What are some of the features in the new Mavic models?

By | October 18, 2022

Today's show is regarding the newly launched models of Mavic 3, the Mavic 3 Enterprise and the Mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal, and what features they have to offer and if they are worth the cost. Our question for the show is from Tom, who would like to know the differences in these models and if it's worth purchasing one and what missions can be flown using the Mavic models.

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02:08 Today's question on the Mavic 3 and our thoughts on this new drone
02:18 The differences between the Mavic 3 Enterprise and the Mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal
03:20 Does the Mavic 3 come with a mechanical shutter and can a Mavic 3 be used for mapping?
05:30 Are the additional features on the M3 ET worth it?
08:33 What does the future hold for the Mavic series of drones?
12:44 Final word on what potential the Mavic models hold for pilots
13:44 Rob and Paul continue the podcast with a discussion on Electric cars

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone thanks again for joining us As always my name is Paul my name is Rob Thank you for joining us for a few Minutes out of your day we really Appreciate it and uh talk a little Equipment today and uh it's always fun You know it's also fun to be proven Right over a long period of time so do Tell uh well you know this show is all About the mavic 3 Enterprise And I think that there are going to be Some very interesting kind of Bombshells That come out of this uh we might have Just found a hack to have a mapping Drone for around the price of a phantom But we're gonna have to see and we're Gonna have to do some further testing But to clarify are we talking just the Mavic 3 or the mavic 3 Enterprise the Mavic 3. okay yeah so this is gonna be a Fun show so why don't we go ahead and Get right into that question don't Forget if you want access to 40 classes To help you turn your passion into Profit you want to fly but you also want To be good at flying you want to know The right skill skills to pay the bills

And you want to have different well Drone jobs that you can go after there Is not a bigger library of practical use Cases to use your drone and make money Just go to the droneu.com and become a Member and also check out our new Wedding course check out our business Course and thank you to all the members Who joined this last month it was one of Our biggest months in a long time We appreciate it and we've got a lot of New course content coming for you one of Those courses by the way is our new Cinewup course and we're going to have Uh we've got don't crash courses on the Mavic 3 series coming up but I gotta say Rob you know it pays to research and Research shows that there might be more Value in this mavic 3. although I really Can't stand flying this damn thing So Um but let's hear that question Hey Paul I'm Rob Tom again hey now that The mavic 3 Enterprise and thermal are Out now uh what are your guys thoughts On those thanks No so he's asking about the Enterprise Yeah he is asking about the mavic 3 Enterprise which did come out Um we are we are seeing that there are Two mavic 3 Enterprises available you've Got the mavic 3 uh Enterprise just the Entry level and then the mavic 3 Enterprise thermal which is a very very

Similar Setup to the m30t the main difference is Is that the mavic 3 Enterprise does not Have an IP rating or a weatherproof Rating or a rain rating which I actually Kind of think is kind of funny and it Also doesn't have certain features on The thermal camera that you would have On the m30t more kind of advanced Features the isotherms determining uh You know specific spot temperatures Etc And Um I have to say that the big kind of Bombshell Around this whole thing and it's Actually thanks to Tom and in some part Is that we were right when we initially Got this mavic 3 and DJI refused to Answer us and I think it goes to show uh Their strategy because they use YouTubers who literally have zero Photogrammetric experience and they're Talking about photogrammetry and it Makes you wonder why and if you go back To when they launched the mavic 3 they Said no no this is an electronic shutter It is not a mechanical shutter it is not A global shutter Etc but if you looked At when the mavic 3 not the Enterprise Was leaked and you look at the specs the Camera on the mavic 3 and not the mavic 3 Cena The camera on the mavic 3 is the exact Same as the camera on the mavic 3

