Walksnail standalone vRX module. FrSky vs. ELRS rant (FPV News with JB and ItsBlunty)

By | November 1, 2022

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Caddx Pre-Order For The Walksnail VRX! And Its A Deal!

US Sanctions Are Affecting Silicon Production in China, But It Seems Unlikely To Impact UAS

Fettec Alpha Has Gone To Full Release

Remote ID Modules are being Approved By The FAA. What Are The Current Options?
* – DB100
* – DB200
* – ZephyrSys Module 100
* – First OOP

Cinematic of the Week: Wingsuit

It’s Barely News

Mounting an Avata on a Cinelifter

A Mavic Mini Flew Above Mount Everest

Drone Interrupts Baseball Game

Man Wins Award For Putting Together Lost Dogs SAR

Drone Piloting Courses Teach Proctors How To Fly Drones In Dangerous Situations

Drone Light Displays Show What Buildings Would Look Like Reconstructed
* Same group that did the burning man show and the drones falling out of the sky in Germany

Rant: Frsky Teases ELRS On Radios, Public Relations Disaster Ensues

* Devs have spoken with Frsky in a Private Chat previously for the Vantac development, but haven’t been contacted at all about the new TW/ELRS hardware/software
* If they end up releasing the teased in-house build of V2.3 ELRS and don’t share the code publicly somewhere, then it will be a GPL violation. This may be complicated by the fact they are discussing using it in a dual-nature, so the code might be tied into Frsky code.
* Marketing info suggests that this is “ELRS-Compatible” and with no dev communication, that seems a stretch at best.

Foreign [Music] Enjoy everything's the same we'll try Tonight [Music] [Music] Times when I'm reasoning about us [Music] [Music] But if I'm no good for you What if you're not bad for me [Music] Foreign [Music] What if you look good for me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Welcome everybody to the fpv news it's Tuesday night it's Newsday night how you Doing bloody Good good how about you I'm good I'm Good I think that's what I'm going to go With Tuesday Newsday as our we need a we Need something for me to start off Saying at the beginning of everyone Tuesday Newsday Um and we do have news in fact we were So busy discussing various things that I Didn't I knew I forgot something Showed live stream title livestream Description got all that didn't do the

Look you can see it already I've screwed It up it's barely news out intro in It's barely news out Which one is it oh God oh God it's bad a Little bit of a mess I didn't do the titles hey it's gonna be Fine it's gonna be fine we're gonna We're gonna figure this out We are here with news from the world of Fpv big news including everybody's Favorite a rant That's true it is a rant day you got Your ranting you got your ranting shoes On Yeah I think you do too Oh yeah oh this is one of my it's a it's An oldie it's my free bird of rants it's Like you know it's my Stairway to Heaven Everybody knows this one and yet it's Been amazing relevant Again which still what do you mean Free here's a syllable oh it does you're Right it's been made relevant again uh Free Sky popped their head up well Someone from free Sky popped his head up And and uh gave us a little reason to Rant about him I heard Ian was ranting Too anyway we're gonna rant we're gonna Talk about a lot of things Um Jordy wants to know is that an O3 behind JB on the desk No I can assure you it is not There are many things behind me on the

Desk but not that Um But we are going to uh we're gonna start Out do we have any PSAs this week we Don't do we we don't we didn't have Anything in particular to PSA we'll have Some various things to mention through Different stories but nothing we thought Was critical enough to PSA we do have Some big news about Um about cadx uh walk snail and we did Last week as well we had a whole block Of news about caddocks and rock snail Um that's pretty exciting Let's see if I can do this Fu My FN Why is it My titles aren't working we're just Going to turn the titles off today we're Not going to use the titles I don't know Why it's not working my stream deck is Being weird we're just gonna We're not Gonna we're gonna mess with it Um so yeah we're going to start with uh Walk snail Cadets uh go for it plenty I'll stop distracting from from your Professionalism So they've uh they've got a pre-sale Which I think is pretty crazy and uh I Think goes against what we've heard About digital at least depending on how You feel about where they're selling This but basically ketix has announced

Uh as we talked before walks down Together again uh walk they're selling The walk snow Avatar vrx pre-sale with The 1s kit for 200 so this is the vrx You've been talking about this is the uh You know this is basically all you would Need to add onto a pair of goggles with HDMI in to get access to the any walk Signal VTX um you get access to this Digital system Um and then they're also doing two other Bundles one is the micro kit one is the Nanokit and this is the regular VTX that You're used to with the micro or Nano Camera and those are two 39 so 40 extra And you get the bigger VTX as well so They are definitely aggressively Aggressively publishing the system how Much of those vtx's normally Like I think though it's 110 I think for The 1s I believe so that 1s kit like the Camera and there's like the vrx for like 100 bucks Yes I mean that's a really Interesting move like a whole lot of People who have a set of goggles if you Have a set of goggles with an HDMI input Orca hco2 Sky Zone really oh many Goggles a whole lot of those people are Going to go well shall try it for two Hundred dollars Give it a go and the other thing to Remember is as long as anybody's

Interested in walksdale two months from Now I'm sure this vrx will be 200 by Itself and you'll be able to resell if You don't like it you know what I mean That's a really good this is such a Value proposition I think like it's hard For people I think it'll be hard for People who have goggles who can support This already or people who are looking At buying HD zero goggles in the next Month Um I think both of those categories of People will be super interested in this Pre-sale and um I don't know it's super Interesting that they're being this Aggressive you know I've talked to a lot Of people about this and I think a lot Of people are on the consensus is this Is close to cost for them who knows if It's really like selling at cost under Cost over cost a little bit but Um you know we've always heard digital Is very expensive and it's hard to get Margins on digital and you know now We're seeing basically a hundred dollar 120 vrx depending on how you do all the Divisions so they're doing similar to HD Zero and that they've got two patch Antennas built in which I am Disappointed to hear because uh walk Snails antennas have been crappy just Generally bad Bad I would I would assume that Internally you'll be able to just UFL

And mod them but that's too bad Um people are asking is the performance Going to be the same as the standard uh The goggles and I would assume that it's The exact same Hardware in the goggles Just in a different form factor so the Thing to remember here is that unless You have HD zero goggles nobody no Goggles we plug these into are going to Be higher than 60 frames a second so That's the difference you're going to See between buying a set of walk snow Goggles and a set of these goggles right So like if you plug them into your H2O2 That's 60 60 hertz goggle if you plug Them into HD zero that's a 90 Hertz car Ball right even if the CIS that's a good Point even if the system can do 100 FPS The latency of the display is part of The latency of the whole control Loop And you will be at that slightly higher You know 35-ish milliseconds instead of The lower 25-ish milliseconds so some People will care about that the um Frankly the walk snail goggles look very Good they have a nice OLED screen it's It's large it's bright I mean hco2s look Fine too orcas look fine but there's Something to be said those are nice Goggles Um Uh yeah one other thing people were Talking about with power output they all Appear to be listed the same there's no

Like obvious difference in any of the Specs or settings that are listed so far That I've seen people were talking about A four kilometer number that they were Seeing but if you go back and look on The goggle and the VTX information as Well they also say this four kilometer Number it sort of seems like something They've just built into the idea of the System um it's just like and this is What DJI did as well and I don't know if They still do but they always used to Say four kilometers for DJI even when That was 13.3 with the update so we know It's just like a default number they Share yeah the walk snail system has Been taken out to 30 kilometers and pres And we it's believed it could go further With the right antennas and so forth so This four kilometer thing is just they Don't want to it's kind of nice to see a Vendor not just ridiculously over Marketing their product with lies Um it goes way past four kilometers uh So don't let that throw you off Um I think one thing to consider here is Like I said cost you know we're talking About 100 to 120 for this you know we've Heard a lot that you know we see the HD Zero vrx is 220. you know we don't know What the margins are on that but we Assume they weren't great uh so it'll be Interesting it would be interesting to

