Why does DJI not allow 3rd party apps on the RC Pro?

By | December 6, 2022

On today's show we discuss if DJI has made a deliberate move to limit third party integrations on the RC Pro? Our question for today is from Steve who would like to know why DJI is avoiding integration with third party apps and how pilots can utilize third party apps such as Drone Deploy while utilizing DJI's products. Thanks for the question Steve !!

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00:58 Overview of today's show on Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Enterprise, applications and mapping capabilities
03:21 Today's question on why DJI does not allow third party apps on their drones
04:48 What does DJI have to mention about SDK and the future business decisions that we can expect from DJI
05:58 Drones that Drone Deploy is compatible with
09:35 This drone is the most closest to replace the Phantom 4 v2
10:00 Mavic 3 Enterprise and M30T drone comparisons

You're listening to the ask drone you Podcast you ask we answer your drone Questions whether you're here to turn Your passion into profit when you simply Fly for Fun we're a community of Learners and teachers who aspire to Achieve greatness we are Hey everyone and welcome to another Interesting episode of ask drone you as Always my name is Paul my name is Rob Excited to be here with you thanks for Listening know you have a lot of options And appreciate every time you spend a Little bit of your time with us Askadaroneu.com for your questions we Would love to hear from you definitely And uh during this Thanksgiving week Don't forget to take some time off Disconnect You might find that you might be more Productive if you actually take a break Rather than trying to cover everything All the time so indeed anyway we've got A good show today a question Um regarding something that we've been Talking about for a little while now Regarding the SDK on the mavic 3 and the Ability or inability to use other apps With that drone and I think it's clear What DJI is doing and really trying to You know segregate the market a little Bit and provide a simple easy to use Convenient aircraft and then a quote Unquote Enterprise aircraft so I think

This will be a good show clarify some Points on what to expect from the mavic 3 versus the mavic 3 Enterprise As there are some significant Differences there Rob so yeah absolutely Look forward to chatting about it Definitely also I think we're gonna hit In this just to lay it out while we talk About these different applications that May or may not work for each drone we'll Also talk about the mapping capability Of the mavic 3 Enterprise versus the m30 Or m30t because you well I've got some Interesting information after doing lots Of mapping missions with that drone so I Think you'll find it valuable but Today's Show is brought to you by our Black Friday sale many of you know that Getting a driver's license does not Automatically make you a good driver as Many of you see have seen on the roads Well we can help you get your part 107 Certificate but we can also help you Become a high quality pilot Pilots that A lot of companies are looking for Pilots that can fly in any environment Fly close fly low fly smooth they can do Mapping missions they can do video they Can do photos we have so many clients Looking for high quality drone pilots And yet there are not many high quality Pilots to go around we want to change That and it own you you can take Advantage of our largest library of

Drone based content to turn your toy Into a tool turn your passion into Profit give you work but also focus on Recurring Revenue jobs and focus on Giving you the skills to pay the bills After 10 years of training we've Developed systems that really help lower The learning curve but make it also Easier and convenient to get these jobs Done as a whole I don't think you're Going to want to miss this Black Friday Sale as you can gain access to all these Courses and offer a full Suite of Services to your clients now and your Clients to come check it out on our site Hello guys how you doing This is Steve from Delray Beach Florida I would like to know why DJI will not Allow third-party apps like drone deploy Lychee drone link under RC Pro for such An expensive controller why is it that They won't allow this I know they frown Upon uh third-party apps and they won't Give you a straight answer when you give Them a call I would just like to know if this is Possible installing the Google Play Store or just installing the apks and Those apps that I mentioned do they work On the RC Pro Thank you very much for the question Steve I think that uh obviously we can Hear a little bit of frustration in your Voice You Are Not Alone

You are speaking for a lot of folks that I think share that same frustration and Ultimately Um kind of the short version I'll let Paul give the longer version but the Short version is it's a business Decision right yeah I think that's uh I Think that's a rather reasonable way to Put it Rob yeah so Um It's probably not coming I guess is the Point on in that situation because of The business decision and the way it Appears they're moving forward well yeah And I think DJI actually did make it Clear I've I've heard of a lot of uh Client students um trying to get a Straight answer out of DJI luckily Thanks to one of our friends uh Tom here In the droneu community we found the Answer in some release notes for the new Mavic SDK version five which DJI Specifically says that they will focus On Enterprise level products only and Therefore the Enterprise level products Will have the highest priority in terms Of model and feature support then come The consumer level products and handheld Products they also say very specifically That the SDK will support future Products later but no older products so What does that mean old products I'm not Sure what the definition of that would Be but I mean if the mavic 3 is older

