What are some predictions and insights for the drone industry in 2023?

By | January 20, 2023

Our question for today is from Tom who would like to know our predictions for 2023 and what we believe will be some of the key areas to watch out for in 2023.

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01:18 Today's question on predictions and insights for the Drone Industry in 2023
02:47 Predictions that we discuss on today's show – Infrastructure bill, Drone Job and opportunities, Macro view of economy impacting drone jobs and domestic drone industry
05:15 Professionalism in the drone industry
08:50 The traits of successful people in any professional industry and how these traits can help beat the competition
11:17 Paul's book recommendation to hacking emotions and emotional response
13:08 Business verticals set to boom in 2023 – Infrastructure
16:22 Business verticals set to boom in 2023 – Agriculture, Cleaning (https://lucid.propsflightschool.com/)
23:10 A discussion on Pix4D vs Optelos and mapping software

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone welcome back for another Episode of ask drone you shot here at Dronian studios in the lovely Loveland Colorado where we go above and beyond Flight school to provide you with the Best information to navigate this Ever-growing industry and we are Grateful that you're here because we've Got a show today talking about New Year Drone insights and predictions we Believe that there's a specific wave of Uh jobs that are it's already going on Right now but it's going to even go Exponential This year so we're gonna be talking About those insights and predictions as Always my name is Paul my name is Rob Super happy to be here with you all and Very very grateful that you're spending A few minutes if you're a very busy day With us definitely very grateful for you A hundred percent yes astronu.com get Those questions in but you want to go Ahead and play the question just right Away brought to you by our lovely drone You members who take advantage of over 40 classes turn their passion into

Profit wow here we go Tom again Hey Paul and Rob Tom again hey now that We are almost in 2023 I am wondering if We can get some of your predictions for Quarter one and Quarter Two Just kind of interested in what you Think may be coming out drone wise if There are any new and upcoming Manufacturers we should be on the Lookout any new softwares that we should Be looking for watching for and just Kind of what you think the industry is Going to be doing the first half of the Year all right thanks again Thanks Tom you're the bomb appreciate Your questions I'm always very Thoughtful and make us think Definitely definitely make us think I Wanted to be sarcastic and be like you Know quarter one we're going to see a 1.2345 billion dollar increase in the uh Expenditures on drones but we don't we Don't obviously don't know those Economic details but I think it is very Clear Where the industry will be going and who It will be going to there was one point We didn't talk about on the last show Professionalism That's a big one and I think that I Think that you know my feelings on that In this industry well maybe we should Hit that before we hit this huge push in Jobs because no I think it's something

That needs to be talked about you're a Little bit better about talking about The hearts oh I don't know about this One I don't know I get pretty Savage so I think you're a lot nicer so uh as Others uh have so oh doodly noted on YouTube so yes I'm Savage because Reality is real so oh stop it that's it It's a new year it's a beautiful year So a lot let's we've got three subjects That we want to hit uh on insights and Predictions huge pushes for particular Jobs what are we talking about the Infrastructure bill that Congress passed Is literally has a desire to create a Digital twin or digital inventory of Every piece of infrastructure in this Country so I think it's going to be huge Point number two that we want to talk About is who are these jobs going to Which is going to be the people who are Good at communication that are Professional and we're going to be Talking about how the Drone industry has Already been kind of weeding out Professionals who have a lack of Professionalism and we're going to also Be talking about uh kind of just a macro Succinct view of recession is coming Should this impact your strategy Whatsoever we talked about this at Length in our last show but we'll just Succinctly uh hit that and then we will Also talk about the elephant in the room

Which is about domestic drones Um with what DJI is doing with their SDK Their payload SDK merging psdk and asdk Together and eliminating third-party Applications and you know trying to do Lots of different things I think the Trend of domestic drones continues Um to progress uh I mean Sony's getting More serious about their drones albeit Kind of facing a limited flight time We're seeing free fly systems just Continue to develop new camera systems And new drones we're seeing people like Watts Innovations crush it with people Like Walmart and we're also seeing a new Drone manufacturer And I'm not going to say who but could Absolutely Crush the game I mean they Have stuff they have systems and Manufacturing plants and some smart Leadership and some incredibly brilliant Leadership that even skydio doesn't have I mean when I say skydio doesn't have it I mean the systems they're obviously the Biggest they obviously have them they're Obviously incredibly smart people over There they are very very very smart People over there and we wish everyone Over there a successful year as well Because honestly at the end of the day We do want a really good domestic Manufacturer and we don't want to Implement that whatsoever but that said I think there is another manufacturer