Know like because they're a vendor That's directly selling that vrx as well You know they just said an MR MSRP for Everybody that's a good point is the Case um I don't it'll it's interesting To see this pricing and um I don't know If they actually are paying like let's Say 100 or 120 for the hardware I think That bodes well for the future of the System because that means there's a lot Of margin to pull down right that's a Really interesting point if if we were To guess that they are not selling this At a loss which we don't know but if They're selling this at close to zero Margin then this represents their floor And that means that there is a lot of Room if that means there's like 45 50 Margin potentially built in that they Could offer to vendors whereas we have Seen HD zero struggle to bring their Their price down we have seen stores Complain about the lack of margin in HD Zero products some stores actually Declined to sell it or Jack the price Above MSRP and we're like what what are You going to do That's all that's all that you know been Publicly hashed out Carl has Acknowledged it presumably the uh price The mar the the Cost of the hc0 stuff is higher although I'm not that's kind of weird I guess They're using a proprietary Asic that

They developed whereas wax nail is Buying from Artisan maybe right yeah it Depends on how all the numbers work out And stuff um yeah it's hard to know I I Would think it may be at a loss but I've Definitely talked to a few people who Think it's not so it's hard to say and I Don't know that we'll ever really know Because we don't know what their deal is So yeah hc0 needs to drop prices says GMI visuals I just don't think they can While still not losing money one way We'll know is when we see the open Sourcing right when the goggles finally Come out when we see the chipsets Released and we see what the actual cost Is right I think that's a really good Point that'll give us some idea right we Can sort of crowdsource and get an idea Of what these things cost to produce and Then we'll see like is there margin They're gonna make up if people aren't As greedy or if there's some issue with The way their process works or they had Too many employees who knows you know What we'll find out when all that comes Through people in chat are also asking About like you know what will the price Be when the sale's over and we don't Know I did ask cat X and they know who I am At this point and they did not they just Said we appreciate your suggestion but We're not we don't want to share MSRP

Right now so yeah I mean my guess is 200 To 250. exactly I mean that was supposed To expect this to retail out in the First place I was shocked when we saw The combo Um at 200 and again I think that's super Aggressive pricing I expect this to be Yeah 200 220 like right along with HD Zero to to kind of duel with them and Get another digital around the same Price but yeah we do we don't know yet Exactly exactly in the chat says why Would you assume the margins on the walk Still module are higher I'd guess that They aren't I mean we're just we're Guessing that the current price is not At a loss therefore the current price Represents essentially at at least zero Margin hey it's possible that they Decided to cut the solo that they're Just eating loss on every product However now let's it's probably not Super logical to do that I mean unless They couldn't cut it that hard I mean And then I think there's a whole Different look at the system if they are Doing that because then you start to Consider like oh this thing's going to Die in six months to a year it's over so If if they were selling I mean we've Seen we see it with video game consoles They sell the video game console at a Loss they know they'll make it up in Games but the difference is that over

The life of video of a video game Console you're gonna buy a lot of games Potentially Um is that true like would it make sense Do you think to try to sell the vrx at a Loss and make it up on video Transmitters can we do a poll and chat Can we do how many digital vtx's do you Own sure absolutely maybe let's do like One three well five plus or something Okay okay how many digital VTX do you Own how about we do like one to three How about yeah we can have four options Blunty that's all YouTube gives us Well yeah let's do like yeah one to two Maybe three to five Three to five Uh five to ten more than ten it's like It would be like six to yeah six to ten And then right or eleven plus or Whatever eleven plus okay we're gonna Put a poll up we'll see what you guys Say I bet that most people only have two Or three video transmitters I don't I don't I've my perspective on This is something you're shocked I'm Always blown away that's my problem is I I mean I have a bunch and you have a Bunch but like yeah well that makes Everybody I know has a million quads but Uh that's because we all work in the Business yeah a lot of people in the Chat are saying zero they're annoyed That we didn't give them the option to

Say zero if you don't have any then that Then you're not really you know relative Data right definitely we only had four Choices Yeah So I I'm I'm not sure that it would for Sure be a winning proposition to sell This as a loss leader and try to make it Up on vtx's uh but I don't know uh Anyway uh we got to say one more thing Before we move to the next story at Least and that is that I cannot wait to See the Orca goggle or the I'm sorry not The Orca girls the hc0 goggles with this Think about that blunty you have walk Snail in via the HDMI you have hd0 built In and you have one of the best analog Systems Yeah the only thing you don't have is DJI but at that man well and it's the Only goggle that'll do the walks around 1080P and that's the only article That'll do walks down if they can Support it at 90 frames they list 60 and 100 as the options but I bet they'll Patch in a 90 if it means that people Can use it on the HD zero right that Would make sense well let's talk let's Talk about resolution is the other thing Somebody asked is it going to work with Like if I have an 800 by 600 set of uh I Don't know what old goggle would have HDMI but uh Do we think that they'll scale the

Interface down to lower resolution or Will you have to have a 1080 set of Goggles I mean I'm going to hope so I Mean well we know it's got a 1080 and a 720 option so those are the two things That are listed Um but that's the video Right I mean if you think about the way The walk snail goggles work the Interface is always at 1080. Right the screens are at 1080 the Interface at 1080. if they're going to Do a generic HDMI output Could they have I mean down at the vrx Section they do list they list three uh If you keep going that's camera So there's a specific vrx section let's See Um and that lists three numbers uh so it Says the HDMI can do 1080 60 720 100 and 720 60. so presumably we know that those Older goggles will take a 720p input and Scale it it may look like crap but they Can take that 720p signal in so Presumably they would be usable with Basically all those old HDMI goggles Although because the native resolution Doesn't match it will look back what is A what is HD zero at 720 as well right And it works with seems to work with a Decent numbers that's a really good Point yeah okay so basically all goggles With HDMI more or less will be able to Work with this system and you won't be

Getting the best experience because you Won't have a 1080 screen you won't have Maybe OLED but my God this this really Opens up digital at a price point that I Don't think we've seen before even even If zero doesn't come in at this price Point Of course this is promotional pricing so We we need to we got to see where that's Going to be that's right you got 200 Votes we got 200 votes on that poll okay Let's check the poll I mean that's pretty surprising to me Let's see I'm amazed we have 200 viewers Right now uh how many digital VTX do you Own three to five 34 percent Six to ten twenty seven percent one to Two 24 and 11 plus 13 so that's actually Out of order So I mean if you consider that 75 of People have three or more digital vtx's And 50 of people have you know 45 Percent of people have More than Uh five vtx's digital vtxs I mean yeah You could probably sell the cost at that Point amazing you could certainly sell It cost It might make sense to sell at a loss Especially and here's the thing nobody's Talking about except probably Everybody's talking about it especially Because they're they need to build their User base

We know that the DJI 03 air unit is it Exists we know it exists we don't know When it's going to come out there are People who say they're testing it there Are people who say they've had they have It and we've seen the video quality that The Avada gives which is pretty gosh Dang impressive and and we I assume that The o3r unit will have similar or Identical performance I think that's Safe Um I feel like if I'm walk snail right Now I got the HD zero goggle coming I Got the O3 air unit right in right Around the corner hopefully and we got The Orca goggles and system at some Point in the future I'm gonna try to Build my user base as fast as I freaking Can before and get people locked in Hey for the chat he's asking pole Digital versus analog you guys have no Clue what we're talking about you're Just like talking to yourselves like Listen to what we're saying Have you Listened to the conversation that is Happening we're saying if people buy Walks mail how many of those people will Buy more vtx's to support the purchase Of walks now if you don't buy the vrx at A cheaper price they haven't lost money To you to make money on the vtx's so the Poll is not relevant nobody cares how Many people run digital when we're Talking about this in this conversation

Like I feel like nobody is paying Attention they're mad we left analog out But the question was should I watch this Conversation should walk snails sell at A loss and hope to make that make up the Lost money by selling vrx vtx's if you Fly analog you were never going to buy a Walk snail VTX and so that you're not Relevant to the conversation Okay oh yeah absolutely um they want to Know blunty they just are curious what Are they curious about I didn't even see The chat they care how many people are Running digital versus analog okay we'll Just do another poll that's easy yeah Polls are easy it's just it's just not Relevant but yeah I know but it's easy We just make a poll and then they're Happy and then we don't even look at the Results of the polls oh it's just you Again damn it are you damn it I should Are you using analog or digital Uh Analog only Digital only Uh both I'm angry But I don't know why Okay all right we'll come back to that Poll later Um I didn't say the quiet part out loud There's a discussion that we're having And certain things aren't relevant to it

