Unbrick DJI FPV goggles & enable WTFOS // FPV.wtf Butter How-To

By | December 21, 2022

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00:00:00 – Unbrick and roll back your DJI system! Yes!
00:01:02 – It's called “Butter”
00:03:03 – Download flashing package and install drivers
00:03:58 – Run the flashing tool
00:05:56 – How to get support

If you've got the DJI V2 goggles then in My opinion rooting them is mandatory Because rooting the goggles lets you get The full betaflight OSD betaflight INF RG palette whenever you fly the full OSD In the goggles something that DJI has Never given you at least not when used With the Vista VTX but there's a problem If you've updated the firmware on your Goggles past a certain point you can't Root them and DJI won't let you roll Back the firmware that's the topic that We're talking about today the fpv WTF Team the same team that came up with the Ability to root the goggles and do all That other stuff have released a tool That lets you roll back the firmware on Your V2 goggles and this is a big deal For two reasons number one it will let You roll back firmware and root the Goggles and get access to this for a Whole bunch of people who can't do it Today but number two if you brick your Goggles or if you brick your Vista then This can bring them back from the dead I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're going to Learn something today the fpvwtf devs Have named this tool butter their first Tool is margarine their second tool was Butter and I'm trying to think of what's Next in line there that would be like The punch line of the joke what's their Next tool going to be but I'm totally Blanking so tell me down in the comments

Uh help me brainstorm what their next Tool should be named margarine butter I Don't even know what comes next in that List butter works by taking advantage of The fastboot function on the DJI air Unit the air unit light cadix Vista Runcam link all those video transmitters From that generation of the fpv system As well as the goggles V1 and goggles V2 Have you ever noticed that when you plug Your goggles in let's do it we plug your Goggles in listen to the USB sounds Foreign Okay that's one Where did what was that it went away That very first connection is the Fastboot thing see DJI for all the Criticism they get they're pretty Freaking clever in designing their Products and what they made the goggles Do is before the goggle boot up they Connect to the computer in fast boot Mode for five seconds and if during that Window a program reaches out to them and Says hey you're messed up let me flash You it's like a back door into the Goggles that lets you flash them similar To Bootloader mode on your flight Controller but then when nothing happens The goggle boots normally and the fpvwtf Devs have figured out how to interact With this fastboot mode to let them Flash arbitrary firmware to the goggles In a way that DJI doesn't want you to do

My goggles are currently on firmware 0104000 and my goggles are actually Already rooted and once you root them They stay rooted even as you flash Forward it's just the actual process of Rooting them that has to be done on the Older firmware but because I know There's a lot of people out there who Are in this situation or maybe you've Bricked your goggles or maybe you've Bricked your Vista and need to restore It I'm going to go through the process Of rolling them back just so everybody Has an example and just so I've done it At least once unfortunately for Mac Users this is only supported on Windows And Linux uh it's not that the devs have Anything against Mac OS it's just that They couldn't figure out a way to get it To actually work for end users the Recommended method is to download Pre-made flashing packages available at These links so let's see I have the Goggles V2 so I'm going to download this Pre-made flashing package we're going to Download this and it looks like Windows Users need to install these drivers First okay let's find these drivers this Is the fpv WTF driver installer love it It will usually go to releases or GitHub And here is driver installer.exe we're Going to go ahead and download that and When that's done I'll go ahead and run It generally a bad idea to run unsigned

Executable files from sources on the Internet but I trust that fpvwtf guys so We're going to go for it Foreign So I'll open Windows Explorer and go to My downloads folder where that recovery Package is and I'll go ahead and open That up and in fact I should probably Extract that right click 7-Zip extract two uh oh neat the driver Installer comes with it isn't that nice Uh readme.txt always read the readme Right I'm sure you're flashing the right Device have your device powered off okay Launch Windows runme.bat or Linux run Me.sh power on your device wait it Couldn't be simpler all right let's do It Windows run me.bat Please connect and Power on your device I mean I'm kind of like on pins and Needles here but like if it goes wrong Then What am I going to do brick my device I Can just recover it using this exact Tool I hope all right that's it is that It press any key to continue so now are My goggles on an older firmware oh gosh They're not gonna have the O3 air unit At all oh yeah they're completely wow We're right back at the language select Screen holy crap what firmware is Firmware incompatibility you're not Kidding oh But it still says oh 104.00 hey there

Folks Joshua from the future here so Here's the deal the firmware is Overwritten but the place in the goggles Where the goggle stores the firmware Version that it's currently on is not Overwritten so the goggle still thinks It's on whatever firmware you are on Before you ran butter when you connect To the DJI assistant it will show you as Being on that firmware and you can of Course hit upgrade or refresh and Reflash that firmware if you need to Then later come forward again but if you Look in DJ assistant or you look in the Goggles about screen it will show you as Being on whatever firmware you are on Before you ran butter so if I said to Say it actually works but you could tell It works because the whole goggle gets Reset you get the language screen you Lose all your binds it's as if you had a Completely fresh new set of goggles the Bottom line is if you have a set of Goggles that you cannot root and you Want to roll them back or if you have a Set of goggles an air unit that is Bricked and will not boot up at all try What I just did probably will work and If it doesn't work go to the fpvwtf Discord this could be the exact thing You need now normally this is the part Of the video where I would plug my Patreon and ask you to sign up to Support me but I'm not going to do that

Instead I'm going to ask you to go Support Fpvwtf there's a link to their open Collective down in the video description They are doing so much for the users of This system and if you've watched this Video a lot this long you probably are One of them to make it to do things that DJI won't do and won't give us uh brick Your goggles and send them back to DJI Good luck now you can fix them don't Have OSD now you can have it and they Just certainly deserve at least a little Bit of your support for that so there's A link down there down below if you Don't know what rooting is and you don't Know how to do it or if you know what it Is and you want to do it I'm going to Put a card on screen to my video going Through exactly how to do it mandatory In my humble opinion for anybody who Owns these goggles see you there