Whoop & Rip!… the SkyLite!

By | June 27, 2022

Just wanted to share a bit about my new 3 in class frame, the SkyLite. Whoop it or rip it. Either way, just keep shreddin 🙂

SkyLite air frame:

Ducted SkyLite built and tuned:

Open prop SkyLite built and tuned:

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”Mystic” by Jef

”Patience” by bloom

”Wonderful” by Dyalla S

”Light” by Pryces & Jef

”M c C l o u d” by Orca Vibes

[Music] My friends welcome back today i wanted To make a video about my new three inch Class drone frame This skylight Well i say new but this thing has Actually been out for a few months now Some of you fpv pilots have already Picked one up thank you for the support Hope you've been enjoying it but even Though i'm super late on this i still Wanted to make a video about this Because i'm pretty proud of the design So i just wanted to talk about some of The thoughts that i put into it now you Notice i've been saying frame but i've Got two things here and this is actually The same frame you can set it up two Different ways when i started the design This is what i had in mind a three inch Propped ducted drone i wanted to make Something that was more durable and more Repairable than some of the other Options out there a lot of the other Frames like this are designed so that Most of the frame is one piece it's like A mono plate design Which makes assembly a lot simpler But if you end up breaking a piece on it The drone is basically totaled you have To do a complete frame swap so i wanted To make something that was more Repairable something that you could swap Out the bits that you might break like

The arms or the bits for mounting the Ducts so essentially i took my five inch Skyliner design and tried to scale it Down so i could have all the elements of The skyliner that make it durable in a Smaller package so we've got individual Arms that can each be replaced and even The mounting points for the ducts are Separate pieces that can be replaced as Well and just like the skyliner the fpv Camera is held in a front cage so in the Event that you have a really serious Front end crash and break something with That you can replace that front end Without having to rebuild the whole Frame like i said you can set this up in Two ways like this with the ducks or Without the ducks because while i was Designing this some of the guys at the Rotor warehouse were kind of playing With some two three three and a half Inch freestyle quads so they were Wanting to do something with that and i Thought well as long as i'm already Doing this why don't i just make it so It can do both so all i really had to do Was make sure the frame maintained its Integrity without the ducts and that When you were flying without the ducts There wasn't anything extra that you Didn't need so what i mean by that is in My original design for this the mounting Points for the ducts were going to be Part of the arm there wasn't necessarily

Going to be this cross section here we Split that off into a separate piece and I think that works out a lot better Anyway because even with the ducks these Are the most likely things to get Damaged so you can just replace that if You do break an arm you can replace that And that was cool because since i Removed the little finger on the end of The arm i was able to make the end of The arm itself look very much like the Full skyliner and have that big extended Point which provides some motor Protection with the ducts out of the way You can step up from a three inch prop To a three and a half inch prop that's Something i didn't even think about Until we had cut the first run of Prototypes we just tried it out it just Happened to fit and it makes a huge Difference so without the ducts on three Inch props this thing is a lot of fun But it's pretty tame and when you put The three and a half inch props It really cranks it up and it's a Screamer it's so fast all of the Standoffs both the vertical ones Separating the main and the top plate as Well as the horizontal ones separating These side plates are 20 millimeters Long so that keeps the build nice and Simple you only have one length of Standoff to worry about it keeps the Center of gravity nice and low and with

20 millimeters width between the camera Plates you can basically fit any modern Fpv camera that you might encounter With our top plate off we can have a Look at the mounting provisions we put In here in the center we've got 20 by 20 M3 holes so you can fit a 20 by 20 esc And flight controller stack and in the Rear we've got 20 by 20 m2 holes which Is going to be perfect for mounting a Cadx vista in my opinion for this size Frame and for the size of props that it Supports a 20 by 20 stack is more than Enough to get the job done i do know Some pilots still like to run a larger 30 by 30 stack even in their three inch Quads so in that case this frame might Not be the best option and there's a ton Of other options out there but i didn't Want to compromise and make it larger Than it needed to be by only supporting 20 by 20 electronics it allowed me to Make things a lot more tight and compact And i'm just really happy with how it Came out for mounting motors we've got 12 by 12 m2 holes which will support the 1507 size motor which has been the go-to Choice for this size frame as well as The 2203 size motor which has really Been gaining in popularity i've tried Both of those size motors on the Skylight and either one of them are a Great option i think it's just really Fun to have one frame that can do two

Very distinctly different types of Flights so today we are going to go on Two flying adventures i've got the drone Built up in both forms both with and Without the ducks we're going to take The ducted skylight over to the rotor Riot warehouse so that we can fly it Indoors get some of that smooth Cinematic flying and then we're going to Find a spot where we can open up the Three and a half inch open prop skylight And do some ripping so with that let's Head on over to the warehouse All right guys i made it out to the Warehouse i've got my skylight all Prepped and ready to fly i've got a Gopro hero 9 mounted up i came here on What was supposed to be an off day Thought no one would be here wouldn't be Bothering anyone But Jeff's here What are you doing here on an off day Man This is not working works out he's here Because it's going to make things a Little bit more interesting just flying Around so We'll try not to hit them [Music] Um [Music] Thanks for ripping man no problem you Got some good stuff bailey did you have