It's not uh It's not it's not a personal attack Um okay well this is pretty freaking Exciting I gotta say it's pretty Freaking exciting Um Uh uh what else do we have anything else Here we got a Facebook post do we need To look at this That was just their poster I don't know That it's super relevant but they've got Dates in there so this only goes till December 1st I guess we should mention That yeah okay Shipping starts the 10th of December my God this is a real product I really was not 100 sure it was a real Product They're saying they're they're selling At a loss Um we'll see this is this is going to Get a whole lot of people who who never Would have put the money out for DJI to Try walk snail this is a a baller move Same with the 1s VTX which I just Reviewed These are baller moves I I firmly Believe that the walk snail system is Not yet as good as DJI And and yet these are the kind of things That you can do to get people to use Your product even when it's maybe not as Good in some ways crazy Um

Okay let's look at the poll and then We'll move on Uh Uh currently are you using analog or Digital analog only 35 both 29 digital Only 23 and I'm angry but I don't know Why 10 percent Okay so I wanted to know more people in Chat are on digital than are on analog Only right right Yes yeah combination they've at least Started using some digital Is walksdale ripping hd0 off with their New vrx That's silly that's a silly question Making a standalone vrx unit uh DJI has No Standalone vrx for people who are Asking about that they just they're not And they never will I wouldn't I wouldn't hold my breath They never have and I don't see any Reason why they ever exactly The closest I think is the Crystal Sky Monitor which is a standalone monitor That connects to their but and is Technically not made by them so Yeah it's going to be very very Interesting all right well I'm excited Um okay moving on to the next Story part Two yeah U.S sanctions are affecting Silicon production in China that sounds Like a bad thing blunty should I should I freak do I need to buy seven more Catex Vistas real quick

Okay so uh probably not uh the the Digital is maybe the only thing that Could be affected by this but it's Probably unlikely to be affected by this Um so there's some new U.S sanctions and We want to let you know because we got a Lot of emails about this a lot of people Were concerned Um that essentially cracked down on Um Chinese companies that are not Approved by the US like that's the Summary of this whole thing is Essentially they've created a program And now you need to be approved by the US government if you're making small Stuff and by small stuff that means 16 Nanometer or 14 nanometer and Below Um and if you're making any of that Stuff or dram memory with 18 nanometer Or nand Flash with 128 layers you now Have to be approved by the US government Or you cannot buy things from U.S Companies to support your production and You cannot use U.S employees that are U.S citizens Um so it's limiting high-end production However most of the stuff we use is Trailing Edge other than digital but I Still don't know that I think digital is Like 40 nanometer or something that we Use uh somebody could maybe could Correct that Um I think all the like all that kind of Stuff is around 40.

Um but yeah so we shouldn't be affected By this stuff but it is uh it will Affect like higher end stuff so okay we Just want to let you know that it Shouldn't really bug us too much yeah I Mean so far so far none of these Sanctions have direct There we go we're back yay we're back One second All right we're back We'll keep going we're just going to Keep going All right hi everybody Um yeah so it shouldn't affect the fpv Market too directly and we're going to Keep monitoring these things hopefully You know a lot of this stuff happens and You know hopefully it'll uh you know We'll just keep on not affecting us we Hope Um bloody I want to is that is that is There more to say about that nope that's All you got it I want to jump back to Zika I never I never am confident in how I say his name Jekyll jekaly He he leaves at 249 Euro Super Chat and Asks is it's the beginning of the end For fat shark again going back to the Walk snail thing and I do think that Since there was a super chat about it I Think it's interesting to speculate About the implications of the Walk snail Standalone vrx for fat shark and my First thought when I heard about this

Was fat shark is going to be pissed Because I presume that fat shark fat Shark designed the goggles I presume That fat shirt gets a cut of every Goggle sold whether it's sold by walk Snail or sold by fat shark and um I presume they don't get a cut of this Standalone thing that was developed In-house because it's not a goggle And I think a whole lot of people are Going to buy this instead of buying Walks in the old fat shark goggles Or are they what do you think I think that's probably true I mean I Think if you're I mean it'll depend on where this price Comes in but if you're in the future if You're comparing buying Dominator Goggles or walk trail goggles that don't Have an HDMI in and don't have a way to Do analog versus HD zero goggles that Can use a 200 Avatar VTX vrx you're Gonna I feel like you're probably just Gonna go with the HP is your option even If you don't buy the Avatar vrx right Away you can buy the HD zero goggles and Then you buy in later you know like it's Just like there I feel like there's very Few people who will at a point where you Can have all the options will be Interested in buying a inferior set of Goggles because they can't interact with Everything else like how many Pilots are Only going to ever fly walks now I feel

Like I mean maybe that's will grow at Some point but I feel like currently That's not a lot of Pilots right yeah Most Pilots want options most Pilots Want to be able to fly more than one Thing yeah there's a there's an uh angle Where you could say that the kind of Person who is going to buy the Standalone module is that you could call Him like a looky-loo they're like oh I'm Kind of curious about that yeah I'll try It out all right you got some gorkas I'll use it Um whereas the kind of person who is More dedicated to the system might buy The Standalone goggles but I do think You're right that the HD zero goggles Really shake that up because the HD zero Goggles obviously they don't exist yet Except as prototypes so that grain of Salt but if they live up to their Promise they'll have 1080p screens same As the walk snail goggles they will have OLED screens 90 FPS not quite 100 FPS But 90 FPS clicks close and I think You're going to get a similar or maybe Better experience in some ways with the HD zero goggles than with the walk snail Goggles Except that you're going to spend more Money you're going to spend 600 bucks For the goggles and another 200 100 200 Bucks for the module Sure but you'll be Ableton for do

Everything but yeah the difference isn't It's optional and you can buy them when You want and like yeah I mean I feel Like it just provides a lot better A Better options for people I mean if you Consider like if they just had HDMI in On the walkstail goggles right that Would be a total different story because Then you could buy either one and you Could decide to pick like oh I could try Ht0 later or I could try walk snow later You know and and it's that's the Difficulty here and there's no analog in So like you can't pick that later yeah I Think that's the biggest issue is when You look at the value proposition of Each of these you know I think there's Very few people who are spending 500 600 And are not okay with spending a couple Hundred dollars more or sometime down The line valid to get a better increase Right Yeah so I I don't think there's I mean Right now if you want to use walk snail Your only option is to buy the Dominator Goggles so there's it's obviously going To be the case that fat shark's sales of Goggles will go down somewhat due to This module uh how much it'll be it's Hard to say There's also people out there who'll be Like no I don't want no freaking module Hanging off the front of my goggles I'll Just spend 600 bucks on the right and

Just you know use you know those people Exist too I would say the biggest hit is Going to be the next month the biggest Is going to be in the next month as all These are just getting flung out the Door at a super cheap price and that's Where they're going to see like very few Goggle sales I think uh versus like this You know certainly more people aren't Going to be you know you're not going to Get more sales so no uh I mean it's very Yeah so if I'm if I'm fat shark I have To be annoyed that that they did this Yeah this has to be at least a little Bit bad for fat shark maybe in the short Term maybe in the long run it builds it Builds the system and they get more Sales at the end of the day V Texas But maybe some of those people will buy Goggles blunty I think the whole problem here is they Don't sell vtxs if that truck sold VTX Is under a Fat Track brand as well just Like they sold goggles I think they Would have a totally different world Here where there is a value proposition For them it doesn't matter they'll sell Vtxs eventually right but right in this World I mean they need to sell the Goggle like their their whole value here Is selling the goggle the question is What are they really invested how much Are they losing what are they banking on I think those are one of the questions I

Have here do they really care that much About these like in the whole long run Of things like that's what might care Part of Redcat how much do they care What is fat shirt going because fat Shark if uh you know any good company Won't take something like this and just Go oh guys I guess we're screwed they'll Be like okay how can we profit from this How can we respond to this so for all we Know fast shark is working on their own Vtxs I don't know uh for all we know fat Shark has something you know in their Pocket to help capitalize on this I don't know so okay now so now do we Need to get in the speculation territory Oh yes absolutely know this was Happening and that's why they put the 30-day money-back guarantee on the Goggles Oh interesting At the same time yeah at the same time They like early and until November 30th Which is the same time frame as a sale They are doing a 30-day money-back Guarantee on the goggles so they're Hoping that people will buy the goggles Because of the money back and skip the Vrx it kind of seems like that's a Convenient timing who knows if that's Actually related right I I mean I I a Certain type of person might say that With the implication that it was a Sleazy move but honestly the 30-day if I