Enterprise the mavic 3 Enterprise states That it is a mechanical shutter if you Look at the leaked Data before the mavic 3 came out in the Chinese format of the Data it said that it was also a Mechanical shutter so we know for a fact That the mavic 3 does have the same Camera and shutter as the mavic 3 Enterprise we also know that DJI is Starting to support SDK or software Development kit access to third-party Apps to provide for mapping so there Might be an amazing amazing hack to be Able to use a mavic 3 for mapping Instead of a mavic 3 Enterprise but I'm Sure that DJI is going to make mapping a Lot easier on a mavic 3 Enterprise than A mavic 3. but if you do have a mavic 3 And it's kind of just sitting around Because you realize how much it sucks to Fly as well well there is good news you Might be able to actually do some Mapping missions with the aircraft Itself it's funny because I've actually Heard some people that say they love Their mavic 3. um my get I'm happy for Them yeah I'm glad it's that's big of you to be Happy for them I kind of am curious back To the thermal and the comparison of the Mavic 3 Enterprise is it Enterprise Thermal or just a mavic free thermal They call it the m3et okay [Laughter]

Anywho I'm wondering if it's worth the Jump to the m30t because it's like it's More than twice as much so are those Additional features that you mentioned Worth it well I think in public safety They are I just don't know in the Commercial world if they are you know I Want to know things and I want to test Things like mapping a solar installation And see if we can still get the right Sort of data to be able to make those uh Interpretations and decisions on solar Panels we're getting both drones which I'm very excited about and so we will be Able to do those comparisons Um I think for the commercial world I Think the mavic 3 Enterprise Thermal is probably going to be Sufficient for most needs but I think It's also it might be a little premature To uh to to make that statement got it I'm just I'm just glad I am legitimately Glad if people do enjoy flying this Drone but I've seen that with the mavic 3 Enterprise you have attitude mode so It's like DJI does know exactly what's Valuable to drone Pilots you know a Sensorless flight mode to avoid all Emergencies they get the mechanical Shutter so they understand the formula Now but they're dissecting the audience Based off of commercial and quote Unquote consumer and they're using the Same aircraft so one might say it's

Smart business as frustrating it is as It is as a consumer one might also say That they are leaving a tremendous Gap Open for companies like skydio true free Fly systems Sony yeah you guys got to Take advantage of this crap like Seriously get to it Um but uh I honestly would probably buy The mavic 3 Enterprise just to have Attitude mode and really know what this Damn drone can do because on the mavic 3 Consumer they software limit the crap Out of this thing and you know thanks to Drone hacks we can really tone a lot of That back but to have to do all of that Work when you could just pull a mavic 3 Enterprise out of the box and have all Of those features I mean talk about a Powerful little aircraft for all of our Phantom users out there if you don't Want to go to the anaphi with a parrot You want to stick with DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise is probably gonna be The Drone for you Um now if you have clients who require Um you know blue suas uh compliance for Example well then I've got uh bad news For you or good news for you there is an Option the enafi AI is a phenomenal Aircraft that uh does kind of fit the Bill to do some mapping but it's not a Global shutter Um so that there are some limitations You know one other thing I'm interested

I'm curious about is uh DJI also kept The megapixels rather small on this bird Even though we know a micro four thirds Sensor is much more capable of more than Just 20 megapixels you know I know you Can get 32 out of it no problem and so That said it's going to be interesting To see the development of the mavic from Here DJI is clearly trying to replace The Phantom with the mavic 3 Enterprise But if they keep these short timelines Of drone life spans I think people are Going to stop buying DJI because the Mavic and the mavic 2 Enterprise dual Advanced came out almost two years ago And it's now being faded out and it's One of the most valuable drones they've Ever made and if they keep coming out With a new drone every two years instead Of reiterations they might find that Some people kind of give up on them Because let's think about how long the Phantom was around for so are you saying That that's the case because uh because They stop supporting the previous model The timeline in which they did so yes Right so they're they're squeezing that Because as long as they continue to Support it but it doesn't sound like They are then you could just skip a Generation yes and I've heard varying Um news and speculation on that some People have already tried to get some Support on the mavic 2 Enterprise duel

