This ONE Drone Trick Will Make You a Better Pilot…

By | December 5, 2022

​@BubbyFPV has a trick that he believes will help ANYONE fly better! Powerloops through gaps can help with throttle control, precision, and proximity flying. Try it out for yourself!

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– Hosted By –
Caleb Wright [BubbyFPV]

– Production Team –
Drew Camden – Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor / Camera


Something I get asked a lot is how to Progress at fpv and I think that there Is one trick that will really help any Pilot at any skill level get to be the Best pilot they can be [Music] Obviously there's a lot that goes into Fpv freestyle like your style how to Work incorporate tricks into flow but Today I just want to talk about one Trick that I think really helps people Get better control and skill over the Quad so the one trick that I really Think helps people improve is actually a Simple power Loop Gap I think they kind Of touch all of the aspects of flying Throttle control and flying around Proximity I think those are the two Things that people struggle with a lot Of people fly in more open spaces so Flying around really tight objects Really helps with that and the power Loop Gap is literally I think the Hardest proximity trick you can do it's Blind you have to have really good Throttle control and you're flying Really close to objects so Precision is Something that's really important on This trick easy level right here level One level two if you get a little bit Harder you have more of a a ceiling then Level three is on the other side it's Like really tight so perfect tree for Power Loop gapping but you don't need a

Tree as big and as Grand as that one We're actually just gonna go find some Trees over here this is a great Branch To practice your power Loop gaps on you Have a nice tight ceiling and as well as A very clear Gap that you can hit we'll Try it on both of them I'll teach you Guys how to do it on that one but then I'll also show a little clip of me doing It on this one so a normal Power Loop is Basically where you're going to go under The object do a big flip back and go Back through Um it's it's equivalent to a backflip But instead of doing the flip in one Motion in a one position you're going to Be giving throttle as you go back if That makes sense power Loop Gap is when You're at the top of the loop it's when You're going through a gap so in this Case we're going to be going under this Branch Over through this Branch while we're Inverted and back to the bottom so it'll Look something like this So that's that is the power Loop gap on The level one branch that we're going to Be using today I call it level one Because the Gap that which we're going To be hitting inverted is very large Um so we don't have to worry as much About hitting a gap versus with this one We're worrying more about not tapping The top we're going to be using throttle

And pitch for this trick you're going to Be getting some throttle while pitching Back to get you into that first arcing Motion once you hit about 90 degrees to The ground you're going to give a little Blip of throttle to shoot yourself back Through the top of the Gap if that makes Sense you'll be inverted by hitting the Gap and after that you can give some More you can give some more back pitch And some more throttle to catch yourself And you can Flash through the bottom of The Gap so let's go ahead and move on to The power Loop Gap where the Gap is a Little bit smaller all right so for Level two we're going to be power Looping this tree branch right here I Know it's a little bit hard to feel the Sunlight in the back but this gives us a Little bit tighter of a gap that we're Going to be going through inverted as You can see this Branch to this branch Is the gap we're going to be hitting so What I want to do is line it up go back A little bit get some speed And power Loop up through it like that So as we're entering the power Loop give Some throttle pitch back a little blip Pitch back and more power to catch Yourself It's a lot to think about when you're Explaining it but it's really not that Hard you're basically only giving back Pitch and throttle

Just hear the little blip now let's go Ahead and move on to level three so this One is even more tight of a gap just We're going to be having to keep Everything tighter to the tree and boom If you can keep the tree in view that Would be great obviously you're coming Into a little bit blind so like that a Little bit that's a way to cheat it I Don't think it looks as good from like a Flight video perspective Um but to practice it It's definitely a way to do it at the End your end goal should you should want To look something like this where it's Really a really smooth Circle so Like that that's what you should try to Work up to so one thing to keep note About is that my pitch stick when I'm Giving back a pitch to do the maneuver Is very smooth you see there's not much Movement in it but my throttle is a Little bit more blippy so the pitch axis Is wet is going to make the trick look Smooth or not my drone is not as Responsive on the throttle as other Drones are so I can be a little bit more Active in the throttle and you won't see Too many movements in the in the video So The throttle in this maneuver is a lot Of blips while the pitch stick is just One smooth Movement one other thing that this trick