Mean if you're mad and you wish Exactly right yeah yeah so so I feel Like I feel like uh voterites it's Pretty hard to make rotorite the bad guy Although a lot of people will probably Try to do that Interesting yeah Um okay uh moving on we're gonna be Talking about fet tech and the Fett Tech Alpha firmware next Uh and So so the first thing we have to address Plenty it's a little mini rant is that This firmware is really unfortunately Named because Bundy you told me that Fett Tech's Alpha firm where I was out And I was like oh it's in Alpha is it in Beta is it in release And you said yeah no I said it's in Release the fetec alpha is in the Release so that's the confusing part for Anybody who isn't aware the name of the Firmware is Alpha and it is now in firm For full release So for anybody who Thought it was an alpha release or Whatever it is not uh we can declare That and I thought that for a while too But now it's in full release I've Learned why would you name it why would You name your software that It's software Okay I I agree so the next thing I think We got to clear up uh and I apologize to All the people out there who like

Completely know the history of kiss and Fat Tech uh and for whom this is Redundant but I'm sure a lot of people Are kind of like me and don't There's the kiss firmware which came Originally from uh the kiss flight Controller and until recently the fetech Flight controller has run that code Right And they've been working on this Alpha Firmware behind closed doors which is Fett Tech's own Firmware that they wrote like from Scratch To be better correct and what we're Seeing now is that that code is released And is available for use with FedEx Flight controllers Yes the other thing we're seeing is that They now have a fedtech fc 1.7 and that 1.7 has a new gyro on it and that means That it's now shipping with this fedtech Alpha firmware so when you order it now You don't get kiss anymore with the 1.7 You'll get the fedtech alpha kiss is Actually not currently available Publicly for it even though they do Advertise it is flashable on the website You cannot currently Flash kiss they are Working on conversion to support the Gyro because because kiss doesn't Support the new gyro yet correct and my My understanding is it'll be about a Week or two before that should be

Available as long as nothing else goes Bad and then everybody should be able to Flash that through kiss configurator and All that jazz like you would expect but Currently you're going to order those And then like your previous static Flight controller it will ship on the Fedtech alpha firmware yeah so the I First oh so first we wanted to cover This just because it's a big deal that This new firmware for the fedtech uh Flight controller system has been a long Time coming uh yeah uh let's take a look At the GUI we got some screenshots here Let's see ESC configured no we don't Want to see that we want to see the Alpha configurator is this the actual oh This is actually it Well darn I don't think I have Alpha Firmware on my fedtech flight controller I do have one one in a quad but I don't Think I could plug it in and look at it So we'll just have to no we have to I See we can it's not I thought it was Like screenshots or something Um we could see all the cool features And stuff I guess we can't do it if you Checked our manual you can go through Their manual and they have some traps in There So presumably it uh you know flies Better and is easier to use yeah so main Main listed features Um on their website and stuff are uh

Stuff uh but now it's important we're Reconnecting we disconnected Sorry Okay we're back uh let's just pick up Where we we were talking about the Manual and the new features So it's basically got a lot of the Features you would expect from this Stuff but it's basically now been ported Over to their own firmware or I say Board is Rewritten you know they've Written it all in their own firmware Um so you've got Crossfire V3 ghost one Wire s2m a lot of the things you expect From a kiss firmware just now in that Fedtech Alpha firmware Um on their own deal Um and of course they've also got OLED Screen support on the G4 we talked about That previously we showed a teaser at That where you plug in that OLED screen And you can see the settings Nice nice so they just brought it all In-house Um yeah okay uh I uh I first found out about this when Someone emailed me annoyed that uh they Weren't able to to use kiss firmware on This flight controller and uh and and it Sounds like from what you're saying is That is true today but it's going to be Resolved in the next couple weeks when They release a version of the kiss Firmware that Sports this gyro

That is correct there's a private There's a private beta I believe you Maybe you can request access to but it's Definitely not like you can't just go Get it Um or you could do that on their Discord Um but it should be in the next week or Two available and it shouldn't be a Concern anymore it just wasn't ready for A release and kind of it seems like Their whole thing is now you know They're trying to transition to their Own in-house firmware as you would Expect they're trying to really it'll Just be passive support for kiss or at Least that seems to be the case yeah uh So uh anybody out there who bought a new This issue this guy's situation was he Has a bunch of fat Tech flight Controllers so first of all how did he Get them were they not all out of stock Anyway he has a bunch effects oh you Can't see Ultras that are out of stock Yeah oh my mistake I do know the Difference I just thought FedEx were Also out of stock Um uh and he just bought a new one and Then was annoyed that he couldn't use The kiss firmware on it and didn't want To switch all his other quads over to The new fedtech firmware uh and it was Like fat jack you screwed me and it Sounds like that is true as of today but Won't be true for much longer so

Um all right well glad we got that out Of the way Uh let's uh let's do another Super Chat Uh real quick as a doc uh first of all King pooper thank you for a 20 Super Chat insert super chat message here Thank you King poopra Dominique Camp Dell thank you for a 10 super chat jbi Was told from walk snail that they're Working with the express devs for the Vtx's internal receiver if that's true With this percent wage you to move more In the Avatar Direction Um I'm not aware that the walk snail VTX Has an internal receiver Um I think he I would guess he beans for Backpack right like for VTX backpack I Don't know I think he's talking about using the VTX As a receiver the same way the DJI air Unit also because it has the it has two Extra pins on the plug that where DJI Has s bus out and the walk cell doesn't Have it and the guess would be that it Has the capability to interface with the Receiver I heard a rumor That it would be possible to put an lrs Backpack inside the vrx And then binds to that backpack and pass Your control signals through the walk Snail digital link So that you were basically using the Watsonl VTX as a receiver for your

Express lrs or maybe it would work with Other receivers I'm not sure that sounds That sounds scary with the way the Latency works that sounds very scary Well it's all very variable latency on Your controlling I don't know how DJI Does it but they do it DJI does a Separate link DJI has a separate link to The radio maybe I'll do a separate link I would I would Agree that would make sense okay yeah I Was assuming this was about VTX Administrators he could change all your Stuff from your Lua script but uh yeah Either way I mean I don't think so the Vtx's internal receiver he says that's How it so the question is would the Question is if there was built-in Control link in uh walk snail and it was In somehow it was Express lrs would that And no because I don't currently use the DJI controller Um it would the advantage of it would be That it would let me use my own Controller instead of a third-party Controller or let's use any Express lrs Module but at the end of the day I'm not Going to pick my video link based on What control link I want to use I will Just use whatever control link I want to Use and put a receiver in the quad If walk snail somehow became compatible With Express lrs and I didn't need a Separate receiver that would be nice and

On my walk snail quads I wouldn't put a Separate receiver but I would just I Wouldn't convince me to put wax nail on More quads That's what I would say Um Uh Jekyll thank you for 249 Euros I'm Sure you've told me this before and I Forgot his name is pronounced like Jekyll but with an e in the middle Jekyll Jekyll okay Um all right plenty let's continue with Our next story remote ID As always everybody's over Remote ID and one of the things that Comes along with this is approval of Modules and stuff because everybody Knows we'll have remote modules that we Can install if our drones don't have Remote ID when we're required to at the End of next year and so the uh the FAA We've listed to uh or provided a list of The Approved modules just in case anybody is Interested in those But yeah so there are some improved Models so we kind of want to just walk You through what was available and let You know uh what's going on with that so The first product is the Drone tag mini That's the one that's been taking the Internet by storm Uh 300 Euros is that Euros that's Euros Right yeah zeros

300 Euros uh for the Drone tag mini and Is this like I see it's in Euros which Makes me think this is not made for the US market is this like approved by the FAA or whatever yes everything I'm Listing here is approved it's on that List with the first link is already Approved by the FAA that is correct Uh just has both it just does both God dang it When it's required for the US they Probably will start doing that uh this Will be a year before you start ordering Yeah I don't want one that's half the Size of a muesli bar okay I don't know What a muesli bar is I want it in like I Want it to be I need it measured in Football fields please Yeah so currently this is 32 grams and It's 2.1 inches by 1.3 inches by 0.6 Inches so if you click that compare size And gallery I think it shows you Uh okay oh whoops hang on let me fix This there we go This is an idea of what it'll be like And that's what you got to stick on your Drone somewhere to be able to fly with Remote for this module and again this is 300 I expect basically no one will pay 300 to comply to the law absolutely Um but it is worth letting me know about This someone like uh some professional Running a you know a big camera rig Might but no hobbyists will do this

