Using Drones for Commercial Roof Inspections and Estimating

By | September 30, 2022

🔥Safer, faster, more efficient, more effective, more impressive…..sound like a list of attributes your roofing company can embrace? Every single one of these attributes, and more, are absolutely viable when you deploy the use of drones in your commercial roofing operations.

In this course, created through a joint effort between Imagine Technologies Group (created by the proprietors of Division 7 Roofing), PROPS Flight School by Drone U and Optelos, you will learn everything you need to know to incorporate drones into your commercial roofing operations.

After going through this course, you’ll understand why using drones to collect data on the roofs you serve is a no brainer, how to collect the data and most importantly….how to interpret the data and use it to better serve, and delight, your customers.

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Are you in the commercial roofing Business are you creating estimates Inspections or maybe you're just ready To level up your business Join me for the commercial roofing Inspection class where you're going to Learn how to fly these drones to collect Data analyze it and interpret it to use It for your business have you ever had To go to a site repeatedly over and over Again those days are over it's time to Make your business more efficient and Use drones to gather intelligence to Make database decisions that way in your Business you're going to be able to Create more accurate estimates and Quotes but you're also going to be able To better engage your clients with these 3D models you won't have to revisit the Area after acquiring and Gathering that Data you can further engage your clients With this data and really help sell Future clients with the data you've Already gathered so we're going to go Over why photogrammetry for roof Inspections what are the benefits why is This going to help you and we're really Going to try to dig deep to showcase the Value we're also going to go over Preparing for the course what equipment What software will you need then we're Going to move into what is Photogrammetry We're also going to go over deliverables

We're going to go over image acquisition Practices then we're going to move into The macro workflow overview going over Exactly what you need to do when you go Out into the field then we're going to Go into understanding how we've broken Down these deliverable packages from Simple and to detail there's different Acquisition methods we're going to go Over why you would want one particular Method over the other It's time to learn how to level up your Business to make sales easier increase Revenue reduce costs be more efficient And overall scale your business join me For the commercial roofing inspection Course because simply put you don't want To miss it you might get left behind all Right let's take flight [Music] Foreign [Music]