What does this mean for Recreational Flyers? – FAA Community Based Organizations

By | October 26, 2022

The FAA just released AC 91-57C which hints at guidelines for community-based organizations. How will this affect the rules for recreational flyers going forward? How will this affect you? How will the FAA change its rules in the future?

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The FAA just published a new document that hints at what Community Based Organizations guidelines for recreational flyers
In this video I am going to explain what Community based organizations are and what the FAA is expecting CBOs to have in their guidelines, and most importantly how this is going to affect YOU.
SHOULD do to fly a drone safely. Now, it also contains information about Community Based Organizations Guidelines.
It's a non-for-profit group whose mission is to further model aviation, and is approved by the FAA.
Recreational rules requires you to follow the guidelines of a CBO but until now, the FAA didn't approve neither CBOs nor guidelines!! This is what this document is for.
The FAA says that CBOs will be able to submit guidelines for approval that pertain to the operations of their users. For example, FliteTest will have guidelines for foam and model airplanes while the FPV freedom coalition will have guidelines for FPV drones. I'm sure there will be others too.
Now this may seem all nice and dandy but there's a bit of a catch. Up until now, the recreational rules were rather simple: 9 bullet points, or 8 depending on who you ask. Those can't change without an act of Congress. But you always needed to follow safety guidelines… it's just that none were in place until now.
With this document, the FAA is putting the onus on the CBOs to create new rules in addition to what is already in USC 44809 (that's the regulation code for recreational rules)… When the FAA asked for comments, I replied that these rules needed to stay simple. I was actually surprised to see that some of my comments made it word to word in the final document. But the overall tone of the document is still the same to me. The FAA is asking the CBO guidelines to be… well… too complicated.
And let's be clear. The FAA doesn't say: ”These are the guidelines you NEED to have”. They basically say: ”In order for us to approve these guidelines, we highly recommend you have the following… wink wink”
It's like the mob boss telling you they're taking someone out for an airing…
Don't get me wrong, we need recreational flyers to be educated and doing the right thing. No one believe this more than I do. But, there's a fine balance between safety and overkill. Too many rules means no one reads the rules or follows them. Too many rules also means someone needs to enforce them. And let's face it, the FAA doesn't have a good track record of doing that to date. We have a hard enough time right now getting people to understand and follow 9 rules.
What are those new guidelines going to look like? Well, there will be restrictions about flying over people. That's right, there aren't any right now in USC 44809!
There will be common sense restrictions about carrying HAZMAT or weapons, or not flying carelessly or recklessly (the FAA inspector's favorite words), and not flying in airspace that's temporarily restricted. And some mentions of pre, during and post flight safety. To me, those are great guidelines.
And for those who will fly FPV, there's an entire special paragraph aimed at making sure you're proficient to fly your FPV gear. And a big emphasis on visual line of sight and visual observer. And communications procedures. And Preflight inspection, again.
Then for everyone, not just FPV pilots, there will be guidelines on maintenance and record keeping. And software updates. And guidance

The fa just published a new document That hints at what community-based Organization guidelines for recreational Flyers are going to look like if you're A recreational flyer this will likely Change the way you fly your drone in This video I'm going to explain what Community-based organizations are and What the fa is expecting cbos to have in Their guidelines and also more Importantly how this is going to affect You You might be wondering what is this Document anyway well it's an advisory Circular it's not law but it offers Clarification on fa's interpretation of The Loft this is the fourth edition for This very specific document and it Offers Insight on things recreational Flyers should do to fly their drone Safely now it also contains information About community-based organization Guidelines Congress mandated this Document in 2018 so yes it took four Years for the FAA to get this done so What is a community-based organization You say well it's a non-for-profit group That has a mission to further model Aviation and it is approved by DFA now With this document recreational rules Requires you to follow the guidelines of A CBO but until now the fa didn't Approve neither the cbo's nor the Guidelines this is what this document is