All right correct so next up we've got Uh the next approval one which is the Blue Mark drone Beacon uh the Drone Beacon is a slightly larger Black Box Um and we'll we'll see the size Comparison in a second because so this One you can purchase on their website For 149 Euros currently this is again This is also approved uh it can be Purchased for 149 Euros Um they've also got another one that Currently is not approved but will be And it's much smaller oh that's smaller Than I thought So currently that one is uh if you Scroll down I think there's a Brand Number there Okay sorry where am I scrolling to 56 Grams and it's because it's got an Internal lipo Okay So there's another version of this I've Got if you click that link the zephyrsys Link Okay uh the zephyrus company seems to Produce the same module I worked with Them however it does not have the Battery again Uh double the price of the one on the Other website but it's 33 grams however The Helpful solution we can look at is The one above that link that db200 so The db200 is not approved currently and It seems like it is very similar

Hardware to the db100 or that big black Box however it does not have a GPS in it So it'll need you'll need to add a GPS And this is meant to work with RDU pilot So rdpilot can send it to GPS commands Oh However this is four grams without the GPS oh and how much is it Um currently let's see if they can you Can buy them yet Um I don't see a purchase link by me here It is by me Yeah 99 Euros so better Yeah bottom right there yeah I mean the Weight is Tolerable Uh and the price is if I didn't need a Separate one for every single one of my Drones the price would be okay But uh Uh not if I have to buy one for every Drone Yeah this is unfortunately where the Market is right now Um so that's what that's what we've seen So far these are all the early people I I gotta be honest I don't know what the Advantage of being early is in this Market because nobody can really use These at least in the US for a while Right I mean some of these are obviously Approved for Regions where it already is Active but um yeah I think a lot of

These are just unrealistic for pilots And most people will not be interested So yeah well worth reiterating no one in The United States needs to worry about This at all until September 2023. A year less than a year now because it's November but uh And then perhaps if you want to comply With the law you would need to have one Of these but things will change between Now and then for sure Um locrian I'm gonna I'm gonna take a Little aside here and address locrian's Uh locrian's comment because I've seen Other people saying this lockerian says Just 3D print a look alike and put a Blinking LED on it and I've seen other People say uh oh sir it fell off while I Was flying or I you know you put it in Your pocket listen guys it's It's not like If you get dinged for this The only way that someone is gonna know Whether you are complying with this is If they attempt to find your drone with An app and you're not broadcasting okay At that point if you have a dummy unit On your quad It doesn't matter no one is it's not Like you know your car where you know You might have a license plate and you Have like a fake license plate but at Least you're not like you have a fake a Dealer tag in your window and and at

Least you're not running around without Tags and maybe you'll a couple see it And won't CH won't run the plate and You'll slide past The only way you get caught is if Someone sees you flying they attempt to Look you up in an app and then they go Hey your your drone isn't Broadcasting And then hypothetically the FAA they Report you to the FAA they somehow find Out who you are And then they report you to the FAA and The FAA says why wasn't your drone Broadcasting at that point at no point In this transaction does it matter if You put a dummy unit on your drone I'm trying to think of a scenario where Having a dummy unit on your drone would Make a difference what if The FAA randomly shows up at your flying Field FAA here everybody pull out your drones Show me your remote ID modules And then you've got a dummy one on there But even then Number one After walking to each person they're Checking your numbers there's there's no Planet where they're going to walk in Just like hey everybody hold up your Drone all right bye okay Numbers they're going to check your ID They're going to check your paperwork They're going to see that you're flying

Under a license like all that's going to Happen if they're already there will That ever happen probably not I know One case where the FAA showed up at a Flight field and asked to see people's Whatever it was the card their their Card they're supposed to have whatever It was one time in the history of all of A rip model Aviation So it's happened once Anyway So all these things like how you're Going to fake out the law no one cares Until someone notices that you're not Broadcasting at which point the dumb Thing that you did to try to like fake Out the system doesn't matter you could Have if you buy a 300 fully functional Remote ID unit and you run down the Battery till it's dead and you stick it To the Drone and you go fly and it's not Broadcasting you're violating the rule Yeah technically all that matters is That you are complying with the law by With the rule by broadcasting or not Whether you have a dummy unit on there It doesn't it doesn't matter So either comply here's my point comply With the rule if you choose to get a Remote ID module and make sure it Functions before every flight otherwise You're not complying with the rule and You get in trouble or don't comply with The rule I don't care

I have no stake in this but then just Don't get one don't like think you're Helping yourself out by like putting a Fake one on there or saying oh I guess The battery was dead I didn't know You're not compli anyway okay enough of That rant little bonus rant Yeah one other thing we want to mention Real quick before we leave this topic is That last link there Um there has been an approval the first Approval we got a couple weeks ago Um for uh EV drones and the FAA has Consented the first drones to fly over People without a waiver so previously up To this point Um because right now nothing has remote ID legally right so there's no way to Fly operations over people legally Without a waiver however these have now Been approved to do that Um so yeah that's pretty neat uh Hopefully we'll see more of those Options in the future these are Basically thick swing drones however They still were not legally allowed Because they're a us to operate over People and now they have been approved To do that so very nice very nice Um Bardwell are you remote ID in your Quads when you fly in your garden no Because it's not September 2023 yet so I Don't have to and by then I hope to have My house be a Freya

Yes but you know that's aspirational Um Okay okay uh let's see here blunty next Up we got a cinematic of the week Yes we are known as Content ID claims of The week what do we got this time Also known as if you don't see this part In the video it was cut out for this a Reason right if you're watching this Later and suddenly it goes from now to Some later part and you don't see it we Had to cut it out for a copyright claim Yeah this is licensed music so we will Keep it muted okay uh Oh yeah this is pretty cool and I would Say skip to like about a minute 10 in Something like that uh so here's the Video base 3.0 in Norway and there's a Link to this down in the video Description absolutely go watch we're Going to show just a little clip of it To get you tempted and interested but These guys just have 6.2 K subscribers So let's go blow them up you know get Them get them a lot of views and uh Somewhere in there I'll full screen it We got a base jumper with a drone Uh bye-bye oh drone is catching up Oh now this drone is exactly the right Speed holy cripes oh that's that's close My friend Whoa Nice

Yeah I think these are some really fun Shots nice nice huh It's basically like some of the cool Landscape shots you get and there's also People flying you know what I mean it's Really neat this pilot is oh I've seen People doing this the base jumper hangs From the wingsuiter pilot Man oh Geez oh my God Oh wow he is really getting in there Really getting in there Like can you find information at some Point Ah that's closer than I've ever Seen a drone get to a wingsuit pilot Yeah so some great shots from Norway uh Cola fpv again we want to make sure we Shout him out wow that's insane also Everybody says don't forget to like the Video Joshua yes okay we'll we'll Definitely like I'm not subscribing I'm Not subscribing but I will like the Video and I'll give them a view I don't Subscribe to everybody Okay I'll keep You can subscribe if you want If you want if I just watched one of Your videos I'm not subscribing sorry Sorry Cola My subscription It's a great day and five and a half Minutes of a good way of sitting so yeah Okay I'm gonna go back and watch the Rest of it I'll tell you that

Um why is it that sometimes I'm the jerk And you're the one who's keeping it Positive And then sometimes you're the jerk and I'm the one who's keeping it positive It's can we not be consistent That's how this works where we slapped The good cop bad cop rolls so nobody Hates either one of us right I'm like I'm not subscribing and you're like it's A great video Bardwell please shut the [ __ ] up I'm like hey he's right I should Shut the [ __ ] up I would definitely yeah it would Definitely not work if we were both Negative I think no but we switch like What we never one of us at the bad cop And one is the good cop Yeah we kind of that's a good Dynamic That's just a pot we have a good dynamic Um alrighty uh let's uh let's take a Couple more Super chats and then we're Gonna do it's barely news and the rant Um Kitty Kobe thanks for a five dollar Super Chat I don't see any uh message From you so I will assume it's just a Donation when has blunty ever been the Jerk oh D oh you don't don't watch Enough news well earlier in the chat People thought it was a jerk because I Yelled about the poll yeah you yelled You hate analog pilots and think they Don't matter it's what I remember

