive my little fpv boat if it All works out so make sure you come back Next week watch that video press Subscribe if you haven't done that yet Because I just need five more Subscribers to hit 1 million and I'd Really appreciate it if you press the Button that's a [ __ ] lie if you did Enjoy this stupid video press the like Button so the algorithm likes me better And [ __ ] slow jerk out and give a [ __ ] play the [ __ ] music [Music] Foreign [Music]