Why it’s so hard to bind Newbeedrone Acrobee BLV4

By | January 25, 2023

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00:00:00 – This is a pain in the butt. Let's fix it.
00:01:06 – The quickest, dirtiest answer
00:02:06 – How to bind this if you have ELRS 2.x on your module
00:05:19 – How to bind if you're on ELRS 3.x
00:08:31 – How to input your bind phrase without flashing
00:09:29 – Whose fault is this?

Sometimes I make videos that are Generally applicable to a whole bunch of People who have a wide-ranging problem Or something they want to learn about And sometimes I make videos because There is a specific problem that affects A smaller number of people but that is a Giant pain in the ass and uh and oh and I'm one of the people it affects and uh I figure as long as I'm doing it I Should probably document it for the World and that is the video we're making Today this is the Newbie drone be brain Blv4 it's their new uh bind and fly Quadcopter and I am trying to review it But they ship it with an onboard Express Lrs receiver and that Express lures Receiver is not supported yet by the Express lrs project We'll talk more about what a cluster F That is but for now I just want to show You how you can get this damn thing Bound and Updated And then I'll whine about how this whole Situation came about and whose fault it Is I'm Joshua Bardwell and you're going to Learn something today woosa USA hey There folks it's Joshua from the future Here this video is eight minutes or so Long because there's a lot of Educational content that I think a lot Of people are going to want to know

About I've never been one to just sort Of hand you the solution to a problem And say get the heck out of here kid I Solved your problem go away I want you To be able to solve the problem Understand why the problem happened etc Etc but for those of you who just want To flash your dang receiver and get you Dang quad in the air you can use the Maytec 2400 RX r24d Target to flash to This receiver until newbie drone gets Their stuff together and gets themselves Added to the configurator if that made Sense to you fantastic please leave the Video playing because it's really bad For my analytics if you just click away One minute in the video that makes YouTube think you didn't like the video But for anybody who just was like what The hell is this guy talking about that Made no sense to me you should watch the Rest of the video For your own benefit not just for my Analytics Let's do this the problem with this Quadcopter is that they shipped it with Express lrs 2.5 and most people have Moved their Express LS geared to three Dot whatever because 390 whatever has Been out for a while and you can't bind Between express lrs major versions it Simply can't be done the first thing I Want to show you is how to bind this guy If you do have expressillaris 2 dot

Whatever for some reason there is a way To bind Express lrs without flashing it It's uh it's most people just flash The Binding phrase to the receiver but Especially on these little all-in-one Boards sometimes people don't bother Doing that then I'm going to show you How to get expressos 3.0 on it and Update it if you want to skip this part There are chapter markers in the Timeline and uh chapter Timestamps in the video description you Can just skip ahead in order to Demonstrate this I've got espresso rs251 Flashed onto this happy model module in Our radio Master boxer and you might ask Why am I not using the internal module On my boxer well number one that's my Daily driver and I want to keep it on 3.0 but number two there are some Modules for which a 2.x Target doesn't Exist most notably the newer radio Master Ranger modules they weren't Around when Especial rs25 or 2.x existed And so no one ever made targets for them If you're in that situation then you Will have no choice but to update this Receiver to express alerts 3.0 but If you have a 2.x module and you want to Flash it as or bind it as delivered Here's what you can do I want you to Look carefully at this blue LED on the Front of the quadcopter it's going blink Blink not this fancy all this nonsense

Is Led nonsense and what I'm going to do Is I'm going to plug and unplug power Three times quickly and that's going to Put the receiver into binding mode this Works on any espresso I think it works On any Express lrs receiver but it's Especially handy for ones without a bind Button where you want to bind it and you Don't want to flash it so here we go I'm Just going to look for it the very first Time it lights up and then I'm going to Unplug because if you wait too long and Go too slowly this won't work here we go One Two Three okay there we go on the third Plug-in do you see it's going blink Blink blink blink blink blink that's Binding so it's now in binding mode next I'm going to go into the express lrs Lewis script on my radio and I am going To hit bind And Sure enough that led has gone solid and It did work I am now bound and Interestingly I wasn't sure this was Going to work because there is a bind Phrase flashed onto that module and my Understanding is that once you flash a Bind phrase to a receiver it will no Longer bind via the bind button or the Three plug method it will just select Okay I got a bind phrase it's not going To let you overrule a buying phrase but