You said you don't matter you're not Relevant yeah one of my biggest pet Peeves is when people make a comment That has no relation to the thing we're Talking about like when you like we'll I'll post a video on the live stream Clips or somewhere like or back when I Used to have comments on my own channel And then it's like did you you didn't Watch this at all you didn't watch this At all you guys don't may not know this But blunty has turned off comments on His whole YouTube channel because he's That annoyed at the [ __ ] you all say Yeah some of you that's very true it's All engagement plenty it's all Engagement is good engagement except Elon Musk is about to learn there are Some rooms of bad engagement yeah I Agree to disagree that's fair yeah Um uh Timbo Slice thanks for a 10 super Chat I'm gonna buy a smelly smell vrx Smelly snail vrx kit put it on my DJI Goggles just a troll I mean you can do That but the DJI goggles don't have HDMI Input so you won't actually be able to Use it but that's going to be funny And I am Destructo man thanks for a 10 Super chat what happens when someone Uses a SDR to spoof hundreds of drones Flying 100 miles an hour directly down Main Street with the operator being Located in the local PD Um I mean that's acute hypothetical I

Have heard of people talking about Making uh because obviously it's just Bluetooth or whatever you can broadcast Whatever you want uh and in fact it Actually I don't think it would actually Be a violation of any law or regulation To broadcast Fake remote ID information I think There's got to be some spoofing thing Right like I don't know maybe not is There I bet there's I bet because it's a Digital it's like digital information And there's some BS so they maybe could Get you on by like having fake digital Information or something I don't know But here's the thing there's no way They'll know it was you that's the Difference here right yeah I'm not Convinced so I know I think this is a Really interesting question Um jamming intentionally jamming is Illegal that's illegal uh well it's an FCC regulation whether it's illegal or a Violation of a regulation it's Prohibited by the government to Intentionally Jam Transmissions but There's this fine line where let's say I Hate my neighbor and I'd want them to Have bad Wi-Fi so I intentionally put my Wi-Fi network on the same channel as Them and then I just start downloading a Bunch of [ __ ] 24 7 so they just have bad Throughput That's not illegal

I am I am interfering in a sense with Their use but it's it's public Spectrum Everybody has to share it my opinion Would be that the difference is you're Not providing fake information So the difference is that my my uh my I Don't know where the rules are but my Guess is that the rule is when you bring In fake information and you're spoofing Fake info then that becomes different And and maybe not but I would get this Yeah um if it's not then this this will Never work like what if what if I say I Mean there's this there's this vague Line of plausible deniability where in Order to criminalize something Uh or make a regulation against it you Have to be over this line of plausible Deniability and sometimes people take That too far and they think that any Modicum of plausible deniability means They're off the hook and that's [ __ ] The law will just come get you but There's a place where you're on the Other side of this plausible deniability Line and they're like well we know what You're doing but we can't get you for it Like you could say I am working on my Own remote ID uh system that tracks Remote ID uh database it builds a remote ID database and so in order to test the System I need to generate fake remote ID Information So that I can test it and uh I need to

Do it out in the field I can't just do It in my house I have to test it in the Field so I'm doing it on Main Street I Don't I don't know I'm not convinced That they thought of this and made it Illegal and I'm not sure how you would Write the law to make it illegal If I don't know yeah I think it would be A civil penalty right like like Absolutely yeah but yeah I don't know For sure maybe I'll look into that yeah Anyway yeah well sure sure Um yeah I mean it'll be relevant very soon so Yes it will and someone's gonna do it Like I guarantee it it's not hard to do A bunch of people We looked at like sometime like I think Eight months ago a year ago we looked at A program that was dji's drone ID in a Very similar way it just broadcasts Drone ID and then anybody who's looking For DJI drones on an aeroscope will pick Up the throwy and you can just stick it In a plant pot somewhere you know and It'll just broadcast for as long as the Battery lasts you know and I could Certainly see that being the case for People in the future you know you uh go Somewhere that's not on camera you drop A bunch of throwies around and suddenly You know there's a bunch of drones on on The list so yeah it'll be interesting to See how this all works out and I don't

Think the fa even knows and I'll just Match it again as we said before it's Not really the faa's prerogative to know If they're Progressive to do it as they Were directed by Congress so yep the FAA May not even give a [ __ ] exactly there's A perspective from which the FAA has Mandated to do this by Congress and on Some level the FAA may not like want to Do it as aggressively as we imagine they Do On some I mean they they're going to do It and they're gonna some people are Gonna get prosecuted it's gonna happen But on some level if we imagine the FAA Is like ah screw the RC people the lab Will kill them and then some of them are Like okay Congress fine we'll do it Yeah I mean it's it takes money to pay People to do stuff so the FAA doesn't Want to spend that money unless it can You know yeah okay a good question Destructive man that's our super chats We'll check back on the super chats Before the end of the stream but we're Going to go into it's barely news uh Black jungle is happy you know what a Throwy is Yeah Um it's barely news oh wait this is the One title no because my titles aren't Working oh there we go yeah it's the Freaking the animations aren't working Though I don't know why but that way we

Got a title for this one the first one Is mounting a Nevada on a cine lifter The what the heck a lot of people are uh Waiting for the O3 air unit and Wondering when that's going to come okay And so uh Luke Maximo Bell who we're Looking at right now uh has taken Matters into his own hands and he's not Interested in waiting so he took apart In Nevada and put it on a cinelefter oh He didn't literally mount a Nevada he Took the air unit out of a Nevada Correct yeah he goes through all that You know he kind of teases at the Beginning but then he shows all the Breakdown process and how he does it and Uh yeah he gets basically the shell and The air unit part on to the center with Her and then get some shots with the Center lifter it's a pretty cool project Pretty neat idea and a lot of people are Uh a lot of people are antsy for the O3 So this is another way to uh to get Similar kind of video probably yeah I Mean we assumed that it's basically the Same video oh no battery communication Error I wonder why no GPS module I Wonder why critical low battery I wonder Why Yeah all this stuff it's still working Though isn't it it still works it does Work it just doesn't do all the feature Stuff but it definitely works slick Slick

Uh well you did it met Luke you were the First as far as I know to do this uh I Hope it was worth it and uh very cool Next up a mavic mini flew above Mount Everest Okay And it's barely news we're just tossing The story in to let you know that uh They think this is the highest uh They've seen a drone fly as far as like A commercially purchased drone Um and yeah flew at the top of Everest Uh above the peak so it's kind of neat That they got a Maverick three to five That way they had to do some Customization to get it to fly up there Sure some securing of the batteries and Heating and a lot of different things They had to do but um kind of neat and DJI has been advertising that so we want To let you know that they did that with The mavic 3. so that's pretty cool this Still went to I don't think he I don't Think he summited though Yeah right next up this is going to get Us a copyright right here this is the Major League Baseball footage we're not Going to show this footage I don't want To copyright [ __ ] in fact it's Probably safe yet ever since I froze the Footage why don't we just talk about This one and there's a link in the video Description what happened plenty I'll Try and scroll to uh

So as we would expect Um has happened and it continues to Still happen Uh more drones are flying on the fields At uh games and this one was at a Baseball game oh a drone oh the game is Being there it is there's the Dr so this Is how I'm gonna get around copyright There's that drone oh hey don't point That thing at me uh looks like a mavic To me I don't know I think it's a Phantom Oh what is it can we even tell what that Is Yeah Maverick mini it looks like to me I Would say Cool thank you dip [ __ ] baseball games I Think this is gonna keep happening we Probably won't tell you about every one Of them but uh we've had a series of Them in the last few months here so uh Yeah I don't know why it keeps happening But it definitely does keep happening Will continue to do this it's the same Reason you turned off comments on your YouTube channel It's very true yes [ __ ] we gotta freaking interrupted Baseball game look 50 000 people are Here and they're all having a good time Let me [ __ ] it up In almost opposite news some great news For drones or what I would call great News uh we've talked before about lost

