Using Gab707’s Career Stats for the Google Cloud Fly Cup Challenge | Drone Racing League

By | December 15, 2022

Data, drones & the cloud.

Stephanie Wong uses DRL Pilot @Gab707's career racing stats from the @googlecloud Fly Cup Challenge to improve his performance 🚀☁️

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Hey everyone this is Stephanie Wong head Of developer engagement over here at Google cloud and today I'm super excited Because I'm here with one of the longest Standing Pilots at the Drone Racing League gab 707. Um yeah why don't you introduce yourself Hey I'm gav Um as you said it the longest standing DRL pilot seven years and counting well Today we're here to talk a little bit About the Google Cloud fly cup Challenge And how that relates to drone racing and Your performance as a pilot why don't we Go ahead and take a quick look at one of The parts of the challenges I don't want To give away all of the secrets here but We can see how that might affect you so First of all if you're looking here this Is one of the tasks that are included in Phase one of the fly Club challenge so This is a query that we've built against Some of the tables here that we've been Able to provide us from DRL so this is Showing a list of the number of pilots And their minimum times that they've Been able to achieve for the Heats the Heat IDs and the points accumulated for Each of them there are a bunch of other Tables that you can explore that are Provided as a part of the challenge you See here and then another extra credit Of the challenge is being able to create A potential graph here as a part of

Looker studio so what I've done here is I have taken the pilots for heat and This is just a record count so record Count as in the number of races that You've been a part of so here you know Gab you have one of the highest or the Highest And then here are the Delta uh for each Of the heat times that you've been able To achieve compared to the average Overall so you know of course it varies Over time per heat so just some fun Stats like just curious what your first Thoughts are oh this is great I mean I Think diving into things like that I can Learn a lot about Um how consistent I am and uh you know I See a lot of dips towards the bottom That those are not good So uh I think I think stats it really Helps us Um identify where there's issues and try To resolve them I actually think dips Are good because I think this in this Graph it means that you're dipping below Your average time so maybe it's a good Thing actually Um and then a couple other things that You can do are we've also provided you a Python notebook to train and run a model That helps protect pilot ranking or Performance in races and so you can run Through this on your own but you get the Data you create a model and you deploy

It to vertex AI model registry and then You can run your own predictions against New data so it's pretty interesting work I'm sure the data world is going to Really impact drone racing isn't it oh I Think so it really needs it to to move Us to the next level a lot of the pilots Work to I don't know closed in and we're Just working on our little details of Course how you take this turn that turn But I think there's so much more here That is uh evidence of what we're doing And it's very necessary for us to look At these things to reach the next level Amazing well I am super excited to see That record count keep going up and Those average times going down but thank You so much for being here cap thank you Well Stephanie it's been great to catch Up here and talk all things Google Cloud DRL and the Fly cup challenge Same to you it's been such an honor to Learn from the most experienced DRL Pilot and with a PhD really impressive For everyone else out there get involved In the fly cup challenge by heading to Google cloud and I can't wait to See you on that leaderboard