And they told me DJI was like no we Can't help you on that and I've had Other people who have had no issues so I'm not sure if that's a deviation in Personnel or or what so yeah who knows And I guess one thing about the Drone Industry that's fascinated me is I don't Think that there's Been a really really solid solution for A third party sort of Maintenance and Fixer company it's really interesting I Don't know I'm there's probably some out There that do it well like that have Divisions I don't know maybe a drone Nerds or something but it seems like There'd be a really good opportunity for That yeah a hundred percent and you know Another thing to think about too for Public Safety that that just hit me is That the mavic 3 thermal does it have The speaker and all of that Um because if the mavic 3 has like the Speaker and the light and all that might Actually be more valuable than an m30t In certain instances So yeah I look at his accessories really Quick let's see what accessories yep it Sure does so honestly mavic 3 thermal Might actually be more valuable in Certain cases than an m30t but we'll be Able to provide you with more Information on that coming soon because DJI is playing a lot of games that I Really can't stand

Um and I know a lot of people don't like It either of you know it's almost like Saying hey you have a Ford F-150 but you Can only use one turbo unless you buy The Enterprise version then you can use Both terms so you mean like Tesla does Business oh yikes There is a reason why I'm shorting Tesla No way isn't it in the 200s it is yeah I Think it's a buy uh uh-oh uh oh I know a Lot of people have said that they don't See Tesla as a car company they see it As a data company I want to know how they're using the Data so well just to make better cars Paul you know we should have brought This up during the disaster relief show Because Tesla is causing one of the Biggest problems in Florida's history Right now when it comes to relief and Recovery after a hurricane these cars Are flooding and the water is getting in The battery pack and it's causing these Like astronomically out of control fires Not to mention just generally dangerous Environments to go into bingo I did not Think about that yeah I don't I'm sorry Rob and I'm sorry for listeners you Might disagree with me if you do Eloquently send in a question with your Explanation I do not see the value of Electric cars right now at all I really Gosh no I'm I'm 100 on board I tell you What I believe I don't know why we got

Onto this but it's kind of fun if you Don't want to listen to this you can Stop listening now I think we're done With a mavic free yeah long story short Let's just end it really quick mavic 3 Uh the non-cinna version can do mapping With uh there's and I'll I'll have a Video coming out here shortly on how to Activate the mechanical shutter through A hack system but mavic 3 Enterprise I Would probably prefer just because you Have the attitude mode you've got the Voltage on main screen and you have a Lot of other parameters that are really Great I also think what a shitty Application for acquisition I can't wait For third parties stuff it really shows The lack of knowledge but at the same Time I get to see in those videos like Okay this would be good for this this Would be good for that so again well Done buddy Um but uh I for me I would be going Mavic 3 Enterprise just because of ease And convenience of being able to use it I know that's important for a lot of you And also for me it would be way more fun To fly so also opens up use cases Significantly by having that attitude Mode so back to uh electric cars there Rob I'm all for um um hybrids I'll just Leave it at that hybrids make a ton of Sense pure EV stupid like dude the F-150 Power boost if that thing fit in my

Garage it'd be in the driveway right now I cannot even imagine I mean I love the Concept I think they're super cool cars I'm seeing them you can't even get the Lightning and I'm seeing and I'm I'm Seeing I just saw one this morning Because I checked car auctions all the Time and there's one on there that still Has a ways to go in the auction for a Hundred and ten thousand dollars no Thank you Yeah that's said nicely yeah Well indeed you see the guys from the Dude dads from uh Fort Collins did a Video on Towing and then this is what I Hate about YouTube right they did a Phenomenal video they only were able to Tow a super tiny like 12 foot trailer Like 3 000 pounds if that if that yeah And they could only go between here and Colorado Springs 80 miles that was it Before they had to completely uh Recharge and we don't know what size Battery that particular truck had or you Know what but nonetheless that's not Gonna cut it no and then someone else Got famous for doing another video Showing the exact same thing and the Bottom line is The bottom line is where the hell do you Think the power comes from yeah I just It is not rocket science yes I don't Understand I'm I'm yeah so anyways hey You know this brought up a a dream since

