YOU Want to Fly Your DJI Mini 3 Pro Longer and Faster? Get These!

By | January 8, 2023

The Master Airscrew Stealth Props provide improved flight performance, but the best reason to get them is because they add incredible flair to your Mini 3 Pro! 😁

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The best beginner drone on the market:
The Top 3 Drones I Recommend for Beginner Drone Enthusiasts:
* 💥DJI Mini 3 Pro:
* 💯DJI Mavic 3 Classic:
* ❤️DJI Air 2S: (Absolute best for the money right now)

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[Music] This is the DJI Mini 3 Pro and this is What it sounds like with the stock Propellers on it Propellers in sport mode I can fly up to 36.8 miles per hour and using the Battery plus I can fly for 33 minutes And 29 seconds down to 10 percent today I installed the master air screw stealth Props and this is what the Mini 3 Pro Sounds like with those on Here's the stock props again And here's the master air screw With the master air screw I was able to Fly 37.4 miles per hour and with a Battery plus I flew about 45 seconds Longer at just over 34 minutes these Props come in orange black and green and I can highly recommend them they cost a Couple more dollars than the stock props But they improve overall flight Performance and they look super cool