That's going to pop up this year I am Not going to say who it is because Um I don't want to uh I don't heard of It it's not our place at this point yeah I agree I think that's a good way to put It moving on do you want to hit Professionalism or you want to hit the You want to hit the uh the first point On the huge push for drone jobs this Year and that change okay so one of the Things that you should try to do in 2023 Is make yourself more uncomfortable Oh I like that push yourself and so by Talking about professionalism in the Drone industry I'm going to make myself Uncomfortable Before you make yourself uncomfortable I Found a very interesting statistic from Think impact which does the biggest Study on entrepreneurs for SBA and Listen to this the number one most Important trait of entrepreneurs Is communication which I think goes Right into professionalism so I'm just Going to t-rob up with that preach it Yeah yeah yeah so just let me give you a Little bit of background so many of you Already know most of you probably don't That I came out of College University And started in the public accounting Realm so we wore suits and ties Every day Except for weddings the last time was my Son's wedding I hope I don't have to

Wear ties in suits I'm very thankful That we don't do that but damn cat the Point is in a very very professional Environment fine that's probably you Know a CPA firm that's going to be at The top of professionalism in terms of How you present yourself etc etc I went from there to a mortgage company Still very professional people are Spending a lot of money I don't need to belabor the point it's More of a professional environment Moved into the Drone industry And mind you Part of my role at drone you over the Years has been customer interface and Talking to people That are not always happy The level of unprofessionalism that I Have seen in the Drone space in the Drone industry I ain't gonna lie to you It's It sucks and I've told Paul that what Does that mean for you man there's an Opportunity if you can step your game up Be responsible take responsibility sorry That's redundant Um communicate well Lead in your communication meaning Don't Wait For example you have bad news go to People with this is something we learned Well I learned in both of the industries I was in before especially mortgages Somebody has these big expectations

And it's not going to work out for them You go to them with here's what we're Dealing with But here's a solution or here's a couple Of other options always go with a Solution or two to what the challenge is Communicate well Be respectful man the things that I and We have been called By people in the Drone industry That don't even know us I cannot even Fathom it fascinates me the the people In this industry and obviously not Everybody I mentioned this because I want us to Raise the bar for this industry it Doesn't have to be this way I want us to Weed those people out those people that Would have the internet courage that is That's the antithesis of true courage Right to say some of the things that They say on the internet directly to me And directly to our people and directly To each other Holy cow it's ridiculous got a little Bit too much time on your hands we gotta Raise the bar so when I talk about Professionalism in the industry Please help us out here would you agree Rob that some of the most successful People that you have ever met have an Obscenely uh good skill at listening not Reacting being slow to judgment would You say that the most successful people

You've ever met in this world have an Innate ability to calm themselves down In a moment of anger they don't react They think things through they let time Pass but they overall kind of they're Meta aware meaning they're aware of Their actions they're aware of how they Are and they understand and this is Something that hit me too the most Successful people that I know are very Stoic and I'm not stoic I'm I'm Outspoken and I've been challenged in That and that's actually why I'm kind of Grateful for some of the people uh who Have said what they have said online I'm Actually grateful for it you know why Because it's actually shown me look if You if you handle these issues and if You work through these things to become A better person you you will literally Supercharge way past all these people All this competition and we already have And so you know what it goes to show That putting your head down working on Yourself working on that emotional Reactions when you do things that are Uncomfortable all the time as well You're gonna build up that natural Inclination to not react to things well It'll serve you well yeah exactly you're Only making yourself better which Ultimately will only make your business Better there are some people that That I and I can specifically think of

