Vanover’s New Vannystyle Frame! – Smoothest FPV Freestyle Rig??

By | September 19, 2022

The New Vannystyle 5” Frame is available now as a built and tuned bundle as well as a standalone kit!

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– FPV Freestyle Pilots / Hosts –
Drew Camden [Le Drib]

Alex Vanover [CaptainVanover]

James Hester [PDEVX]

– Production Team –
Drew Camden – Producer
Christian Kapper – Editor / Camera

Be There in a Moment
By: Koala Symphony

[Music] Thank you [Music] This is Alex this is your new frame that You're working on yeah it's a new frame That I'm working on a goal with this Frame is to make a really durable Lightweight setup which is similar to The cl1 but in this case it's a toilet Tank frame so the battery mounts Sideways in the center which brings the Center of gravity a lot closer to the Flight controller which in my opinion Makes tuning a lot easier and makes the Quad fly a lot better as well big shout Out to the guys here in Portland Actually because when I came last fall I Noticed everyone flew a toilet tank and I was trying to figure out why and they Told me how they ejected less batteries The drones just flew a lot better so I Tried it myself and I would actually Agree a lot with that so have you flown Toilet tank before true it's been a While it's slightly different props by The way so I mean what's the effect of The toilet tank you think it should be Like kind of more of a neutral Um center of gravity like so More balance typically on a quad with Like a long body pitch and roll are Gonna feel different because of the the Moment of a nurse is different so on This should I feel like it's more

Similar so that's a roll that's a flip It does feel like almost more like um Like a bottom mounted Truex race frame But not quite like without the pendulum Yeah without the without the Casual Effect yeah exactly so it's kind of like You get the advantages of that like you Get that neutral balance Without the disadvantages When the balance is exactly the same on Any axis so it's not just roll and flip It's if you combine them right even then You're still like feeling the same Amount of like effort right okay so What's a good trippy spin tree this one Here oh this feels very good in the Trippies doesn't it oh screw you strippy Is such a weird movement that feels not Really good yeah just pitch that feels Really good shoot I'm really liking this Uh This 6s power too you just want to go Like [Music] Where are you Almost just incinerated you almost Incinerated no plot would have survived That head-on no quad would have survived That 70 students I know I saw it flying aside I have an idea of what you did one thing I've noticed with having the battery Toilet tanked in the center is when I'm PID tuning the quad I find that my pitch

Gains are a lot closer in numbers to my Role gains whereas with a normal quad With the battery just the normal way Down the frame I find that my pitch Gains are a little bit higher because The drones having to use you know more Work in order to move everything because There's so much more weight distributed On the pitch axis where with everything In the center everything's more balanced So because of that the fight controller Doesn't have to work as hard and Therefore it can work better at other Things like being fast and responsive And so I think it plays to a lot of Things it's just like I'm just killing It right now oh my God I love them I'm Killing it but I'm just like doing Bonkers like what is happening Okay this is kiss Ultra by the way it Feels I love this park too God It's pretty nice I love the way that Quad sounds it's so smooth even when you Bottom it out really hard there's no Prop wash and I will say oh I can't Believe there's no prop wash coming out Of that ridiculon dive It was it was stupid that I will take Credit for being my tune oh my God I just did some toilet hold on get James In here because this is not me this is Not necessarily the frame particular This is something that this is something

That I've flown toilet tank before when I came back here last fall and hung out With you guys I noticed everyone was Flying toilet tank and there's a reason For it because it's just that balanced Feel that you don't really get with the Normal drone battery setup right exactly Where it started for us is with The X-over Gap it frame I think he was one Of the first to really like popularize The toilet tank uh lipo not a toilet Tank you run the battery like this There's a lot of energy required because There's so much weight on the pitch axis The flight controller has to work really Hard to keep up with that with the Battery in the center it's the weight's A lot more centered and it's evenly Distributed so therefore the flight Controller doesn't have to work as hard And therefore it can perform a lot Better which means not only is the quad Naturally flying better with the weight At the center but also your flight Controller is operating so much faster Now so then your stick responds Everything your prop wash handling is All going to get much better because of It there's two barrels like the the two Pipes go power Loop the middle one and Then Maddie back through it yeah and Then again it's just oh it's so funny There's something about like the Roundedness of the tubes like when you

Go to loop back you're like kind of Rolling around the outside of the tube Yeah it just feels the loop makes it Feel natural right yeah look at this oh My gosh bro why did you go up so high Why did you go so high yes This is the first time that I'm like oh Seeing success No you're gonna leave me I'm just fan so Another thing I really like about toilet Tank is when you have your lipo sideways Like this is you don't need as much you Know body to hold the Lipo so that means You can get really short body and what That's going to do for you is provide a Little bit of durability because the First point of impact is your arms Rather than the front of your cage so You're gonna be less likely to hit the Components that matter things like your Lens your antennas one of the things That I used to do all the time when I Had a longer frame was since I go Backwards a lot I just smash into my Antennas but because I've got such a Short body now you know there's so much Buffer before these antennas that I Almost never break antennas anymore one Thing I will say is this Frame is more Rigid than most the other five inch Frames out there but I think that Rigidity is what makes it fly so smooth And tune a lot better as well because I Can get more aggressive with the tune I

Have some black box logs compared to uh The frame I was using previously in this One and the same electronics and Everything the Jared is just much Cleaner on this one [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] So good I I enjoyed flying it your quad Flew amazing I think it has less to do With the toilet tank and more to do it Than he's just a maniac about like Tuning and squeezing out like every bit Of juice out there but uh yeah if you're Watching this video now you can go and Buy the frame Link in the description Down below and I'm really excited to see You guys try toilet tank and also try The battery normal let me know which one You think flies better I don't know that Toilet tank strikes me as something oh My God I gotta switch my stuff it's not My I'm not opposed to trying it more but You know there's also something to you Know flying what you're used to right I'm used I've been flying this for so Long right I didn't immediately see such

A huge benefit that it'd be worth Getting used to something new yeah but You know maybe if you're a pilot that is Maybe easier to adapt things or enjoys Trying things more I'd say it's worth Trying it's it's cool it is different Well I would say that you did feel a Difference right like especially when You're trying the trippy spins yeah you Can tell it was a little bit easier to Get into a little bit easier to stay Locked into it I think that's because You're not fighting the difference Between each axis what do you guys think Should batteries go this way or that way You should go that way down to the Comment section let us know your Thoughts while you're down there hit the Like button and let us know you had a Great time hit the Subscribe button Because if you're not always if you're Not already subscribed what are you Doing guys we're always making drone Videos always having a good time we want You to be here for every single one so Guys I hope to see you next time I'm Madrid I'm Alex Hanover I'm FX keep Ripping [Applause] [Music] I like The Fat Track system Christian I Like the fat shark system [Laughter]