When you want to flash ELRS but you can’t find the device name

By | January 17, 2023

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00:00:00 – Here's the problem…
00:00:42 – What's a “target”?
00:01:12 – Look in ELRS configurator?
00:01:35 – Look on the RX or FC product page?
00:02:15 – Connect to ELRS wifi hotspot
00:03:54 – ID the target in the browser interface
00:04:27 – Ok but it's still not there?
00:05:49 – What about “DIY” targets?
00:06:25 – What am I going to do now?!

Here's the problem that we're going to Solve today Not the tiny whoop itself the problem is The receiver on the tiny book it's an Express lrs receiver that that's not a Problem that's a good thing the problem Is that the very first thing that I do With every espresso receiver that I get Is I flash it to get it on the latest Firmware and to make sure it's got my Configuration my buying phrase and so Forth And that is a little bit of a problem Because some people find it annoying Having to flash your Express alerts Receiver but that's not the problem that We're trying to solve today the problem Is I don't know what Express sellers Target To flash this guy to I'm Joshua Bardwell you're going to Learn something today when I say Target Name what do I even mean by that here in Express lrs configurator before you Flash you'll go and pick the device Category and the device that you're Flashing and that's the target name for The device that you're flashing if You've watched the wrong target to a Piece of Hardware it'll stop working you Can easily get it to work again by just Reflashing it with the right target but The process of reflashing it after you Flash the wrong target can sometimes be

A little more cumbersome than usual in Some cases it's fairly obvious what the Correct Target name is for the device That you're flashing for example pretty Much all the radio Master Hardware is Just right here you just look up the Receiver or module that you're using and Boom that's probably the Target that you Should flash but in some cases the Target is not obvious like what's the Correct Target for this Snoopy drone Blv4 flight controller sometimes you can Find it on the product page for the Device but if we look on the product Page page for this newbie drone tiny Whoop I don't see it like if it was Going to be anywhere it'd be here in the Specifications We got the flight controller we've got The ESC bluej Target sure that's not What we're looking for if we click on The flight controller is it going to be There no nowhere here do we find the Express lrs Target name manufacturers do Better newbie drone Should really be here the betaflight Flight controller Target and where to Download the firmware the ESC Target the Express Target should all be on the Product page there's no reason for it Not to be there here's the next thing That I do when I'm in this situation I Power up the receiver in this case it's Just built into the flight controller so

I can just plug in USB And then I wait On the receiver there's going to be a Status LED and it's going to start out Slow blinking and then after 20 to 60 Seconds it will start fast blinking and That will indicate that the receiver has Gone into Wi-Fi mode while we're waiting For that to happen a couple of caveats First of all if you have previously Flashed the receiver you could have Configured it not to go into Wi-Fi mode In which case what I'm about to show you Isn't going to work also if the receiver Binds to a controller that is powered up It won't go into Wi-Fi mode but then you Probably wouldn't have this problem in That case you can go into the express Lrs Lewis script and there's an option To manually kick the receiver into Wi-Fi Mode or you could just turn your Controller off and power cycle the Receiver there we go we got a fast Blinking blue LED that's probably is What we're looking for the other caveat Is that if you have an SPI based Receiver on your all-in-one flight Controller what I'm about to show you Isn't relevant and I'll tell talk more About that a little later in the video But most people are using serial Receivers these days so once the Receiver has gone into Wi-Fi mode we're Going to take a look here at our Wi-Fi

Networks and we should see the express Lrs RX Wi-Fi network that is a hotspot That is being broadcast by the receiver And we're going to go ahead and connect To it the password is expresslrs all Lowercase now I'm doing this on my Desktop you can also do this with a Phone if you don't have a desktop handy You could do it with whatever kind of Wi-Fi enabled device as long as you've Got a web browser you could do it after I connect to that Wi-Fi network a web Browser might automatically open and go To the page we're looking for if it Doesn't automatically open then I'm Going to manually open a web browser and Go to and that will take me to the Web page of the receiver itself and from Here we can see the target name of the Firmware that is on the receiver and the Firmware version as well also this is an Easy I think it's the easiest way to Actually update the firmware is to do it Through the web browser instead of the Other ways which sometimes have little Quirks that don't work now that we know That firmware name Nbd2400rx we can go to the express Lawyers configurator and we can look and Is it newbie drone no it's not there Well what about uh NBD no it's not there Yeah so and it's not there this isn't me Making some mistake this receiver is so

Brand new that the target hasn't been Added to express lrs yet Here is a thing you can try in this case It's not going to work but sometimes it Does work instead of using the official Releases you can go to git branch And you can go to the get Branch Master Which will pull code down from the Actual GitHub repo where the devs are Currently working Don't do this Because this code is not tested it can Have bugs it can have problems but we Can at least look For newbie drone no it's not there NBD No it's not there yeah so at the very Least this would tell us whether this Firmware was sort of in the works and if You were very brave and wanted to risk Running buggy code which you totally Shouldn't do you shouldn't run buggy Code for your receiver but you could Theoretically download and Flash this Firmware if that was something that you Felt like you could do safely another Thing you need to be aware of is Oftentimes manufacturers will ship a Device with a firmware labeled DIY DIY Etc etc you can see all these targets Here and a lot of times when you go into Your web browser you'll see that Firmware DIY something something DIY is Just a very generic firmware that Manufacturers might use before they have

An official Target in the repo in that Case you would want to flash the Official Target with the manufacturer's Name not the DIY Target although the DIY Target probably would work too but it's Best practice to flash the official Manufacturer Target but what I gotta do Now because I can't flash this with my Binding phrase and there simply isn't Any way for me to do that if they had Shipped it with expresslrs 3.0 I could Have just put my binding phrase into the Web page expressless 3.0 lets you do That but Express OS 2.5 didn't have that Feature yet there is a way to bind an Express seller's receiver without Putting a binding phrase in I've got a Video I made about that and I guess That's what I'm going to have to do I'll Put a card on screen with a link to that Video if you would rather try that Method the other thing that you need to Know is that all of the stuff I'm Talking about doesn't apply if you have An SPI based Express RS receiver and if You're not sure what the difference Between SPI and serial based receivers And the pros and cons are I'll put a Card on screen about that as well see You there