Some That unless they were drowning and I I Would save their life I would help them That's where we differ in turn no no no That is not true I know you and but do I Want to help them make their business Better and they'd probably say I don't Need your help blah blah blah and Probably do a lot of cussing in the Meantime That's fine but here's what I want to Say allow me to bring a thought from the Bible Slow to anger Slow to speak quick to listen man that's Great advice You know people may poo poo on the Bible But man you look at any entrepreneurial Guru or Buddhist or anything and they're All teaching the same stuff yeah yeah That's true different anyway okay yeah Let's get let's get into the positive The last point about professionalism I Think the industry is already weeding Those people out I think so and I think Sometimes ego gets in the way of being Able to see that I want to provide a Resource for you because if there's some Of you out there that are like me that Are challenged to be stoic and are Challenged uh to listen and not respond I'd like to recommend a book for you It's called Mind hacking happiness and It goes to explain that emotion is

Actually a simple formula so all you Math Wizards and nerds out there might Get really really stoked right now Um but emotion is as simple as the Expectation that you have divided by the Perception that was reality equals your Emotional response so let's say you go Into a scenario You want to podcast with Rob your Expectation is that it's going to go Really well but Rob asked you a really Tough question that you're not prepared For so your perception is negative Equals emotional response you get Nervous you get weak in the knees you Start to shake you start to show all Those negative emotions uh that book Really illustrates so so so very well How you can overcome that but it's not Suppressing emotion it's allowing Emotion to you know happen but it's um It's suppressing the reaction so you're Not suppressing the emotion but rather Allowing that emotion to happen you're Just not showing it and so you know if You need to show it I will say one thing That my dad got right uh in raising me Is as an add kid is exercise exercise And I never realized just how important That is for mental health as well yeah And that's been the one thing that's That's that dragged me out of a very Depressing time you know in 2020 of a Divorce and divorce of a business

Partner and all that you know it caused Some self-doubt so Um that's something that I had to come To terms with as well so anyway let's Talk about the fun stuff the jobs what's Coming up hey we did something Uncomfortable so yeah all right and Thank you we lost everybody in the Meantime no thank you for talking about That I think it's it's it's it's hard to Talk about it but it's imperative so Let's go into the the fun stuff look There are in my opinion two verticals of Drone jobs that are absolutely gonna Skyrocket this year I think that there Already are and when I mean two Verticals these verticals could go to Other industry verticals as well so Industry verticals that I'm thinking of Is everything to do with infrastructure Jobs with that new infrastructure Bill The US government really wants to Digitize and create an inventory of all Of our bridges our roads our uh dams but Have a very real life-like inventory of Those assets and so a lot of you people Might be like well doesn't the US Government already have an invent story Of those assets with Google Maps the Answer is no because the Department of Defense has limited the resolution of Satellite-based imagery in this country Because of well National Security so With drones we can get much better

Detail we can get much better Measurements angles asthmus Etc and so I Think when it comes to Cellular Inspections Bridge inspections Dam Inspections Road inspections and most Importantly electrical inspections okay I've been writing a lot of articles About the m30t by DJI you want to know Why because in every single one of those Examples that I just mentioned you're Going to need a camera payload like what The m30t has it's got a high res thermal It's got an insane zoom camera and Everyone's like well Paul why not just Use the h20t on the m300 well because That's a 20 megapixel sensor at 200 Times Zoom when I have a 48 megapixel Sensor at 200 times zoom and yeah you Might have more optical zoom but it's Only 4X more I mean not four hundred Percent more but literally going from Say 20 times Zoom to 30 times or 24 Times Zoom that's the difference in that Optical zoom on that platform look the M30t is going to allow you to inspect Those bridges those dams create Orthomosaics not at high resolution I'd Prefer to use a different drone but you Can get it done so I think this year if You're not already working and building Relationships with engineering firms Road construction firms Bridge Construction firms Um you know cellular firms you may miss

Out on the Golden Era of drone work Think about this right there's a Zillow There is a realtor.com there's MLS there Are so many different sites that create Inventories of homes for sale we are Already seeing that happen in the cell Tower world how long will it take until That exists for power lines how long Will it take for that to exist for roads And they're building it right now Um yeah and here's the other interesting Part this is something I want to tell You a lot of this work has to be done in A government-friendly format the Government is typically using esri for Most of this type of work so you know What esri uses for their photogrammetric Processing to build the inventory of These assets that's right pix4d so our Mapping class just got a whole lot more Valuable so anyway what are some other Industries I mean I think of a couple Things that I'm aware of that I know Companies are looking for a lot of Pilots is in the AG space that's one of Them yes and then I think with our Partner out in North Carolina The kinds of things they're already Doing with their cleaning drones and the Things they're going to be doing with With those drones There's a lot of opportunity there as Well well and that actually goes right Into the infrastructure bill as well