Fun Yeah Oh yeah you're so excited so exciting So all those clips around the warehouse I ran through real study which is a post Stabilization process where you like Take the footage you recorded run it Through and it adds extra stabilization When you're flying a three inch ducted Drone You can only get it so smooth like Really this is made to be safe to fly Around inside and be able to bounce off Things safely but it's just not going to Be like super locked in and when you're Going for that cinematic look like you Really want things to be like as crisp And smooth as possible and real studies Always been the best option for that [Music] So we're at our second flying adventure For the day and we are going to be Flying the skylight in an open prop Configuration we've stepped up to three And a half inch props and we've come to This spot that i think is going to be Perfect because it's a pretty cool spot Like there's some good stuff to get into There's dive gaps and there's like a Hole up there and there's some trees to Play with but overall it's pretty small So i have flown my five inch freestyle Drones here but it always just feels Like it's like and i'm on the other side

Of it like i just feel kind of cramped So my hope is that the smaller quad is Going to let me still enjoy the cool Obstacles but scale things down a little Bit so that this smaller space becomes Effectively bigger and i can do a little Bit more flow get longer lines and just Have more fun without worrying about Having such a big and fast quad in such A tight area so like i said without the Ducks we're able to step up to a three And a half inch prop it's gonna give us More thrust it's gonna be really agile But i do think that for doing acrobatics A full-size gopro hero 9 it's going to Be a little bit too heavy so instead i'm Running the dji action 2 camera which is A lot more lightweight that being said I do have a full 1500 milliamp hour Battery i would recommend going down to A 1300 maybe even a thousand even Honestly an 850 would probably be ideal This 1500 battery is just ridiculous Looking on this thing but it's kind of All i got so we're just gonna send it i Think it's still gonna have enough power To have a good time though so let's get This thing up in the air [Music] Oh [Music] Uh [Music] Um

[Music] [Music] [Music] Now [Music] Um [Music] Um [Music] The sun has gone down but we got some Good ripping in and we got a couple good Crashes in we ended up breaking two of The motors on the same side uh one crash Took out two motors But i'm pleased that the frame didn't Break um i i wouldn't expect this to be Like a super durable thing like my five Inch skyliner i have no hesitation Saying it's really tough i mean you can Break anything but that one's tough this One i wouldn't expect to be quite as Durable as the full skyliner just Because Everything's thinner and skinnier But it ended up being pretty tough Especially considering we had a big Honking 1500 on there i'm happy with how That went it seemed to have enough power There were a couple times i think i'll Include the clips where i was like oh i Really had to work to to pull out and Maybe even kind of like you know kind of Stutter at the bottom there so if you Are carrying a recording camera and a

Heavy battery you're gonna have to work A little bit harder than you might have To with a five inch but overall really Enjoyed flying this here did exactly What i wanted which is just to make this Space feel a little bit bigger and it's Just a little bit more carefree ripping Around than i would feel uh flying my Five inch here so really happy with this Anyways i'm gonna get all this stuff Packed up and we'll head back to my Studio I thank you guys for coming along i'm so Glad i finally got to make a video about My skylight frame really happy with how This thing came out for ducted three Inch flying this is definitely going to Be my go-to it's got every feature i Would want out of something like this i Think it looks great as far as the open Prop setup goes i mean it's no Replacement for a full five inch Freestyle quad but it is a lot of fun Makes getting a freestyle session and a Little easier because it opens up where You can fly it safely do you want to Mention i've got a few small tweaks Coming to this frame very soon i've got A prototype of the new version right Here up front you can see i changed These side plates to work just like the Skyliner where there is a 3d printed Insert that the camera mounts to on the Original the camera mounted straight to

The carbon i found that with the Original style plates some of those Smaller cameras sat further back and you Ended up seeing the frame in the fpv Camera and i didn't want that so doing This with the 3d printed bits is just Going to provide even more flexibility So you can really dial in how you want Your fpv camera set up and the other Change going on is i added 25 by 25 m2 Holes in the rear and that is to allow For mounting the new Avatar hd video transmitter system which Is a new thing that i've been testing Out a lot There's been a lot of talk about it in The fpv community a lot of people are Curious and there's more information About that coming out very soon i'm Excited to be part of getting to share With all you guys but other than that no Real changes i'm not even calling the New design of v2 or anything because the Changes are so small and all the pieces Are completely interchangeable so if you Already have a skylight or even if you Get one now and decide later on that you Want to try out the avatar system or you Know just want to upgrade to the new Pieces no problem just send an email to Rotoriot support and we'll hook you up With a discount on the new pieces the Only other thing i was considering doing Was coming out with some optional

Braces to go Between the front and rear arms when Running an open prop so a set of braces That don't have the fingers for mounting The ducts and are just for providing Some additional strength i don't know if It's really necessary per se because i Mean we just Beat this thing up over a concrete Parking lot and it held up perfectly Fine but it might be a cool optional Accessory to just add some more rigidity And durability so for those of you guys Flying this in the open prop Configuration if that's something you'd Be interested in just let me know and Let me know if there's anything else you Can think of to do this i really just Like how flexible this platform is and It'd be cool to just keep coming out With different ways to tweak it and mix It up alright thanks again for tuning in Remember to always make time to do the Things that you love persevere and i'll See you next time [Music] Foreign [Music]