Dogs SAR in the UK stock drone news We do Um in the fact that they've rescued so Many dogs at this point from Lost Dogs SAR that they've given an award out to Grant Burton who um heads up their own SAR and who started the search and Rescue group so they're five years in They've rescued a ton of dogs Um and yeah they've got uh 2 7 100 dogs So far reunited uh 3 000 active drone Pilots and 2500 ground Searchers doing These rescue attempts wow that's great So pretty cool stuff yeah see this guy's Not a [ __ ] Yeah got one more drones piloting Proficiency takes flight with Certification course oh boy another Certification plenty well so we've Previously talked about Um police knowing or not knowing about Drones I think this is interesting Because this is an example of active uh Teaching that's happening to drone uh Just to police so this happened in Maryland this time but they've done ones In different places but they're Basically giving a nist uh test nist is A National Institute of Standards and Technology it's basically a big uh you Know like if you're HVAC you calibrate All your instruments there Um it's like basically has a bunch of Standards and things and they develop

Standards for different groups they have The standard for teaching about drones And drone safety and how drones work and Stuff and uh search and rescue with Drones and so they've developed this Program that they're now teaching Um basically Proctors who are coming From uh individual precincts and then Those Proctors are going back and Teaching all the people locally about How to properly use the drones and what The laws are and how to take care of Them and all those kind of things so It's kind of neat that they're getting Some kind of hands-on experience with Drones in a safe City situations and They can learn more about them so the Police aren't as confused I'm trying to figure out what these Buckets are their buckets have visual Cues in them so yeah so they're far away You are when the buckets align Yeah so there's different tests that They try to do Um to try to get you like an idea of how To move the Drone like Um you know like in specific directions And and scenarios so if you have to Navigate through windows or obstacles or Around things Um you have better control Sting this is fascinating that's really Fascinating I'm always interested in Training people to become drone

Operators drone pilots and seeing Someone taking it you know I'm just like I don't know here's the controller let's Do some [ __ ] but seeing someone take This kind of a structured approach is Actually really fascinating Um that is oh no there's one more what Is there one one more here go ahead Um so one more we've talked we've kind Of stopped talking about all the Drone Light shows because there's been so many But one we wanted to bring to your Attention is the company has done Um you know they did The Burning Man Shows last year in this year and we even Talked about them when they did that Show in Germany where the drums fell out Of the sky and they blamed it on other Drones but now they have another show Where they're doing uh different Displays at uh buildings and you can see From these different pictures Monuments yeah they're going to Monuments and using drones to finish you Know the what it used to look like sort Of and kind of give a cool art Presentation for people uh so yeah kind Of neat idea I've never seen really Never seen that before that's very cool That's really cool Yeah that's really cool like augmented Reality but you know nice nicer and some You don't have to wear a helmet VR Helmet very cool

Um alrighty uh we got another Super Chat Coming in as long as those super chats Are coming in uh we'll keep reading them Um voltronics wants to know will people Need an FCC license for remote ID plenty I would assume that all those remote ID Modules are part 15 certified and you Would not need any although you'll You'll need one for your video Transmitter but no they're all part 15 Right Yeah I would assume so I think there's Exceptions for Bluetooth in there too Like you don't have to have one to use a Phone and like you know what I mean that Sort of thing so I think because it's All already registered so yeah so these I mean we could search I guess some of These are only in Europe at this time But we could search eventually the FCC Database and confirm that they're part 15 certified Super Deluxe asks how hard Is it to get a free uh asking for a Friend Super Deluxe we don't know yet But um there are some hopeful signs that It may not be as hard as we had once Feared and I guarantee you as soon as The good folks over at the fpv freedom Coalition give me a green light I'm Going to document the process of Attempting to get my home declared as a Freya and if there's you know if it's Successful great and if not we'll learn About the pitfalls and the procedures

Um we haven't that green light has not Been given is it time yet plenty yeah The guidelines the guidelines came out For all the stuff but uh they it doesn't Specifically tell you you what they will Deny for so it's not like free is can be Used for X Y and Z it just says here's The thing you can't use them for here's Some of the things you might use them For there's not just there's not a set Of specific guidelines so it seems like It'll be discretionary but the hope is That because there's not specific Guidelines as long as you don't violate Any rules they'll just accept them and That is the hope they do talk about that The demo free is too close together So that'll be interesting to see how Close they mean by it together Um But but we'll see how that goes okay Um uh Super Deluxe I would say that as Long as you're in class G airspace uh Dave Messina's answer to me was if You're in class G airspace it seems like The odds might be pretty good if you're Not in class G airspace then perhaps it Might be more difficult yeah and I'll Just say that that's because you need to Work with a CBO so that you can get a Fixed site located at that spot and that Is harder to get and then if you get a Fixed site that allows the airspace Authorization and then you apply for a

Freya on the fixed site it's okay okay Great uh time for the rant Why are we ranting about free Sky again After all free Sky we've ranted about Them in the past why are we ranting About them today Well Um a couple reasons namely because They've released a new series of radios The twin X light Um and the uh Tandem and both the twin X Light and the tandem are advertised with Express lrs compatibility Their expression RS capable I believe is The way the the website says it and so For a little while we were like what Does that mean right yeah Uh and I was like I'm sure I'm sure free Sky getting Involved with an open source system I'm Sure they're going to find a way to Screw this up that was one of my Responses Um and so we didn't really hear Too Much From that we didn't know that they were Not talking to the developers Um however we did get a Facebook post by A free Sky representative or at least it Seems to be that way a free Sky sales Rep I believe is this guy Um Steve here and Steve posted to the Festivals group talking about the new Radio some of the new features it would Have one of the things we talked to you

About the week I think a couple weeks Ago was that SOS the the free Sky Operating system will support Crossfire Crsf so that means you can use espresso Arrest or crsf on the external module Slot so that's good he mentions that but One of the other things he mentions here In that fourth paragraph there is just That Um I think it's there let's see a little Farther Ethos and its colorful touch screen will Keep showing up over and over again Crowded like the Friday the 13th movies It says you will be seeing these radios Rolling out for the next decade so he Says instead of 900 megahertz it uses a Laura module at 2.4 gigahertz and its Own in-house protocol along with Express Lrs 2.3 It was Yeah so basically he said it would be Expressless 2.3 um so that was our first Inkling of like hey this will ship with Express lrs on it right does he know That Express lowest 3.0 is out like why Would you ship a radio with Express laws 2.3 on it I think he's getting information from Somewhere 251 if you'd like 202.x Um but down you know uh in the next Comments I basically highlighted here You know we get a response from Wes

Um who's a developer and he says you Know hey you haven't been talking to us And stuff Um and then Jai also comments in the Next comment there that's that says hey You haven't been working with us Um and really I would just say comments Josh so you've come to tell us about Your Express alerts product that free Sky didn't work with the devs on that Runs an outdated version of Express Lures and has no upgrade pathway have You been paying attention It's cute yeah and then he says tibiotos No oh well at least he's honest yeah Um pretty out of touch responses here You guys can read these definitely if You'd like to um we just want to go Through these but I do I post it again So his original post has Express lawyers 2.3 however the next block clear is the Edit so he made an edit and his edit Says Um and Senator and I heard about your Hearts it uses a lower box with two 400 Gigahertz in its own in-house protocol It will not have the lrs on the radio What comes shift will be the TW protocol That is the in-house Laura 2.4 gigahertz Firmware sorry to scare anybody no elrs Okay so we got that response it's pretty It's not like he misspoke like if he Just said oh yeah it's going to have Express lrs and they was like oh sorry

My bad it doesn't he said espresso list Two five three yeah 2.3 he gives a Number I would absolutely any talk to people in The comments about it and what it would Be and stuff and then he was like you Know what I screwed up we have our own In-house Yeah it's not express sellers that we Developed it in-house okay that's and Then let's look at the next comment Because we get another wrench from the Works here and I'm gonna and this is Where I start to suspect that Steve Doesn't know what he's talking about oh So the second paragraph here to be Accurate tandem will work that's the Bigger radio tandem will work with ERS 3.0 with the most current update Twin x-lite will have its own in-house TW for where that's their firmware which Will most likely work on 24 channels Somehow there is elrs integration it Appears to not be in the transmitter I Don't know if someone can Flash the Transmitter module with some flavor of Elrs hmm So some kind of elrs integration but I Don't know what it is like for example We took the elrs source code and then we Uh called it our own in-house protocol And uh now I'm embarrassed that I almost Told you that we did that maybe Yeah it was definitely confusing that's