Compared to the mavic 3 Enterprise prize I think it would be easy to make the Connection to say well maybe they just Won't support third-party apps with the Mavic 3 at all yeah yeah I I wonder I Mean that's obviously a very vague term And clearly they're okay with that Because it leaves it open so they could Go back to the mavic 3 but maybe not the Mavic 2 Pro but it doesn't say that so Who knows yeah and I wouldn't rest my Laurels in that either and trying to Make a business decision you know sure With that said I'm looking up what drone Deploy actually works with because if You search these various applications Individually and what drones are Compatible with I think drone deploy Actually made the most concise uh Answers possible but for example if you Want to use drone deploy as an app You're going to have to use the DJI RC Pro Enterprise smart controller that Comes with the mavic 3 Enterprise Meaning that you'll have to utilize lies That remote and that specific drone in Order to actually utilize the SDK as a Whole so yeah so Steve not the uh the Answer that you wanted to hear Unfortunately I'm sure however That's where we're at that is where We're at and uh it is unfortunate I know Even the mavic 3 Enterprise doesn't have Some basic features that we're all used

To like point of Interest Etc so yeah I Would say that uh I think one of the things that this Shows is that it's really really Important to the best of your ability And sometimes the information is just Not out there but it's to do some of This digging prior to purchasing Because I think that the way that things Are evolving some things that we might Expect to be the case because of Historical data and realities That definitely doesn't mean that's Going to be the way it is moving forward I mean we've seen that so Uh forgive me if I sound preachy Steve I Don't mean to but obviously the point is To make sure to dig in as much as you Can prior to making the purchase Because I think there's probably a lot Of folks that are sitting in that same Boat where they have that expectation of A controller and a drone they purchased It's not there and it's probably not Going to be there at least not anytime Soon and even 12 days ago pix4d was Saying that Um they will in time be able to support The mavic 3 Enterprise through the DJI RC Pro Enterprise remote but it's not Available they are saying though that You can use the mavic 3 Enterprise with Pix40 scan but not capture So yeah very interesting on the

Enterprise is going to take some time Yeah I guess it goes to show Rob the Power in knowing Um image acquisition formulas and Protocols because I've seen it time and Time again where Pilots go out they Count on autonomous software it doesn't Always work and if you don't have the Right information you can't complete the Job so it just goes to show once again That you need to know how to use a suite Of applications and be able to fly Manually and know what to do because Even if that the mavic 3 Enterprise Doesn't fly in orbit autonomously if you Know about proportional stick motions And using time shot and all that well You you don't really need it either so I Think that there is still so much power And knowledge in maybe even DJI is truly Supporting the capable Pilots by Eliminating some of these autonomous Features but it kind of seems haphazard Uh with all the various routes that DJI Is going and while I understand that Some of it may be a business decision in I think Some of it does not make sense to me but That's that's just me I think they're Also opening up the door for other People to really uh To to Really Crush the game you know the Anavi AI works with pix4d mapper you Know has it literally built into the

Application so even the Free Flight Stuff it's amazing so yeah in all Honesty not sure what the premise is Here Um from DJI but before we go I will say this I think the mavic 3 Enterprise is probably the closest thing To the replacement of a phantom for Mapping but the Phantom is still just The gold standard frankly with all the Different apps and everything you could Do with it it really makes you wonder Why they moved away from that Um now in regards to the mavic 3 Enterprise and the m30t the m30t does Offer mapping capability as well but the Reason that I would say if your main Jobs are mapping based that you may not Want an m30t it's because with the mavic 3 Enterprise you have a larger sensor And an overall larger megapixel count as Well while the m30t does show up as a Global shutter in pix4d mapper it's only 12 megapixels so you'll have to fly Lower to acquire the same resolution and Those fights are going to take longer Versus the M3 Enterprise which would fly Well shorter missions because it's a Higher you know megapixel count it has a Larger sensor and so I would say your Mavic 3 Enterprise flight plans would be Just on par with your Phantom I don't Think it would really save you any time Per se but with the m30t uh you know you

Can do mapping missions but it's going To be more expensive to do them and it Will also take longer to do them and What I've also been finding is because The sensor is so small we typically have To take our overlap levels up so let's Say our gold standard is a 75-75 on a Double grid well we would now have to do Like an 8080 to get enough overlap for The right digitization of the Environment so Um that mavic 3 Enterprise is is really Interesting to say the least Um and it's interesting as well Rob that No one has created a true Phantom rip placement yet or alternative There's always if this but that you know And that is a very interesting point Slash question because there's a lot of Really smart people out there that are In the space and certainly there are a Lot of great people and companies Domestically speaking that have the the Brains right yeah to do it But they're not And and so maybe there's just not enough Money in it the margins aren't big I I Don't know yeah I wish we had more data For sure yeah but uh there's got I don't Know I could come up with conspiracy Theories but they're just kind of fun to Keep in my own head I won't share they Are fun to talk about as well so but Yeah maybe not on this show yeah yeah

But they're fun to talk about for sure But anyways uh yeah I don't know I You're right because it does seem like There's and there's been an opportunity It's you know this isn't new it's been a Couple years now totally totally and I Will say like the m30t does offer the Most features for the money like it does Have but whenever you try to buy a lot Of money it is a lot of money and Whenever you also try to bundle Everything together there are certain Things you can't do as well right you Know like for example mapping but when It comes to inspections I don't think That there's a better drone than the M30t in public safety uh 100 Public Safety oh yeah so more so than the m300 Oh that's a hard one because the m 300 Has a lot more payloads with that moving Flashlight that's really cool But the only issue with the m300 is it's So damn bulky yeah and also the cost to Run that drone is double what the m30 is So yeah I mean just when you're looking At battery costs and whatnot so in Today's day and age Pilots really have To do a deep calculation of what are the Main deliverables that they're creating And then take that and decide what drone They want to use because even with the Mavic 3 Enterprise or Enterprise thermal Um you are not going to have as much Control and customization as you would