It seems like on the module you can have Some quadcopters there are some Receivers that are bound via a binding Phrase flash to the receiver and you can Still bind other ones just by doing the Three plug method so we've got it bound Yay but I want to be on Express lrs 3.0 So how are we going to flash this damn Thing and if that is harder than you Think because newbie drone isn't in the Express lrs configurator it's not there But thankfully newbie drone has linked On their product page a link to an Express lyrics 3.0 firmware that you can Download while they get their Sorted out with the express lrs project So let's pull that down Cool Cool really Really Newbie drone All firmware can be found on our GitHub Page okay 2.x and 3.x Huh Okay okay that worked so I've got this Bin file and we're going to go ahead and Flash that to the receiver and I think The easiest way to do that is not to use Express lrs configurator a lot of times If you're trying to flash via USB or Betaflight passthrough there's driver Issues there's serial Port issues and it Just people find it frustrating it

Doesn't work and it's hard for them to Figure out why it does work I think the Easiest way is to flash is over Wi-Fi And the easiest way to flash over Wi-Fi If you've got a brand new receiver that You've never set up before is as follows First thing I'm going to need to do is Power down my radio because if the Receiver Powers up and it connects to a Radio the receiver won't go into Wi-Fi Mode instead what we're going to do is We're going to power up this receiver You can you can kick it into Wi-Fi mode Using the express alerts Lua script if You want to oh that was too loud and I'm Going to watch that blue LED that shows The status and you see it's slow Blinking now indicating that it is Waiting for connection and after I think I set the default timeout to uh I don't Know what the default time that is it's Like 20 to 60 seconds we're going to see It start to Fast Flash and that means That it's gone into Wi-Fi mode oh there We go I've got Fast Flashing that means It's in Wi-Fi mode the next thing I'm Going to do I'll just close Express Dollars configure we don't need that I'm Going to go to my Wi-Fi networks and I'm Going to see a Wi-Fi network expresslrs RX I'm going to connect to that the Password is Expresslrs all lowercase after I connect To that Wi-Fi network depending on your

Device a browser May automatically open And go to this page or you may need to Manually open up a web browser and go to The address And then you'll see this this is your Express lrs receivers web page they have A web page on them sure why not Everything does I'm going to scroll down Here and go to Firmware update and hit Choose file and then go to downloads and I'm going to find that bin file that I Downloaded I'm going to open and update It will upload that and it'll flash it To me this is the simplest most reliable Way of updating Express lrs it's not the One with the least number of steps but It is like if you can get Express lrs Configurator to work reliably it's super Easy to just bind and Flash or build and Flash but a lot of times people have Trouble getting that to work and this is Sort of the fallback that seems to work The most reliably now having done that I Am still not bound I could do the one Two three binding thing again with an Express lrs 3.0 module and then it would Be bound but I prefer to use binding Phrase and you might think well how are You going to put your binding phrase on The module if or the receiver if you Can't flash it normally you flash a Receiver or a module to put the binding Phrase on it well expresso as 3.0 has an Answer for us once again we're going to

Wait for that to Go Fast Flashing and Now that it's in Wi-Fi mode we're going To connect to express lrs RX and we're Going to go to 1001 in our web browser And now the page looks a little bit Different there's additional options There including a binding phrase so I Can just go in here and type my binding Phrase That's not my real binding phrase and Then just hit save and reboot and we Should be ready to go and we are bound To my Express alerts 3.0 module in my Boxer now uh who's at fault here Because this obviously shouldn't happen Express lrs is already complicated Enough without this nonsense and the Answer to the question is newbie drone Is at fault for the record newbie drone Has Okay I'm not going to overstate the case They have they are aware that they could Have done this better and are working Right now to try to resolve the issue The way that this should be done is that A manufacturer who is working on Express Lrs Hardware should contact the express Lrs devs who will help Shepherd them Through the process but the problem is They need to do this before the hardware Is released Too often people manufacturers take the Open source nature of Express lrs they Develop Hardware they develop code they

Do whatever they need to do and they put That out in the world and then users try To go to the express lrs configurator And work with the hardware and it's not There the espresso arrest devs will 100 Percent help you get your stuff included It needs to be included in Express lrs Configurator before you release the Hardware Because otherwise you end up with Hardware that is in users hands that They cannot use that's stupid And annoying and express lrs is already Annoying enough without this so Um by the time you're watching this Perhaps this issue will have been solved And this will be inexpressible or as Configurator but this is a problem that Comes up again and again as Manufacturers Don't follow the right procedures and so I hope this video continues to be Hopeful In the meantime If you would like to know more about Express lrs because you're new to Express lrs you just bought this B brain And it came with espressoers what the Hell is that well welcome I've got an Express Hitler's starting guide and I'll Put a card on screen and you can check It out it's This is about how complicated it is Welcome to the club

See you there