For the fa says that cbos will be able To submit guidelines for approval that Pertain to the operation of their Specific users flight tests for example Will have guide lines for foam and model Airplane while the fpv freedom Coalition Will have guidelines for fpv drones I'm Sure there will be others as well now This may seem all nice and dandy but There's a bit of a catch Up until now the recreational rules were Rather simple nine bullet points or Eight depending on who you ask those can Change without an act of Congress but You always need it to follow safety Guidelines it's just that none of them Were in place until right now with this Document the FAA is putting the onus on The cbos to create new roles in addition To what is already in USC 44809 that's The regulation code for recreational Rules when the fa asks for comments I Replied that these rules needed to stay Simple I was actually surprised to see Some of my comments made it word to word In the final document but the overall Tone of the document is still the same To me the fa is asking CBO guidelines to Be well a bit too complicated and let's Be clear the fa doesn't say these are The guidelines you need to have they Basically said well in order for us to Approve these guidelines we highly Recommend you have the following wink

Wink it's kind of like the mob telling You you're taking someone out for an Airing they don't really mean it but Kind of mean it now don't get me wrong Recreational Flyers need to be educated And they need to be doing the right Thing Trust Me No One Believes this more Than I do but there's a fine line Between safety and Overkill too many Rules mean that no one is going to read The rules or even follow them also means Someone needs to enforce them and let's Face it the FAA doesn't have a good Track record at the moment of doing this Boom roasted we have a hard time enough Right now to get people to understand And follow the nine basic rules so what Are these new guidelines going to look Like well there will be restrictions About flying over people that's right There aren't any restrictions at the Moment in USC 44809 that's kind of hard To believe there will be common sense Restrictions about carrying Hazmat or Carrying weapons or not flying Carelessly or recklessly by the way this Is the ifa's inspector favorite words And not flying in airspace that's Temporarily restricted some mentions of Pre-dring and post-flight safety to me All these are great guidelines and then For those that fly fpv there's an entire Special paragraph in there aimed at Making sure that that you're proficient

You fly your fpv gear and a big emphasis On visual line of sight and visual Observers and communication procedures And pre-flight inspections again then For everyone not just fpv Pilots there Will be guidelines on maintenance and Record keeping and software updates and Guidance systems and automated features And external payloads that's right That's a long list and as you can expect There will be guidelines about night Flying and needing to have a strobe Light visible from three statute models Just like in part 107 and lights that Show the direction of flight and again Making sure that you're flying within Visual line of sight at night in case it Wasn't clear for the Daylight's guidance And expect some guidelines on medical Condition for the pilot and your visual Observer and of course drug and alcohol Use or not use I guess and personal Checklist for pre-flights rest Requirements for the pilot but we're not Done expect guidelines on discussing Emergency procedures including what you Should do with loss of power navigation Telemetry structural failure battery Fires and cbos will be expected also to Have a safety incident reporting program In order to collect data and help Mitigate hazard in the future as you can Tell 44809 used to be nine roles back in July of 2021 I made a video about this

Topic we'll put a link up here and I Mentioned that no one was really paying Attention I was worried that the fa was Trained to use cbo's to turn Recreational flying into well a mini Part 107. more rules just mean that this Is going to be more confusing for the Users this means that more recreational Flyers are going to just fly and skip The rules at least that's what I think At this stage someone who's flying under Cboa guidelines will be able to do Things that someone under cbob might not Be able to do law enforcement officers Are already pretty confused about the Rules most recreational Flyers are Confused about the rules heck some of The FAA employees are sometimes confused About the rules boom roasted and we can Hardly blame them this is not going to Help so what you expect moving forward The fa open application for cbos they Said it's going to take 90 days to Approve well they said it was going to Take a year to get this document done so What we're going to do is we're going to Wait for them to come out and then we're Going to compare them for you in the Meantime let us know what you think in The comment section how will this affect You moving forward I have high hopes That organization like flight test fpv Freedom Coalition or even the AMA will Help to simplify these guidelines I also

Hope that the FAA understands the Necessity for the keep it simple kis Approach while they review and approve All these guidelines so with that being Said happy flying Look up [Music] [Applause]