With the m30 you know so DJI is really Trying to limit uh what you can do like For example I would not use the m3t for Inspections I would use the m30 just Because of the way that you're able to Control the zoom camera and the extra Features and whatnot so but when it Comes to mapping I think the m3e Would probably be better it's definitely Going to be more efficient it's Definitely going to be cheaper to map Each Mission Um definitely gonna you know be cheaper For Batteries but with what DJI did with The bs30 charger in maintaining Batteries and have multiple methods of Self-discharging and whatnot they've Made battery maintenance a lot easier I Don't think you're going to see that on The mavic 3 so I think you really really Need to be specific of like what are the Main drone jobs that I'm doing and what Drone is going to support those because With Black Friday coming up you have an Opportunity to purchase a new aircraft On top of you know your accessories and Whatnot and it's it's a harder decision Now because of the options that are out There the cost of those options and one Thing is for sure Rob the barrier to Entry to become a drone pilot is getting More and more expensive it is yeah Absolutely and those that invest in the Right equipment the time to do what

You're talking about and the time to Train themselves up well They're going to be the ones that take The lead yeah good news is we just Finished our mavic 3 don't crash course And our m30t don't crash course as well Holy cow the don't crash course for the M30t is probably going to be a few hours Took me a full hour to go through every Single setting on the Drone and how to Set it up and what I've learned from Flying it yeah yeah let's be clear this Is uh we call them don't crash courses Because we don't want you to crash but True they're much much deeper than that For sure 100 I would say it's the Deepest course on individual drones on The internet and I say that with a large Degree of confidence but also in in Working with the aircraft you learn Little intricacies that are new to Certain Birds uh you know like with the Mavic 3 you're shooting a hyperlapse if You run out of storage space you Literally can't stop the Drone from Completing the freaking mission to like Change storage it literally locks into That mode the only way to get it out is To literally hit return to home and then Take over the Drone you can't do the Classic switch flight modes and exit the Intelligent mode like DJI is really Segregating the consumer pilot versus The Enterprise because in Enterprise

They give you deep battery information They give you attitude mode programmable Flight modes and on these consumer Drones you don't have any of that and You don't have the battery maintenance And you don't have uh you know a lot of The features that you've come to expect To get the most out of your drone so It's kind of like DJI is kind of I would Say treating some of their clients Almost as if They are the guys that just go to Best Buy and buy a drone and expect it to Work right they they expect that low Level of buy-in and if they want to Capitalize on crashing and buying new Aircraft and new batteries and all of That versus these more you know deep Enterprise drones they're really Supporting these drones to last a longer Time to get better use out of them you Know we've seen so many departments Companies Enterprises by these super Expensive aircraft really not know how To get the most out of them and then be Stuck and then their program goes Nowhere right and I think DJI is seeing That and I think that they're like crap We better we better support our clients Than what they're asking for but this Select group of clients give them what They need to continue the adoption of Drones at the Enterprise Public Safety Public Works level absolutely yeah so

Very interesting and there's like I said It's a harder decision now so Um we uh we've been you know we launched A new drone guide for Public Safety a Couple months ago we're in the the Middle of updating that right now for Enterprise and I think that you know in Seeing some of these comparisons it'll Make it much much easier to discern Which aircraft is right for you we do Appreciate the question if you have a Question ask droneu.com thank you very Much for supporting us if uh you are a Drone you member and you are ready to Re-up obviously Black Friday is a time That a lot of people do it it is here it Is coming we've added a lot of courses In the last year we've got a lot more Coming and I'm just grateful to have the Opportunity to truly help all of you and Simplify the operations but become Better more skilled Pilots I I have to Say Rob one of the most encouraging Things that I see is a lot of companies Reaching out to us and saying we've Worked with a lot of drone Pilots but The Drone pilots who have gone to drone Use you know in-person training or Extensive online training we find that They're the best and the most reliable Most consistent that makes me really Happy that means that like the Methodologies and systems that we're Implementing for Pilots are working and

They still continue to prove to work Even with the m30t and all the battery Stuff they did you know checking that Voltage it's an aggregate voltage so It's still 3.6 but you multiply it by Six for the number of cells 21.6 I Believe is what it comes out to you Still have to know those rules because Even on the m30 with all these robust Safety features we were out here the Other day 18 degrees it said we still Had 20 minutes of flight time left we Were already at 3.6 volts and the Drone Was already saying uh it was already Starting to get sluggish so I mean you Still have to have these systems in Place to get the most out of the drones But I'm just grateful that we have the Knowledge to be able to genuinely and Authentically help people so yeah we do An absolutely great group of folks in The Drone you ecosystem and environment That are are all working hard to help You guys be all that you can be with Your drones and your own business so That's cool it's very cool that's why We're here exactly exactly why we're Here thanks again for joining us as Always this is ask drone you [Music]