We're really off switch tracking here uh This brought up a dream I had the other Day of like taking old old charger not The new ones like the 70s versions of The Chargers with that big rear wing cut Out the holes in the rear wing Electrify The car and in those holes create Vertical axis wind turbines so you're Literally using the drag coefficient of The vehicle to recharge it it's like It's like a cine car That's the new up car or something I Don't know yes yeah yeah But I mean if you think about it the Military was able to create a Perpetual Aircraft by having a pusher and a puller Motor the polar motor was essentially Powering The Pusher motor and what they Would do is they would change the Elevation angle of attack over time so It's kind of in this constant undulating Flight path and they could fly Perpetually why can't we do that with a Car you know so yeah wow perpetual Motion machine in the form of a car huh Well and then why not have solar panels All over the car well they've tried that Well and then why not add like some sort Of specialized glass or lens over the Solar panels over to essentially like Have a magnifier effect on the solar Panels the interesting idea I bet They're working on that I bet Tesla's Working on that I've heard of another

Company working on that but also if you Buy an electric car right now and you Know this next piece of information That's going to be extremely valuable For the Drone industry too this industry Can to revolutionize in three years There's my prediction why Aid in Technologies they just developed a Battery like literally the size of this Battery that could charge in three Minutes and fly twice as long because Again changing the anode on the battery And so when that comes out and it's Commercially and industrially available You're now going to be able to recharge Your car in the same time that it takes To fill it up with gas and it'll go Twice as far that's when electric cars Might make more sense absolutely and I Let me make it clear I I get the concept And the lack of emissions Etc that is Conceptual It's a dream that could could come to Fruition with technology like that and To continue to work on it is is fabulous It's just it's not the Savior that People some people like to believe that It is and that's fine whatever you know Do you and it's gonna be you know it's Gonna be a ramp up of innovation to get To where we want to and I mean I feel Bad for people who bought rivians and Whatnot because they all got recalled All of them it's like yeah and that's

Not like a Tesla recall where it was Like a little software update those Trucks are going in oh yeah and I just Got a recall from my truck on uh Something silly because of supply chain Stuff one of the differences with your Truck getting a recall I think every car I have has some sort of recall but Um of course my cars are old but anyways There's four dealerships everywhere I Was hoping you were gonna say that the There's not Libyan dealerships Everywhere I don't know what you're Gonna do like if you had a rivian Shipped to you in Montana or something I Don't know Um yeah I do because man I by the way The rivian like SUV version that thing Is super cool by the way those on Auctions are going for like 140 Grand oh My I hope Ford learns because Ford Invested in rivian and if they took some Of the storage stuff from rivian and Implemented it into like a Bronco I know Or an Expedition because I refuse to buy The new Expeditions I I just had one for A couple weeks and uh because my truck Was in at Ford for three weeks uh Because I I think I overtowed their Rob But um I know I'm glad yeah that would Yeah anyways anyway long as well it ends Well yeah and and I wouldn't recommend a New one so all that to be said Um mavic 3 Enterprise uh it is

Definitely the replacement to the Phantom if you already have a mavic 3 Can you do mapping with it yes we'll Have further videos on exactly how to do That we really appreciate uh you being Here and uh we'll have more information Out on this shortly so thank you very Much for your support hopefully I'm Being nicer and all of you enjoy that as Uh it is my goal to not be arrogant and Also it is not my goal to be drone Police at the end of the day I love Making people feel better about flying Feel more confident and I think that There is no one else in the industry That has the experience Uh the wisdom or the infrastructure that We do to be able to support that because If you're making YouTube videos all day You can't have super in-depth courses That teach people how to do by the way You can say that as a collective like Are all of our instructors the people That are a part of our team is why we Can say that so confidently I love Seeing uh drone you grow too there's uh You're gonna be seeing a lot more of us In places you never thought so all I Have to say is thank you thank you very Much because at the end of the day our Heart is in the right place I know some People have questioned that about me and Uh I'm grateful for it so thank you very Much that's gonna do it for us today my

Name is Paul my name is Rob Askdroneu.com send in those questions Foreign [Music]