Because it's creating smart cities and Autonomous systems to keep our cities Cleaner to keep them more running more Efficiently and operating better and Companies like Lucid drone Technologies Is absolutely crushing the game Um I cannot believe what pilots are Getting paid to fly that cleaning drone We have the Lucid drone training course It's Lucid dot props is it props flight School or Lucid.props.lusa.props flightschool.com Yeah and you can check out the training Course there if you're interested in Flying those drones Lucid is actively Looking for a significant amount of Pilots all over the country and those Jobs pay very very well yeah lucid.props Flightschool.com if you want to check it Out Um but think about this what everything I just mentioned in a digital twin most Of those assets would be 2D Maps you Know Ortho mosaics non-geo reference Stuff but you're they're going to need 3D models as well and so if you are not Moving into the bigger better drones you Need to be you know I recently posted The best drone for the money and got a Comment on Instagram like that drone Cost a lot of money it's like well then You're not making enough money because Honestly in one year I was able to bring Almost 200 Grand in with a phantom right

I could definitely afford an m30t you Know if you're not doing jobs that are Paying enough to cover that drone in Three or four jobs then maybe it's time To reconsider what your margins look Like and what your value is because at The end of the day ladies and gentlemen It is all about your ability to sell Yourself showcase a specific solution to A problem and showcase that in a story I've seen people who are terrible drone Pilots get incredibly good paying jobs All because they knew how to tell a Story I mean I've seen guys literally do Mapping jobs for like thirty five Thousand dollars that another pilot was Like I'll do it for 1700. I mean Seriously and the guy who had the higher Price point got the job because the Client was so confused is why the price Deviation was so large it scared him to Pay less that's a good tactic well it Goes back into pricing Theory which we All think doesn't work but it does it Defies common sense if you haven't Looked that up make sure you look that Up we've talked about professionalism We've talked about the huge push for These jobs which I believe are going to Be in power infrastructure road Infrastructure Um you know Rob mentioned AG another big Thing that we're seeing and we just Trained the Rio Grande Conservatory

Group for doing exactly this which is Water Management that's a part of our Infrastructure as well in this country And so all these opportunities are Popping up and the interesting thing is That the established businesses the like The businesses that already exist the Traditional businesses they're getting These jobs because they know how to go After government contracts but they Don't know how to do the Drone stuff and So we're seeing a lot of opportunities Pop up for those Pilots Um now we've talked also about the move In domestic drones we've talked about The recession incoming if these jobs are Government financed through GSA that Means that there's a lot of job security In these infrastructure jobs right Absolutely yeah I mean we all know the Government is probably not going to stop Spending money particularly in an area Like infrastructure that I think the Government agrees to no matter the the Side perspective whatever that our Infrastructure is ailing to say the Least and it needs significant upgrading And so there's got to be some Inventorying done and then there's going To be construction going on relative to That and that's going to be uh gosh who Knows 30-year project right I mean it's Going to go on for a long long time but We're seeing this happen right here I

Mean we're in the middle of updating Some of our infrastructure inspection Courses like our cell tower inspection Course And we mapped the cell tower right here On 287 and literally what was it two Weeks later that American Tower actually Came out and did the same thing yeah and They were out there adding to it Substantially yesterday 10 feet of pull To put more antennas on so we are Literally seeing the impact of this bill Right now and we can't necessarily speak To the rest of the country we'd love to Hear from you guys in terms of what's Going on in your area obviously there Are some areas that are more depressed Than others and there's some areas that Are doing really really well the area That we're in happens to be doing really Really well and there's still a ton of Construction I mean if you look if you Drive down well first of all if you Drive down to Denver via I-25 The construction along I-25 including on I-25 which is a federal project is Incredible and then you go into Denver North Denver alone there's probably Seven cranes off to the east there's so Many cranes it's it's actually by the Way the number of cranes was an economic Indicator for some of our past Presidents by the way so interesting so If you look at where we moved from where

