Walksnail Whoop vTX even lighter! Is it enough? // AVATAR MINI LITE VTX REVIEW

By | January 3, 2023

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00:00:00 – The biggest down-side of digital video systems
00:01:40 – Walksnail's vTX for 1S micro quads!
00:02:16 – Barebones camera saves additional weight
00:03:05 – USB plug is different between large and small vTX
00:03:37 – Why does mine have a heat spreader?
00:03:51 – Weight comparison
00:05:13 – Linear whip antenna vs. Circular Polarized

https://youtu.be/b4XouZOUBRg – How did I know that 3 dB = 1.4x range?

00:07:31 – Walksnail stock antennas are bad! Replace them if you can!
00:08:23 – Camera FOV comparison
00:10:37 – Specs and features

https://youtu.be/IgLeACodBk4 – My original review of the (not “lite”) 1S vTX
https://youtu.be/1wP-yblVyn4 – How does the weight of this vTX affect how the micro quad flies?

One of the biggest downsides of flying Digital fpv systems like this goggle From walk snail or fat shark depending On who you bought it from one of the Biggest downsides is that the video Transmitters are so big heavy and power Hungry that they're very very difficult To fit into smaller quadcopters my Opinion is that you can get down to About three inch prop size or 95 Millimeters with something like this Naked catax Vista it's just a catex Vista that's had all the heatsinks Removed to save weight and still get Pretty good flight performance but when You get down to something like this two Inch flywoo baby Nano 2s you make a lot Of compromises at this point all the Pilots flying HD zero are laughing at me Because this is a 65 millimeter tiny Whoop which has the HD zero whoop light Bundle in it which is an ultra Lightweight HD zero video transmitter And Camera combination that does get Light enough to go all the way down to 65 millimeters and still fly pretty well And then anything larger it you just Barely even notice the additional weight But not everybody flies hd0 enter the Walk snail Avatar 1s mini video Transmitter this is a quadcopter that I Put it in hold on let me show it to you In the Box this video transmitter and Camera are significantly lighter than

The original walk snail video Transmitter but they don't quite get Down to the weight of the HD zero whoop Bundle and that brings us to the product We're going to be looking at today the Avatar HD Mini 1s light kit which is an Even smaller and lighter version of the Avatar video transmitter I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're going to learn Something today here we've got the 1s VTX on the top and the new light 1s VTX On the bottom and you can immediately See a few of the differences between Them both of them have the same 25 Millimeter spacing on their mounting Holes so they're going to mount in the Same frames in exactly the same way but The original VTX was 33 ish millimeters Square whereas the new light VTX is just A little bit smaller at a flat 30 Millimeters exactly and that means it's Going to hang out a little bit less over The mounting holes and just be a little Bit easier to work with but mostly it Saves weight additional weight savings Come from modifications to the camera The light VTX has a smaller case some People have suggested that it's exactly The same camera sensor and lens just in A smaller lighter case we're going to Take a look at the footage from these Two a little later in the video and see If that seems to be true the changes to The camera's case do mean that the light

Camera doesn't have standard 14 Millimeter mounting holes you're going To need to mount it in like a whoop Sized canopy and typically they hold the Lens of the camera to mount so that's Probably not going to be too much of an Issue but if you do have a canopy that Requires those mounting holes you're Going to need to get creative with how It's held in there the wire harness on The light VTX comes from the factory Direct soldered instead of using a plug Like the previous version did this again Is in the name of weight saving the walk Style VTX comes with a USB plug that Plugs into the video transmitter for Offloading footage they have an onboard DVR they can record footage in flight And for firmware updates the plug is not The same between these two versions of The VTX the plug on the new light VTX is Smaller and is a different size than the Plug on the full-size VTX and the Previous one is VTX the it does come With a plug but you will need to keep Two plugs if you've got multiple Different vtxs with different sizes on Them I'm not sure how to explain this But I've heard some people say that They're shipping this video transmitter With this heat spreader removed to save Just a little bit more weight mine came Directly from walk snail and has the Heat spreader on so I'm not sure what to

Make that now let's take a look at the Weight of these video transmitters and As we do bear in mind that the sort of Baseline for reference should probably Be the HD 0 bundle which comes in at Just about six grams for the video Transmitter and the camera not counting The antenna and I'll tell you why I'm Not counting the antenna in just a Second so the original 1s walk snail VTX Came in at 10.2 grams this new one is 9.5 grams so we're saving just a little Bit less than a gram which is Not nothing But not a massive amount and compared to The walk snow VTX a difference of 6 Grams to 9.5 grams or 10 grams is pretty Substantial bear in mind that just three Or four grams really adds up when you're Dealing with quadcopters that themselves May only be 25 or 30 grams that's like 10 of the quadcopter's total weight Here's the reason I didn't weigh the Antennas because the standard antenna That comes with the 1s walk snail VTX Comes in at 1.6 grams whereas the little Micro antenna that comes with the light VTX is a full gram lighter and that's That's a big part of the difference in Weight between them when you hear this Guy being advertised they're going to Tell you it's a difference of 10 grams Versus 12 grams and they're going to say they