What I'm gonna I don't um I don't think He knows what he's talking about that's I'm sorry but after however many Comments he's had five days of back and Forth comments with people we've linked The thread you're welcome to go read That in the show notes Um it's just very confusing I don't Think he he really knows what he's Talking about you know and now again he Says hence no ERS comes shipped on the Radio hence no violation no forking free Sky is not hacking the code nor Modifying the code anywhere but I don't Know that I can believe that because of The other information he's provided we Don't know that he knows that for sure Yeah uh I mean here's the question like Where would Steve have known that elrs Is a thing Steve doesn't seem like an engineer he Seems like a sales guy or maybe Marketing although he said he was in the Group but he hasn't really interacted With the URLs but he'll all right so but He wanted to come in and interact with People because there was interest and I Think that was because they put up a Website where they said URS capable on The radio so everybody here at some Point there was a plan to include alrs Free sky has the van Tac elrs module Right that's just a plain old lrs module So it seems like then if we believe

Steve that plan changed and now they're Going with their in-house protocol Interestingly we I don't think we can Ever like free Sky developed R9 on their Own R9 exists it would be trivial to Adapt R9 from 900 megahertz to 2.4 Gigahertz and then to extend it so if Freeze guy says we made our own protocol It's 2.4 gigahertz low Raw We may wonder if underneath the hood It's based on Express lrs but we'll Never know and it's plausible that they Developed their own That's completely plausible The things we'll look for is does it Bind with expresso risk when we get it Right that's obviously a red flag sure There's code in there that's doing that And then the other thing we'll just say Is like we don't know what's going to Happen if they release the in-house Build and they don't publicize the code It's a GPL violation right and we're Obviously that's not okay if they don't Release it on the radio if it contains Express lrs well that's what I mean if They if they put it on the radio if they Put 2.3 on the radio or three on the Radio or whatever they say and they Don't publish that code that would be an Accessible or GPL violation one thing to Consider here is he was talking about it Being dual and broadcasting espresso RS And not at the same time and if that's

The case and that code is intertwined They may not be able to show us their Code because it's private code and if They've answered it won't open source it Is a private code then they won't want To do that and uh so we may Even though it will be a GPO violation Either way if they don't through the Code and they have Express RS in there I Just want to point out that like they Will have a business reason not just a Spite reason not to share the code yeah Yeah this uh this whole conversation I I Made a comment where I was like this Whole conversation shows how at free sky Is still just out of touch with what and I said I said what fpv pilots want and There were some at Phoenix pilots who Are also fans of free skywards like you Don't speak for us fair enough but I Think the overall response in this Espresso arrest group at least was Extremely negative and critical and uh Just bringing out a laundry list of Things free sky has done in the past That led to people abandoning them and Uh Steve's responses were basically Steve's response was basically what you Don't like it you know a lot of other People really love these radios It's like okay I that you haven't actually engaged with What what I said uh was what is I'm just Gonna say sounds like it sounds like a

Lot like what a salesperson would say Yeah you know but a good salesperson I Insa was walking through Costco and There's this giant display of hot tubs At in Costco you could buy hot tub in Costco of course you can and she's Always wanted a hot tub in our yard this Is relevant hold on I'll get there and The lady says oh you're looking at the Hot tubs and she's like yeah I am but They're too expensive you know and the Lady's like this just like gives her a Brochure and she's like yeah I know They're super expensive you know we have A couple cheaper ones here take the Brochure yeah it's cool and I was like That's a good salesperson because she She didn't piss you off or make you mad And she got the brochure in your hand And now me and Essa are looking at Hot Tubs over the over the dining room table And we're not going to buy a hot tub but I was like a good salesperson doesn't Piss off their Prospect they don't argue With them they sell them and Steve Didn't do any of that I I agree I think it is different in a Public fashion with a bunch of people Like like he's it's him he feels like it Or seems like he feels like it's him Versus everyone he's being very Defensive and telling you about how Everybody else likes it that's not Present and things like that

Um yeah I don't know it's very odd I've Said this before with other companies I'll say this again with free Sky put a PR person there not a sales rep this Doesn't seem that difficult Um yeah I'm guessing that nobody from Free sky is aware of this happening or Doesn't care but either way it looks Horrible for the company to me it looks Horrible and I already didn't like him Because of ACS TV2 and access and all The other problems that they've had over The years this is just compounding onto That and being more dumb stupid stuff That uh never mind that even super Disparaging he was like some radios are Trailing Edge technology cobbled Together from 16-bit Origins you mean The open source project that you know All like practically all radios used by Fpv pilots are based on you talking About that Cobble together the open source project That free Skies own radios were largely Based on for years and years and years That one trailing it anyway Um go check out that thread it's a real Hootna holler uh which includes Pavel Spakowski coming out of the woodwork to Say don't name drop me please don't get Me involved in this and telling Steve Off and uh other fun things and I'll Just saying as well if you're in that Ina Wing group there's a might have Wing

Group and it is run by free Sky admins Pavel just left that group so just just So you're aware uh that is a not a INF Run group so okay alrighty well that's The rant for today and that's going to Bring us to the end of the stream I Guess we should do our plugs while People don't go yet let's do our plugs Blunty Um we'll start with we'll start with me Today yeah fpvnote.com your ultimate fpv Shopping list if people are looking for Products and they often are trying to Figure out what to buy you've spent the Time and spent at other people's time You've got other people to get in there And give you information about products That people might want to get Um and so yeah if you're looking for Something to find and you and you want To pick something up you can check out Different pages like the look page I Believe we're looking at right now That's right uh and if you like to get To know blunty better go to it's Blunty.com and sign up for a one-on-one Call with him you can help you fix your Quad you could get on Zoom with you and Uh you could just talk to them about you Know his beard grooming tips and other Things of Russian fishing simulator you Name it blunty will get on the phone and Talk to you how do you like your pitch He also has a patreon if he's helped you

Out uh and uh that's that's good Um yeah let's see we've got the Joshua Bardwell Clips Channel which I uh I run And make clips from all your live Streams and this live stream that we're Doing right now and then I put those up For people so they can check out what we Talked about if they don't get a chance To catch it or if they want to catch it Again if they want to check out a little Clip for some information and the last Clip we put up was about some dummy Loads you talked about dummy loads That's kind of interesting yeah all the Highlights from my live streams and uh If you don't get to see the whole live Stream or if you're looking for just the Highlights love to have you a subscriber Over there we have 6.3 K subscribers so Let's keep that number going up up up up Up uh that is our plugables all right Great and thank you to I'm Destructor Man for twenty dollars for my for my hot Tub we're not getting a hot tub don't Tell my wife we're getting a hot tub Um that's gonna do it people should stop Hating for no reason Who are we hating for no reason I don't Think we hate anybody for no reason Is it free Sky we I'm dying to know I've Always got reason Uh yeah I know Gee let's see here I'm dying Beef one four

Th guy had no contact with our steps was Long-time communication no sorry sorry I'm glad I looked Uh blunty for b14 CKY says blunty free Sky had no contact wheeler it's Debs Wes Long time communication with free Sky by Lrs devs spot the era no Wesley vardy is Correcting you but I will also set the Record straight Free Sky worked with the devs on the Vantech module And then that's the long-term contact Then this new radio com is supposed to Come out with Express alerts in it and Free Sky ghosted them and the devs like Not only like they didn't just DM Somebody there is a free sky chat with Developers in it that are meant for Free Sky to use to help them with Express lrs and they did that with Vantac and then they went radio silent And did not do that with this new Product yeah and then he says well no One can definitely say that Express is On the radio well you're right except Free Sky said that Express lrs was in The radio and now this this Steve guy is Saying it's not but it's not like we've Made that up out of thin air free Sky Said Express lrs was in the radio Yeah that's it so yep all right that's Going to do it for tonight thank you Guys for coming out we'll see you next Week with more fpv news blunty a

Pleasure as always Yeah it's a good time take it easy guys And have a great Tuesday night