We moved to here no cranes to cranes Everywhere oh man God bless New Mexico I Still love New Mexico you know my uh our Model that works here Lacy uh I was Talking to her about this because she Moved from New Mexico too but she moved To Texas and I said okay give it to me Real Lacy like the only thing I really Miss from New Mexico is the food like I Really miss the food the weather was Really great as well everything else I Could go without and she's in her Response was so well said she's like you Know Paul it really depresses me because New Mexico is a really beautiful place And the food is amazing but man the Leadership has ruined that place and it Has no hope and I was just like huh That's kind of well said you know she's Not wrong she's not wrong no there are Some really great people in New Mexico She's not wrong so anyway it's just sad But here we are and that doesn't matter Because what matters is uh flying drones And having fun and we got a whole new Beautiful world to explore up here all Right so is is are there any new drones That you're aware of I mean you talked a Little bit about that in the past in the The previous podcast but Um domestics are going to be hopefully Making a big surge in 2023 but what About software is there any new software I know we want to talk more about and

This will be coming in classes and so Forth about octelos and the things they Can do yeah that's going to be so big For this cellular aspect of the Infrastructure stuff so and utility yeah I know Precision Hawk got into Precision Tower but in comparing the two and then Comparing that to pix40 inspect Unfortunately four picks 4D sorry Friends Um but optelos is it just blows it out Of the water because literally you need Half the amount of data so acquisition Time is is significantly reduced and the Processing of those data sets it is so Lifelike I mean it makes capture reality Look bad and that that's that's hard to Say because capture reality in my Opinion is like one of the best Life-like generators the reason That uh optelos is so good you know the Engine behind off Telos it's Bentley Bentley yeah yeah and so which has been Around for what 30 years or something It's like CAD yeah so yeah so it's been Around I shouldn't say CAD because That's computer-aided design it's like Autodesk it's been around for a very Long time yeah yeah doing great stuff Anyways so optelos is something that We'll be talking more about at least in Our courses Um and I think we may have them on the Show at some point to talk in more depth

About the amazing things that they've Been doing Uh we were first introduced to them gosh Early in drone used life and we just Sort of watched them develop and that's Pretty amazing Um we what else is happening in 2023 We've got our our I think the commercial roofing industry Is another solid industry and we have a Course on that but some of the things That are I think that's burgeoning as Well and some of the opportunities and The way that roofing contractors are Going to be using drones There's an Opportunity for Pilots there Again we have a course on that but I Don't know there's a particular speaker I really want to get on the show Regarding this because I think she makes Her name's Cody she makes a really good Point about she tries to get people to Buy traditional businesses and modernize Them and just essentially bring in the Regular Revenue without changing stuff And I think drones can be a huge part of Modernizing various businesses and I Would challenge a lot of you to think About what are the problems that are Solved by these businesses how can Drones do it better how do I tell that Story and how and it's got to work right You can't just tell a story that's made Up BS but it's got to work and I think

Roofing contractors is a perfect example Yeah when you can reduce travel get Better data do better planning be more Efficient reduce the cost of the job Because the planning is better it's a No-brainer so well we're going to have Them those guys on I don't think that Show happened no that show has not Happened yet in fact I just realized uh Sitting here doing this podcast the Three people I need to contact like Immediately because I have dropped the Ball but there's just so much going on Here and that's a that's a huge blessing Not a problem so I'm grateful for that Indeed what else anything else I think That's it any other I think predictions Is that USA and domestic drone Manufacturers are going to significantly Continue to take market share I think That there's also going to be a come to Jesus moment for certain manufacturers Who have claimed that their drones are Ndaa compliant but they're still Completely made out of Chinese parts and We all know it and so Um I think that there is going to be a Continued Drive of uh inhibiting certain Manufacturers which is unfortunate Um because they some manufacturers make Really incredible drones and they might Be shooting themselves in the foot so We'll see how that plays out but um yeah I think that's gonna do it for us today

For our insights and predictions Um time to do some production time to do Some production so thank you for joining Us if you have have any points you feel Like we didn't hit any industry insights Or uh topics what are you forecasting Yeah what are you seeing bring it up ask Droney.com we definitely want to talk About it so thank you to all of our Members thank you to everyone in the Community that is thriving and thank you To everyone who has trusted drone you to Improve your flight skills what we love Is seeing your confidence grow if you Want to join us the droneu.com Thank you