Really helps you get good at is overall Smoothness while flying all footage that You're seeing in this video is Unstabilized Um and that's just because I prefer to Have the viewer see every little Movement of my fingers but this trick When you're flying really tight Proximity it's really hard to do these Maneuvers and fly shakily just because When you're when you're hitting small Gaps you have to be precise and usually It's something that comes with being Precise is being smooth on the sticks so Precision right there you can apply this Trick to basically anything that has Three levels so you have ground barrier And ceiling compile Loop in between There we're gonna take this tree as Another example see we have this perfect Branch right here a little bit tighter Than what we're working before meeting We have a little bit smaller of a gap That we're going to have to go through So this is a really proximity Gap we're Going to be hitting so let's go ahead And get into it always be coming at it With a little bit of speed you don't Want to be coming from Idol just because You're using a lot of momentum with this Trick so go down low Hop up a little blip of throttle and Catch Power Loop blip catch

And then you're on your way In your In your awesome flow you can do this Trick basically on any branch that has a Gap below it as well as above it and one Thing if you want to really practice Keeping this move really tight is to try To hug the branch as much as you can so We're gonna have it we're gonna go ahead And try it with this one So we're gonna try to stay as close to That Branch as we can you see how that Whole time I was really tracking the Branch staying within a foot of the Branch the entire time go ahead and try It one more time [Music] So keeping it really tight to the branch Is something that will really help you Get that proxy down so the whole purpose Of practicing this power Loop gap on Something that has a ceiling is to Restrict how high you can go a lot of The times we see people do power Loops To the moon like And like it looks cool and it's fun to Do but it doesn't really help with your Skills so adding a ceiling is really What will benefit you in your proximity Skills Having really good throttle control is Something that can help you in a bunch Of scenarios when you're flying in like A really tight parking garage that's

Another example of where you have a Ground and a ceiling and having good Throttle control will help you maintain My steady altitude so that you're not Going all over the place crashing also Having good throttle control makes you Look overall smoother if you're going in A straight line and you're able to Maintain a steady altitude over the Ground the video result will just be so Much better as opposed to if you're all Over like this bonus tip that we're Going to talk about today is we talked About clearing the gap on a on a Vertical axis but what happens if you Have constraints on the sides now let's Go ahead and get a pack up so I can kind Of break down my approach to hitting Gaps that have vertical constraints as Well as horizontal constraints our Gap Here we have a vertical constraint right There horizontal constraints right there And right there and our other vertical Constraint the bottom right there let's Go ahead and set this up like we would Any other power Loop Gap I'm gonna go ahead and commit come at it From a little run A little little speed And capture throttle that's why it's Harder so when you have horizontal Constraints you're going to want to have Something that you can refer to to line It up if that makes sense so what I'm

Going to be looking at when I'm giving Throttle is this whole trunk as it rides Up because that's something that I know Will be in frame the entire time so I'm Going to try to stay the same distance From that the entire time basically Going in a straight line so here we go There we go that was clean when I did my Power loop I once once I was here I was Looking up at this branch that rode up Along a road up all the way to the top So basically we have our horizontal Constraint right here and I was just Watching that as it went all the way up To know where I am horizontally [Music] And as you can see with actually that Last one I turned a little bit to the Side so I can have more of a visual of Where I'm going so obviously you want to Work up to having perfect straight back Power Loops giving no roll but with this One a way to kind of practice these is You can do a little roll over them this Allows you to see where you're going the Entire time while also allowing you to Practice your throttle movements so Let's do the roll one more time so roll Over it one more time [Music] And boom so now I feel comfortable with My throttle control and how much Throttle I'm giving so let's go ahead And do it blind and straightforward

We did it but we hit a ghost friend There we go let's clean if you like that Video make sure to like it do all the Things and leave a comment down below if You ended up taking these principles and Applying them to your flying shred it Out and I want to hear if you guys got a Better pilot post all over Instagram tag Me I want to see you guys progression Because I always want to help people That's my biggest thing help people get Better at flying see you guys later ciao Foreign