Saved 2 grams they really didn't you Could always get one of these little Whip antennas and put it on your walks Now video transmitter if you wanted to Save weight There's some reasons why you might not Want to do that though and the reason Comes down to this L that's imprinted on This antenna that came with the Firefly 2s baby Nano that l means this antenna Is left hand circular polarized and what You need to know about polarization is That polarization works best when the Antenna on the transmitter and the Antenna on the receiver is matched the Antennas that you've got on your goggles Are also left hand circular polarized Antennas this antenna however is linear Polarized and that means that there is Going to be a small amount of loss Whenever it is used with a circular Polarized antenna even in like the best Case and that amount of loss is Nominally about 3 DB which equates to a Difference in range of about 1.4 times In other words you could expect to get About 1.4 times more range with a Circular antenna than with this little Whip antenna this linear antenna if you Want to know how I derived that 1.4 X Ratio I've got a whole video about the Difference between DB ratios and how to Calculate how much more or less range You're going to get based on different

Transmit power or different uh different DB ratios I'll put a link to that down In the video description it's a little Bit it's a little it's got a little bit Of math but it really explains the Concepts in a way that helps you Understand just how much worse your Range is going to be with a different Antenna like this the reality is that That 1.4 X is only under sort of Ideal Lab conditions and in the real world you May get more and you may get less range When going to this antenna it just is Going to depend on Too Many Factors to Sort of sum up but in general I think You're going to see less range less Range with this antenna than with a Proper circular polarized one if only Because the circular polarized ones tend To be a little bit better made but They're heavier I should also say that No matter which antenna you end up using It should not be this antenna that comes With the walk snail video transmitter The walk snail antennas are Really bad that's not just my sort of Subjective opinion uh Alex grieve the Owner of video aerial systems who Designs and manufactures antennas put Them on his little testing machine and He also said they were just really Really bad so you absolutely will get Better range if you swap this out for Some aftermarket antenna in fact this

Antenna is really just a length of wire There's kind of less to screw up with This little antenna than there is with This one you might actually get better Range with this little whip antenna just Because this one is so freaking bad but You're gonna get better range with a Properly made circular polarized antenna And left hand circular it's got to be Left hand because that's probably what's On your goggles next we're going to take A look at the footage from the cameras And we're gonna see if the smaller Camera is really exactly the same as the Larger one just in a smaller case but Before we do that if you decide at the End of this video that you want to pick This video transmitter up uh there are Links down in the video description Below this video and they are affiliate Links it's one of the easiest ways that You can support the channel is to go Down there and click that affiliate link And then make any purchase at the Affiliated vendor when you could buy This you could buy anything just before You do your shopping heck you can Bookmark one of my affiliate links if You really felt like it click that Affiliate link do your shopping check Out I get a little commission doesn't Cost you anything it's a very very easy Way for you to support the channel and It really it's a small amount but it

Does add you you know how much you spend On the hobby So uh yeah links down below onto the Video well okay here's the footage from The original 1s mini video transmitter That is the sort of camera in the case Not the sort of nakedized camera that Comes with the light video transmitter I Placed the cameras in the exact same Spot on the bench exact same distance From the wall angled them and aligned Them as carefully as I can and let's Compare and here is the light camera uh It's a little hard to tell because the Light camera I I confess it's just a Little bit rolled to the side but it Looks to me like the light camera has Just a little bit wider field of view Not by much uh just a little bit wider Field of view than the original 1s Camera the fisheye seems about the same The overall color and image quality Seems about the same my guess is that When they designed that sort of naked Camera maybe the focal distance between The lens and the sensor change just a Little bit I don't know but overall they Seem very very comparable and for for Additional comparison here is the larger Walk snail camera it's a little bit of An unfair comparison because this is Mounted in a quadcopter so I couldn't Quite get it down touching the table Like I could with the other two cameras

But uh one thing that stands out is that The larger camera seems to have an even Wider field of view uh which I was not Expecting but there you go as far as Capabilities go the new light video Transmitter has the same capabilities Exactly the same capabilities as the Original 1s video transmitter same Specifications save features and same Performance so rather than dive deep Into that I'm going to refer you to the Video where I put the 1s video Transmitter in this quadcopter that was My sort of full review of the 1s video Transmitter and we talked about it there I kind of don't want to just reinvent The wheel there you also might be Wondering how the weight of the video Transmitter affects the way the Quadcopter flies and I'm going to refer You to a video where I bought four of This Firefly like Nano baby one with hd0 One with walk snail one with DJI and one With analog all at different weight Classes it was in fact the mini video Transmitter although it doesn't appear To have the light camera so maybe it's Like a half a gram heavier but I'm gonna Put cards on screen for you and links Down in the video description if you Want to check out those videos I'll see You there